New to Tarot, can someone help me interpret this?

  • So I just bought a Rider deck and spent the day getting acquainted with the cards, checking out their meanings, etc. Afterwards I shuffled the deck extensively and drew ten cards to make up a Celtic Cross spread. I found this process, after looking up what each of the cards meant, to be extremely exciting and quite weird, as each of the cards and their meanings seemed to be spot on with everything. I'm just wondering if anyone can offer any insight into what they further mean. Here are the cards I drew:

    1. Death

    2. The World

    3. The Hanged Man

    4. The Star

    5. The Tower

    6. The Devil

    7. VI of Cups, reversed

    8. VII of Cups, reversed

    9. Wheel of Fortune

    10. VIII of Cups, reversed

    I also don't know if it has any significance, but every time I have done anything with Tarot cards in the past, getting readings, the Death card has come up. Every time.

  • amnion

    While I don't know a lot about reading Tarot. I have found throughout time that the Death card usually represents and ending to something. It could be an ending to a habit, or how you think of things, and ending of a job or maybe a project you have been working on. Maybe an ending to a relationship etc. I guess it all depends on what you were focused on when shuffling and doing the spread.

    Mind you, this is only my experience with the card.

    I look forward to someone that has a firm knowledge of Tarot to answer your inquiry.

    Sorry its not much, but hope it helps.

  • Yeah, that's what I get from it too. I actually like the Death card, it's just weird to me that this famous card comes up for me every time. About me though, I'm always improving something about myself and it's easy for me to move on and let things go.

  • are you a sagittarius by chance?

  • I'm a Scorpio.

  • oh, because the description you put about how you're always improving and moving on etc. sounds a lot like Sagi traits.

  • hello, a bit of advice... read the book then put it away. wrap your tarot deck in a piece of satin. ( can be old or a new piece) sleep with it under your pillow for three days .. if you go by the book instead of your instincts, the cards always have 'only' two meanings. upright or reversed. unlike an oracle, the i ching or cartouche, tarot cards only have the energy from whom ever handles them ,as in shuffling.. dont try to do a reading it will only be by the book.. get to know your instincts by trusting them. after 3 days, shuffle them, thinking of one question only... for instance, how will this day be for me? or any simple question... let your mind answer.. and dont try to second guess or figure the card out. just notice what stands out on the card. write it down ( your thought ) and that night check your thought ,compare your day .. then check the book..that picture on the card will have something that sparks your mind, maybe the snow, meaning so many things, but how it applies to the question or your life, maybe snow in the forecast or you have the opportunity to go to the mountains.. to do a reading for yourself, tape it and go with what first comes to mind, and believe me, it wont make sense to you.. but in a few days, weeks, it will. check your tape in a month and see if you picked up anything in the future and it may be just a purchase you saw in the cards.. death can mean real death, for anyone around you.. but that is rare.. it also can means so little as ending a habit, a friendship,getting rid of some furniture or belongings, or going to the dr. and finally getting rid of that toe fungus! to ask a question, just shuffle and spread all the cards, ( face down) on a table select one, or maybe three. and let your inner mind answer. this isnt a instant relationship with your cards but how to have one. many decks are on the market and we find the ones that we have a close bonding with.. and some are not for the individual to get the message.. so dont be so hard on yourself, and like a good friend, building trust can take a bit of time.. good luck and blessed be!

  • Dear Amnion and Sagiqueen

    I'm more astrologer than tarot,reader , but above you perfectly describe the mind and thought prcess of a Scorpio analysng; sifting; collating; discarding. You are Pluto, Lord of the Underworld; what other card could represent you? At home with "endings" ,psychologically you are constantly metamorphosising from one state into another; a phoenix desroying itself to re-emerge in another form.

    A relationship has ended..You want it back and could move, but can't risk it , because you're going to win her back and anyway, you have a lot of shared property to sort out.

    Shoot me down in flames..if I've got it wrong, or "reversed" ie. you are trapped in a relationship and want to move on to a new one, but are stuck.

    Peace and love..

  • This post is deleted!

  • Grrr... go away iRachel!

    Hey amnion. I have nothing really to add about the cards but.... I like your avatar! you're really cute! Sorry, hope you don't mind my saying that. 🙂

  • Well thank you, Stonyeye. I don't mind it at all. And so far, thanks for all the insights, I'm learning to trust my instincts with the cards, getting acquainted with them a lot over the past few days. The more I trust them and the more in touch I get the more accurate they seem to be. It's kind of weird.

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