Help needed for my yod in my chart

  • Hello I need some help from someone who understands charts. I have had a string of very bad events and I was told I have a Yod which tells of bad or good events. Can someone help me understand?


  • A Yod is a configuration of energy that is made up of 2 planets in sextile which both quincunx a 3rd planet known as the apex planet. The apex planet is the outlet and is under pressure to act by the sextile planets. What generally happens is that when a transit hits the Yod, there is a need to act right away and then the feeling that the action may not have been the right one, but then wait too long to correct it. What you can do is learn that when a transit hits the 1st sextile, take the time to plan out your actions and then act when the transit hits the 2nd sextile. Most people don’t live this way, but you can learn that whenever you feel a great urge to act, instead reflect and plan out before you take any action.

    If you know what planets, signs and houses are involved, come over to AngelicSensuality’s “All of us are unique individuals” thread and we can discuss it.

  • I tried to post the chart but the pic wont upload. I can email it to you.

  • jigurtz,

    If you can provide your birth date, exact time and place, I will run your chart and put up the aspects of your Yod. I just want to let you know though, that a Yod is quite common and a lot of people probably don’t even know they have one. Rest assured that its does not indicate any good or bad events that may happen to you.

  • I think the statements in my last post were completely wrong. Some sources say its common and some say it's rare, fated, karmic...idk. Sorry, I don't know anyone with one.

  • 3/3/70

    5:30 EST Bronx, NY

  • Jigurlz, is that 5:30 am or pm? This will make a difference as to what houses are affected.

    Your Yod (orbs are tight):

    26Aquarius Mercury sextile 27Aries Mars

    26Aquarius Mercury quincunx 26Virgo Pluto

    27Aries Mars quincunx 26Virgo Pluto

    Once I have the houses I will post it on AngelicSensuality’s thread and Angelic and highpriestess can also provide their input.

  • pm

  • I do thank you for your help.

  • jigurlz,

    I uploaded your chart on Page 13 of AngelicSensuality's thread. I hope you don't mind; actually I didn't think it would work...surprise! I hope highpriestess and Angelic will also provide some input for you. I will also take a look at it....

  • jigurlz,

    You must have had a pretty rough time over the last couple of years. tSaturn (transiting) passed over your Ascendant and hit your Yod at natal Pluto in Sept. last year. tUranus came at your Yod from the other end around the same time, hitting the midpoint of your Yod sextile and thereby opposing natal Pluto. Things must have come to a head during this timeframe. Pluto can be explosive and Saturn will bring problems up to the surface which you are forced to deal with. The focus would have been about you, who you are, who you want to be and how you approach things. You may be finding it a little easier to breathe now that it is moving into your 2nd house. tUranus has also been transiting over your 7th house for a number of years now and will be there for a couple more years. Partnerships/close relationships are erratic; they could come into your life suddenly or be ended just as suddenly and abruptly. Once you have figured out what you want for you, this is a period to find out what you want in close relationships. Your outlook on partnerships will change or be changed. It will still continue to move across your Yod well into the 8th house. tJupiter is coming in behind it and will hit your 7th in late Feb, your relationships will be easier however you will need to be more cautious about who you allow into your life because although the 7th house is about one on one relationships, it is also the house for “open enemies”.

  • well I dont have to many friends. I thank you for your interp of my Yod I was scared it is something terrible. I dont mind you posting it either maybe I can get some light at the end of my tunnel.

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