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  • mistyrain can you tell me what the problem is?

  • anyone miserable tonight? anyone want advice?

  • Yea, did you skip over my request?

  • Bluewatermamma, I am not miserable, feel in good space

    am open to insight if you are interested, I posted here on page 1

    am piecing jobs together, not amounting to fulltime work

    Would like to change careers from nursing to something else

    just don't know what and can't afford to now, I love doing readings however there is not a market for that here, would love to study oriental medicine, will hav to move , well Ill stop ramblin on and wait to see if you hav any insight

    thank you

  • Goldenhill, sorry. I did see your post but I need more info since I'm not doing readings. Just giving Capricorn style advice. Lay it on me.

  • Hi Bluewatermamma, I hear ya re not doing readings now,am taking a sabbatical

    just wonderin if itsvlookin limevI will secure fulltime work, hav left hospice work, for now anyway

    would like to eventually get out of nursin. Am empath and am burnt out

    please see above post as well thanks for your time

  • maybe you could use your medical experience to do something administrative, like manage a doctor's office or something where you aren't working directly on people. Or possibly work in a lab type of setting. Is this an option for you?

  • Dear Bluewatermamma,

    that is something to consider!

    Thanks for your time, best to you...

  • It's me again, just realized gave brief respnse,

    yes these are possibilities in distant future- now can't afford cut in pay, I do need a break from direct contact atleast in hospice sense, am enjoying my temp work, probably cuz am not locked in to politics or confined to building am doing home visits to those not soo sick and am noticing not as draining... Ok will stop rambling..

    I wish you all the best!

  • Goldenhill maybe you are on to something. Sometimes temp jobs lead to greater things. The cool thing is you are HIGHLY employable no matter what (unlike alot of people). You'll be fine 😉

  • Thankyou again for your time, until next time...

  • Hi BlueWaterMamma,

    Since I wrote you, we saw each other on a Sat. nite when he told me that his truck was broken

    into and his lap top was taken, along with his briefcase which had his wallet and credit cards.

    The following Monday he was to go to the DMV. Talked with him on Tuesday and he said he

    really wasn't getting any help. I called him Wednesday to ask him to dinner when it worked out

    for him. Haven't heard anything now. Am hoping he is still interested but just caught up in trying

    to get all this taken care of. I really do like him. We just clicked so well.

    Thank you for any advice you can give me.


  • Thanks Bluewatermamma, everything you say is true. Guess I just have to have patience to see what happens next.

  • Hi bluewatermama (great name, btw!) Hope I'm not too late for your advice! I am having one of those lives where everything seems to fall into place but my personal relationships. I excel at academics, great job, great kids, good friends, mostly good family, but my personal life is a bust! I am a tried and true virgo 100%. I am getting worried it won't get any better. I have never had a relationship where I have not been cheated on, except on for a few months last year and he was very controlling and jealous which made me suspicious of him. My track record is miserable! There has been a gemini lingering in the background for over a year and a half. I feel like ther is potential there, but he is not as forthcoming as before and I never see him, he just keeps in contact now and then with little text messages. We make plans, they get cancelled. I do not undestand. Not sure if I want him to be interested because I like him or because it'sbeen so long I don't want to let go of that little connection. Any feeling on this matter? Should I get rid of him all together or do you feel that if I wait it out there could be something later, so keeping him in the background is worthwhile while I continue with my life?

  • Hello again BlueWaterMamma,

    This goat has gotten a real wake-up call! I have worn myself out to the point that I now have pneumonia and this is just ridiculous! I am married to a needy Gemini who drains me totally and I thank you for the kick in the butt! LOL!!! First, I have to get well and get my strength back and then this goat is gonna move on up that mountain.

  • lilsweetpea,

    you wrote on feb 1st and sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I will tell you that I have a very definite feeling about your gemini situation. with everything that has happened in your past you have nothing to lose in the romance dept. I was engaged to a gemini and my moon is in gemini so i'm very familiar with the sign and know how they respond usually. I would STRONGLY encourage you to just tell the gemini that you are interested in going out and having fun like as in "a date". Gemini's are charmed by us trying to be charming and they usually respond in a charming way. DO IT!!! what's the worst that happens? you don't go out on a date? nothing will have changed so try it.

  • Lindy1941,

    Make sure he realizes you mean a dinner DATE, not just going to get food together. Sometimes guys are that thick in the head. Once you make that clear give him 2 days to call you. If no call, he may not be interested or he may be seeing someone else even though you clicked. Some people click with alot of people. ...alot of clickin' goin' on, ha ha...

  • ChironLady,

    Would like to hear how you are doing! You know I used to be engaged to a Gemini, heh heh...

    They can be very cute, charming, etc...but never stop moving or thinking. It can easily wear out a lovely Cap. Just let them spin about, blabbering away, etc. Just do your thing and don't worry about them. I'm so sorry to hear you have gotten so worn down physically/mentally/emotionally; it's all tied together but you know that already. Please let me know how you are doing.

  • wrote back to alot of you, take care 🙂

  • Thanks for your information.


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