Can someone do a reading for me??

  • Me: Libra 9/27/1968

    B/F: Sags 12/7/1967

    Thanks !!

  • Sorry šŸ˜ž Only help I can give is a bump!

    There are many kind,gifted folks here. I feel

    sure someone will help! Good Luck šŸ™‚ RB

  • Don"t give up!!! Lots going on here šŸ™‚

  • Laie4 helped me with a bump when I first came on here last month. I had no idea what it was at the time and she so kindly explained it to me! I just want to pass along the kindness extended to me.

    Best of Luck šŸ™‚

  • Leelow1, this relationship is one-of-a-kind. Although there is an undeniable tendency for one partner to assume the role of mentor, the focus here is to acquire experience and knowledge within a certain area that can then be put to specific social, financial or artistic use. It is not uncommon to find teacher-student interactions here, but the roles are regularly reversed. Moreover, although autonomy is important to both of you, there is no denying the benefits of your working together in equal partnership. For either of you to act in a selfish or self-aggrandizing fashion runs counter to the relationship's self-interest, since the real benefits accrue from the interactions between you.

    A love affair or marriage can be quite stressful. Your perfectionist tendencies may lead you to evaluate your mate as a trifle sloppy or negligent, while he may consider you overly tense. When the level of physical satisfaction is high enough here, such annoyances are quickly forgotten. But you should both take the time to discuss problems and possible solutions rather than bounce back and forth between periods of stress and more pleasurable times.

    Friendship or rivalry is extremely challenging and often fulfilling here. A competitive edge is rarely lacking, and the relationship often acts as a whetstone to keep you both sharp. Together you can be stubborn, even defiant, towards the world. Sometimes your mental quickness and your BF's high degree of creativity can gel at times and other times collide, but obstinacy leads you both to continue on rather than abandon the relationship.

    ADVICE: Keep antagonisms under control. Act in the best interests of all. Two heads are often better than one. Discover hidden possibilities.

  • As I hit submit on my earlier post, I regretted that I hadn't mentioned "The Captain"! You are great and God knows you sure helped me. Thank you for everything :-)) Rebecca

  • I was just passin'. šŸ™‚

  • Thank you "Captain" I must dash off to look up obstinacy...LOL šŸ˜‰

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  • Hello, I am sarita mohanty from India. I have kept so many cats as pets. Since 6th January a male cat named kalu is missing. He is a black colored cat with some white portions on his face, belly and legs. Since 13th january I am also not finding another cat of mine. I have not named that cat. He is a black colored cat. This is the first time he remained absent from home. Can any pet psychic and animal communicator give answer to this question. I need your urgent help. I am attaching here photos of those cats. The photo on whose head I have marked yellow is the cat who is missing since 13th. If you need any other information I will give you. But please help me. Sincerely yours

    Sarita mohanty.

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  • Leetaa, you should start your own thread in the Psychic section.

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