I am in need of guidance thru a reading can someone help me?

  • I am in need of guidance I have made some changes in my personal life that I am not so sure of and would like to have someone read for me if possible my dob is feb. 22 1973, please and thank you.

  • I would like to see if someone would please do my reading I am in real need of guidance. I am having a hard time choising with which man I should be with one that is here or the one that my heart is in love with. I am at a crossroad and do not know if the choice I have made is the right one. I have been through a lot in the last year and I want to know if I still will be struggling in the new year to come? I want another child but I do not know if it is with the one I love or the one that is in love with me. Please I know I sound like a love sick school girl but it is really more complicated than that. I want to know if I will be productive this year and buy my new house? If someone could answer just one of my questions I would appreciate it. borra

  • Borra001 and ex-fiance: this matchup can be extremely honest, in the sense not of obeying moral imperatives but simply of being relaxed enough to allow for openness. Both of you are often guarded individuals who do not easily grant admittance to their private emotional world; yet your relationship has an ambiance in which you can share feelings comfortably. At the same time, it also augments both your tendencies to indulge in flamboyant activities that hide the sensitive and perhaps wounded individual within. One problem here, then, is that you both may get stuck together in a well of loneliness, depression or addiction from which it may be difficult or impossible for you to extricate yourselves. A love affair, when on, can be highly sensuous and enjoyable. Although your ex-fiance is a fire sign and you are an air-water combination, the combined relationship is ruled by earth, here producing a relaxed orientation on the physical plane. But the relationship can easily get out of balance, and some effort may have to be exerted to maintain its psychological stability, which is crucial for its success. Marriage is not recommended for you two until you have known each other long enough to be sure of an acceptable level of mental health together. Working relationships between you are best when entrepreneurial, freelance or executive in nature, for as co-workers in a large organization, you two may be frustrated at being stuck at an unacceptably low level in the hierarchy. As a team you may well prove quite ambitious, for you both have an intense need to prove yourselves. Friendships in this combination can be mutually protective and understanding.

    Borra001 and ex-husband: you two have a lot in common with a similar desire to hide your real selves from the world and to defend your cherished self-protective position. Reinforced when you come together, this attitude becomes an almost revolutionary zeal for being left in peace. But whereas your ex-husband sometimes tends to conceal, sometimes to reveal himself in relation to the world, you Borra tend to build a wall around yourself so that no one can get in, ever. You two form a polar relationship that can be very resistant to incursions into its private space. You can be aggressive with people who don't understand you, especially with authority figures such as parents or bosses—it's 'like us or leave us' alone. But rebellious as you are when younger, you both risk being overly dogmatic once you rise to your own positions of power or authority. At this point, too, cracks can appear within the relationship itself, with major power struggles occurring between two previously oppressed individuals. As lovers and spouses in this combination, you will simply turn your backs on those who don't understand you, quickly tiring of family members who don't accept you and lashing out in anger, sarcasm or scorn. These periodic outbursts are extremely important, not only for dealing with pent-up aggressions but also for making the statement that you as a couple will no longer be treated like a doormat. The relationship is highly protective; you two will spring to each other's defense.

    On the job, as co-workers you form a solid bond against unfair treatment from superiors, never hesitating to stick up for and if necessary to represent other members of the group. A distaste for unfairness may lead you to get involved in union activities or less formal work groups. Friendships are similarly united.

