Can someone do me a reading

  • i want to know if this baby im dreaming about is showing me and telling me to be patient and wait for an ex to come back. which is his father.

  • This baby you are dreaming about is not showing you and telling you to be patient and wait for an ex to come back. which is his father.

    Repression is not the way, cannot be the way. All that you have repressed is waiting for its opportunity. It has simply gone into the unconscious; it can come back any moment. Any provocation and it will surface. You are not free of it. Repression is not the way to freedom. Repression is a far worse kind of bondage than indulgence, because through indulgence one becomes tired sooner or later, but through repression one never becomes tired.

    You think that there are moments of trust, love and openness; those are your imagination, because there are never moments of trust. When trust comes, it never goes. There are no moments of love -- when love comes, it stays, forever and forever.

  • mr hanswolfgang would you please do a reading for me about my love life. my birthday is june 22 1979 and the person i likes birthday is sep 12 1978. i also would like to ask you about house flies. for the last 9 months i have been noticing big black slow flies in my window ceil. its normally one at a time and sometime its like they're flying and looking right at me. and llast nite i had a dream that t had a dead green fly come out my right ear. im not sure what to make of it. oh and another stange thing is i been getting wiffs of baby power out the blue for no reason. please help my lifes a

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