Help for 2010

  • Hello! If possible, I really need a reading for this year. My name is Carmen and my dob is 15 sept 1960. I deeply believe that I am surrounded by angels and that I must rely on Spirit and my helpers but I´m becoming desperate. Guidance is appreciated. Thank you 🙂

  • Your year will learning unconditional love, let go of any and all jealousy and attachments, you are being challenged to open your heart and mind to become more spiritual. A change is taking place and your guides are here to help you through the process.

  • 2010 will be a strange year, not just for you but all of us. More than ever, there are strange happenings that require our undivided attention and following that our undivided dicernment.

    There are some hazards to be aware of, i'm assuming you live in the USA, which means some of the strangeness is going to be centered around your country. What you are conscious of, becomes your reality, so try to back-off a bit from being pulled into the media and TV agendas that seem to sell fear 24/7. Who you really are, Where you are from, Why you are here, these are big questions every person has asked themselves. 2010 is year that you may have to explore these questions deeper. Help yourself define these questions, are you spiritual, because if you are then fear should not be a 24/7 part of your consciousness.

    Do some responsible thinking exercises, like when you were a kid in school they had fire drills.

    Did you ever actually have a fire at school? Probably not, but preparation is the smart thing to do.

    Think about some very basic preparations you could do to help yourself, if the economy sinks, if

    some kind of natural disaster occured in your community, not because its going to happen but for the same reason you did fire drils as a kid, your mind knows better what to do in an emergency if its been through a drill.

    Read inspirational books, poems, ideas, stories at least 2x a week. Test your intuition out weekly. Try to increase your gut feeling response to information that seems strange or that you distrust without really knowing why, this is an important skill to avoid being deceived.

    I think usa is heading into a change that is not going to be easy, whether manufactered by evil doers or just a sign of the times, the certainty is that the changes will be big, they will affect all of us, and we need to access spiritual guidance to avoid falling into traps that could be all around us.

  • Thank you girlgenius!

    Tikiseven, I´m not in the USA, I´m in Spain - but thanks for your input!

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