I miss the old me!

  • Since 2006, I have had many interesting ups and downs and I'm having a hard time figuring things out. I seem to keep making mistakes that don't seem to be putting me where I want to be. Let me start with simple time line in 95' I met the love of my life, we dated long time got married in 03' had baby in 05' then right after her 1st birthday found out he had a girlfriend in turn my world was flipped upside down. Our divorce was final October 08'. After a series of non-eventful relationships, I somehow married one of my suitors which may be a mistake, since the beginning of our marriage we have continued to slide downward.

    I'm looking for a bit of insight I'm really not sure if I just keep making mistake after mistake or if I'm where I should be.

    Me: August 10, 1978

    Ex-Hubby: April 2, 1974

    New Hubby: May 27, 1976

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