    Borra, you are here to overcome your fear of rejection or humiliation, and to dare to be different. Release your attraction to the darker side of life and celebrate your unique freethinking view of the world. Believe in yourself and honour what you believe. Personal sensitivity is a big stumbling block for you, as is grappling with your commitment phobia. You have a tendency to shut down and concentrate on your career interests which is good for business achievement but can harm relationships. You may even develop a harsh or ruthless attitude towards others as you armour yourself against intrusions on your inner world. As a result, your interior life may be far removed from your worldly or vocational interests. Your challenge is to risk articulating your intuitive and idealistic insights in the interest of integrating your personality better. Find the courage to be vulnerable. Are your standards so high perhaps that they make you hard to live with? You have learned to focus on the 'best way' to feel and you wear that mask, rather than expressing how you really feel and what you need. Long term relationships suffer because of your desire to find the 'perfect' relationship, which doesn't exist. Or maybe you project an idealised image onto partners, then feel disappointed or even deceived when they turn out to be only human after all. Then you set out to improve those people whether they want it or not. In work, you strive hard and try to improve yourself yet even when you rise above the crowd, you never feel like you're performing as well as you should. Your financial astuteness will bring you guaranteed success. A high income makes you feel appreciated. Due to your high ideals, you sometimes have trouble finding work that is meaningful enough. You can be a bit of a late bloomer so learn to value yourself and the quality of your work. You are gifted with the sort of gritty determination to overcome every obstacle in your path.

    Borra, 2010 is a 9 personal year for you. The 9 year is a year of change. Since personal years run in 9-year cycles, it's the end of the cycle...in 2010, you must get rid of anything that doesn't work for you anymore. It's a year of determination though, and anything that lasts to the end of it for you is there permanently. And you take it with you into the next 9 year cycle.

    This year is a time to complete many areas of experience. By doing so, you can move freely into the next nine-year cycle that lies ahead of you, without carrying forward outgrown or unneeded baggage. This is a year of endings, for letting go, while anticipating a lifestyle change and a future of new possibilities. Gratefulness and compassion are especially important at this time, as well as merging with environments and relationships that are loving and nurturing.

    Take time to write in your journal and reflect on the kind things you have done throughout your life. Remember the times where your contribution of time, support, and energy made a difference in another person's life. Examine your life and home and notice any old items or cluttered spaces. This is a wonderful time to let go of the things you have outgrown. You need to create space to make room for the new nine-year cycle that will start next year. Clean out your closets, throw away stacked up magazines or old papers, etc. Get rid of things you don't use or never seem to get too. Recycle and replace broken items with new updated items that reflect what you are growing into.

    This is also a good time to evaluate your wellness care. Is it time to get the dental or medical checkup you have been putting off? Perhaps you need additional support with your diet, or some bodywork. Create a health and fitness plan that supports you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    Another important gift you can give yourself this year is practicing gratefulness. What are the things for which you are grateful? See how long a list you can create. By doing this, you set the stage for your next nine-year cycle.

    Spend quality time with new friends, old friends, and loved ones. This is a great time to catch up by communicating and reminiscing heartfelt times. This is another opportunity to be grateful and to rekindle heart connections. Doing so promotes release of uneasy feelings that may be lingering from the past, and helps you gain clarity and understanding.

    A very powerful action you can take this year is to visit a place from your past. If you can't go in person, then invest some time reminiscing about, or reading up on, the area. Doing so will help you complete this phase of your life; it will help you get ready for the wonderful cycle of growth and promise that your One Personal Year will bring next year.

  • hi the captain can you please take a look at my thread under love n relationships

    titled who should i choose?

    i would greatly appreciate it-- thank you in advance

  • Thank you so much for the reading I really have been doing a lot of searching lately and you are correct about my relationship with my Xfiance, I have explained to him that I am not in love with him but care for him but says he do not understand. My xhusband has went back to his mothers home and I have not been able to speak to him. I just reciently realized that I am still in love with him and I do feel vonurable in that I want to tell him but I am unsure. I am afraid of the rejection. Is there any way to see if I will be with him in the future, I know that one can not force free will but maybe there is a light of hope in the future year for us. I did exactly as you said when I started having so much trouble in my personal life I started redoing a place to set up a new business adventure and I was wondering if it would be successful? You are a very special and talented person and I really appreciate what you have told me. Thank you and be blessed.

