Which one should i choose?

  • hey all

    i am a female scorp 11/16/75

    i have been involved with cap 1/ 12/70 on n off for almost four yrs now

    but now that his career (music industry) is taking off it feels as if i am losing him

    i have been chatting with a couple of other guys

    a taurean 5/20/76 and a scorp 11/13/74 (i think)

    but i am unsure if it is time to move on or if i do move on which one i should choose

    anyone have any suggestions?

  • Talk to you Scorp. I made a mistake before of not talking it out.

  • thanks phantom

    i wish it were that easy

    as much as i love him he has to want to make it work

  • 1chellee and Cap: this is a very combative relationship. It can shape up as a battle of the giants, complete with titan-sized egos and tempers that flare out of control. Whether physically large or small, both of you are big personalities who just have to be the boss in most situations, which makes you likely to clash resoundingly—nor is either of you likely to back off. You 1chellee use very subtle methods to achieve victory, while your friend is more likely just to refuse to get out of the way. It will obviously be necessary for this relationship to establish boundaries and guidelines in its behavior and to find a way to avoid direct confrontation.

    A love affair and friendship, however, are sometimes unusually passive. It is almost as if your energies cancel each other out. Thus you may give up the idea of dominance altogether and behave curiously meekly with each other. The problem here will be self-motivation, particularly when it comes to the effort to make personal and spiritual development. Should you marry, you may overestimate yourselves and fail to live up to each other's promises and expectations. The sad fact is that you two usually have no choice but to battle it out, sometimes for years, until one partner emerges the clear victor. A strong realization that there can be no winner here can eventually bring such conflicts to a halt.

    1chellee and Taurus: this relationship works better for the long term. Both of you treat this relationship with great care, knowing that its sensitivity renders it precious and fragile, like rare crystal. First meetings here are often warm but wary. A long and uninterrupted period is needed for trust and acceptance to begin to grow, and wise partners know not to push or try to accelerate this process. Respect generally emerges, not just the type that implies general human value, or that recognizes an undue level of dedication. It is the kind of respect generated when you realize that someone is capable of hurting you but chooses not to—and, also, a respect for the unique nature of a relationship that can see its partners through good times and bad.

    Magnetic attraction, especially a romantic or sexual one, is common here. Often, however, it is hidden in nature, even to you two yourselves, except for occasional hints and glimpses. One day these passions may be revealed with terrifying force. The problem is that you two may already have built a satisfying relationship in the spheres of work or friendship, relationships that may be sitting on a keg of dynamite. At the point when strong physical feelings are first sensed, work partners and friends have an obligation to bring them to light in order to avoid catastrophe later. But platonic friendships can be highly rewarding, particularly if they involve the sharing of artistic or spiritual pursuits. In marriage, both of you will benefit from group support and social influences. Such groups tend to mitigate your tendency to isolate yourselves, and by forcing you to interact socially on a daily basis, to both strengthen the relationship and make it more flexible. Your jealousy and claiming behavior, however 1chellee, as well as your friend's fickleness and game-playing, will have to be monitored and dealt with carefully. If you become spouses, demands will be high but both of you will be aware of the stakes involved.

    1chellee and Scorpio: this is another adversarial match, not good for love. Although you are both strong individuals, this relationship may be somewhat ineffective, for both of you want to be boss. As a result, you can easily find yourselves pitted against each other, as competitors, rivals or enemies. The solution is for one of you to give ground, leaving the top spot to the other, or else for you both to compromise, de-escalating the power struggles and perhaps agreeing to a lower but equal footing within the group. This will be hard for you both to do, for your relationship tends to bring out your aggression and fighting spirit. But the alternative is to wind up doing nothing or to settle fearfully for less than the best, since any initiative seems to arouse resistance.

    A love affair and marriage between you two is not unheard of, but rarely works out. You both have a tendency toward secrecy—you both like to hide your emotions behind smoke screens—which is amplified here. In the absence of having any clue as to what the other person is thinking or feeling, you both will have to try to interpret each other's behavior and will usually end up inferring devious motives and duplicity. The lack of empathy and the level of suspicion here bodes ill. Should one or both of you be only out for what they can get, the days of the relationship will be numbered, since neither of you will rarely tolerate being treated this way (even when you are acting this way yourselves). Friendship in this combination has similar auspices—it is possible but not that common.

  • thanks for the compatibility reading

    i guess i was just hoping that it could be seen who i should be with

    i am not the typical scorp-- i like a man to be a man

    as long as he respects who i am overall-- if i don't see that happening i usually don't stay

    i really have no interest in the power struggle that most scorps get into in regards to relationship

    and have not had any in my relationships as i understand in those type of relationships love can not shine through

    thanks for trying captain-- it is appreciated

  • The Taurus man seemed the best choice but of course you don't have to limit yourself to just one of these three guys.

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