Does my B/F think I am the one for him? I think I need a reading!!

  • Hello. My b/f and I have been dating since last March. He is Sags; I am Libra. He has been playing it very safe with me and we are more like friends and lovers. The reason he says he is hesitant is because I have two children (11 and 6), not divorced yet and have a crazy almost ex husband. We don't really talk about the future because he doesn't like to. He wants to take things one day at a time. I can understand his hesitancy but i want to know where i stand with him. When I ask him he says that we are better taking one day at a time. I don't intend to be married again. I love him and he loves me. Not sure what else I am looking for here but I think I need a reading of some sort!!

  • Can you give me the exact birthdates?

  • Well leelow, It seems the hesitancy comes from his side more. Has this Divorice been going on for about 2 years now? From what I see hes trying not to make the same mistakes all over again. the passion sometimes is not enough, but he also still thinks you may go back to your ex. Its not easy at all in these situations. I hear the word concer as well.=(, coming from his side of the spectrum. I dont believe its him but the emotions he is dealing with are on high intensity. When the storm rains and floods the streets its not easy to Get a relief effort right away. All you can do at this point is hold on to what is there, as well as be a great mother for your children. Your ex is a lost person, he sees you as his only way especially if he is the father of your child. Letting go is never easy for anyone. The best advice I can say is pray for a little bit of sunshine, as well as remember you always have two angels with always. The main goal here is to keep it at a steady pace. He will want you, but it doesnt mean he is in the perfect place or ready himself. Best thing to do is talk to him, keep the communication lines open. AND PLEASE, remember keep your kids first.

  • Leelow1, your boyfriend has difficulty balancing his desire to go off exploring with his responsibilities to others. Emotions are hard for him to deal with. He likes to do things by himself. His challenge is to relate to others more intimately - he may only have one or two close confidantes, although there may be many hangers-on or sycophants around him. Developing more empathy and understanding of others as well as the ability to be available will help him to build better relationships. He can feel very insecure sometimes and can struggle to bring his rather avant-garde notions to the public eye, but any desire for glory or acceptance will hinder his efforts. The problem his partner in life will have will be accepting his wanderlust, and his many close work relationships or the long periods of devotion to his goals. Jealousy or possessiveness will cause intolerable friction and may drive him away.

    You, Leelow1, must stop being so critical of yourself and others. Release your need to work, and play a bit more. You are not responsible for all the world's problems - or their solutions - and you do deserve to have a bit of pleasure. Try to be more spontaneous. Your biggest challenge is to learn when and how to quell your impulse to fix things which are not necessarily broken in the first place. You can be exacting and difficult sometimes, stuck in your need for perfection in both people and situations, and may even become too moralistic or 'holier-than-thou'. Learn to manage your emotions rather than trying to master them. Much of your insistence on order arises from an inner need for security. You will benefit from expanding your intellectual and social horizons, for acceptance from others will result in your own greater self-acceptance. However, you might go a bit overboard and become careless and irresponsible, or do a bit of 'slumming' in personal relationships in order to discover or rediscover passions that might be better left alone. If you cultivate flexibility and openness, and discover the freedom of being able to laugh at yourself, you will discover the joy in life. Put aside your more cerebral activities and get active outdoors more. Loosening up and spoiling yourself once in a while will allow you to relax your workaholic tendencies and really enjoy yourself.

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  • that was great advice...also you hit everything on the head exactly!! thank you.

  • serious 7 and the The Captain...thank you.

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  • Always leelow! God is with you! So are his angels.

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