  • Borra001, I feel you are wanting to go back to the past with your ex-husband. You are filled with nostalgia for the way things were - when they were good. You are not remembering the bad times. I think you and your ex-husband were good when you were united against the world but when there was no one else left to fight in the outside world, you turned on each other. The past is dead and gone - it can never be recreated exactly as it was - or how you wanted it to be.

    I feel your life is going to be more about career this year rather than personal relationships. Although I do feel a special younger man with blonde hair coming into your life through your work. But isn't it really that you are only looking to relationships to fill a void in your life? Focus on career instead and your love life will fall into place without you being aware of it. You know how something you've forgotten comes to you when you don't think about it? I feel this is how things will happen for you. The minute you stop focusing on love, it will come to you. If you can overcome the negative thoughts you may have about money and power, I feel your business will take off this year and even more so in 2011.

  • Hello borra! How fortunate you are that TheCaptain has given you the gift of an amazing in depth and thorough reading! You must be so pleased.. he is such a generous and caring human being and has been such a blessing to this forum 🙂

    Besides giving him some kuddo's, I also wanted to validate some insight he gave you, with a little example from my own life's experience. I hope you don't mind.

    My comment is in regards to the part of your reading where he tells you that when you stop thinking about or looking for love or a relationship that is when it will find you.

    When I read that, there was one thought that crossed my mind and mind you, this is on a much smaller scale, but still relevant to the point. Anyway, when I was a bit younger and single, I used to go out dancing at some of the local clubs, quite frequently, with my gal pals. Usually, we would all gather together at my house or one of theirs, and we enjoy a few adult beverages while we all "get ready" together. We'd crank the music and primp and pamper ourselves...picking out and trying on outfits, getting all glammed up with fancy hair and makeup, finger and toenail polish, scented lotion and perfume... you know, all that good stuff...lol! Anyway, as I said, I was single (and young) at the time, and yearning to find someone to love me and to love and to build a life with. Many, many nights I'd come home dissapointed because I didn't meet a single man, or have ANY seem to take an interest in me. Sounds pathetic I know... but that's the truth.

    On the contrary, ironically, the nights that I didn't intend to go out, but accepted a last minute invite and went flying out the door with only time enough to wisk on some deodorant and pull a brush through my hair, I would always seem to end up meeting someone! It didn't necissarily mean the start of a relationship or anything; often it meant a great conversation or a little flirtation and an exchange of numbers... maybe even a future date.

    When I noticed the "pattern", it puzzled me at first, but then I realized that when I was trying too hard, I must have been throwing off some strange vibe that was putting guys off, where as, when I was out at the last minute, I wasn't thinking that I would attract anyone, so I probably didn't seem to be trying too hard...or at all...and had a totally different vibe about me, that seemed to attract instead of deter! Don't get me wrong.. even now (well, I have a boyfriend now, but before him...lol) when I go out, I much rather have time to take a fresh shower, fix my hair, put on a little makeup and smell terrific, but.. I leave the expectation or the "need" to meet anyone at home, and focus strictly on having a fun time with my friends instead, and it pretty much works the same way when it comes to getting noticed.

    So, when I read what Thecaptain said, it made me think of this little story and how true his words ring. When you are least expecting to make a love connection, that is when it will happen... When you're looking at them, they won't be looking back, but when you're not looking at them, they'll be wanting to scoop you right up! I hope you'll consider the advice, because I think it's spot on, and I wish you all the best of luck in finding a lifelong partner!

    Bunches of Blessings,


  • You are exactly right, Sacogirl. I think many people should consider your wisdom regarding finding love.

  • Why Thank you, Captain! I appreciate the compliment very much. I didn't gain that wisdom overnight, of course, it took many years of making the same mistake before I had my epiphany... and even now, sometimes, it's easier to give good advice than follow your own..lol! The way I see it, it's a never ending journey of learning and practice...and I still have a long road to travel!

    Hope you have an excellent weekend,


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