Reversals--do you do them? Do you like them? Advice & discussion

  • Hi All!

    I'm having a conflict with reversals--to do or not to do.

    One reader I met told me that without reversals you don't have a genuine reading because you need them to specify the quality of a card. I personally never liked them but now I'm wondering:

    1. If you don't do reversals, maybe because you think each card already covers a spectrum of positives and negatives, then how do you know when it's the positive or negative side of it?

    2. If you do reversals, how do you see the meaning of each card? For example, I once asked a question about a possibility of something happening...I drew Wheel of Fortune reversed and was very disappointed because I thought it plainly meant "too bad, not your luck"....but, I STILL drew the Wheel of Fortune, reversed or not, it's still what it is and has it's positive potential of change, opportunity, etc. I could have drawn the Tower, after all.

    I know alot depends on the surrounding cards and how they all come together. Do share how you view reversals and maybe when you decide to use them?



  • I have also struggled with this. I believe consistancy is the key. decide if your using reversals or not and stick to it. I reccommend starting without reversals, and as you gain confidence with your readings, then you can incorporate reversals, but you should know what the reversals mean to you before you incorporate them. Just remember all aspects of each card and use your instincts.

  • @ debijo: my main concern is that I'm going to be biased when conducting readings for myself. So if it's all upright, I will automatically think positively. Lately, it's been creeping into my mind: well, what if that nice looking King of Cups is really meant to be reversed?

    I think for now, I'll be reversal free. I'm not comfortable with them. Thanks!

  • I understand that original tarot had no reversals, anyone care to add?

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