Please do not judge a book by its cover or a person by their avatar

  • I've got the computer to myself this week Allan's away, and Dylan's computer is fixed, so I can get on at better times, as I won't have to get off early unless I want to, normally we go off at nine(UK) at the latest because of Allan's early starts for work,(he's a postman) I can be on all day and night if I want, but back to normal Friday as he's back then

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Hi ragbag & stonyeye! Thanks for the B-day wishes! ( just saw them now) My youngest turned 25 on the 23rd so we had a celebration for both of us last night. I had a crazy idea and ordered him a Calvin & Hobbes cake --- it was adorable! (Can't beat the philosophy of a six-year old,

    lol !) Son loved it so much he sent a pic to a friend in Afghanistan to spread the joy : )

    LibrasLair ~ It was cold, but sunny & so much nicer than it has been. Hubby & I decided your age is the temperature below which you want to wear a sweater. We still wore our sweaters .... over our T's, over our turtlenecks, LOL ! The storms are heading here in the form of rain

    ( downpours ) and the temp. may go to just below 50 --- wow! By March, I'll want your 70's! I hope all is well with you and you've been "playing in the dirt", : ) Thanks, again

  • daisyfairy,

    I never did find the name of my avatar. It was some type of stone maybe 36in in diameter & 8in thick. After you sent me the Dendrah, I remembered the room and that it was near the " Green Venus de Milo" (forgot the proper name, Los tem... somethin' or other : ) ) It paled near that gorgeous green marble! Anyway, I really liked it, even if the astrological representation was all male faces, heehee! It was nice of you to look & maybe I'll return someday & write it down!

    I totally loved your story! And as for mine, I had the same flowers on my steps this summer and can't remember the proper name so it was nice to hear you got it anyway. I loved hearing that you are a teacher --- even better! I absolutely adore kids and around them would tell stories like the ones we shared here. Your right it keeps you creative & young at heart , even on the days they push ya over the edge, lol !

    It has only been in the last few years I have shared this wacky view of the world with adults. Shame, huh? Write your stories ~ Don't keep that creative sweetness to yourself ~ Get the bf to illustrate! : > )

  • Laie4 the temp only got to 68 today and by the end of this week we will be in the 30's again at night. And rain is called for too. But I am really happy for the sun and it is such a nice change. Very high winds makes it so you need a sweatshirt but I love it. Stay warm.

  • its only 4 degrees here not cold but damp, I fell over on our allotment yesterday and had to walk home covered in mud!!!!, and I lost an earring, that will teach me to go there after dark LOL, (and after visiting the pub too) it has badgers that only come out after sundown and there are foxes there too which I feed, and naturally I decided to see if I could see them luckily I didn't hurt anything except my dignity

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • chrissicat --- I think you live in the UK ?? Which country? I read before when we were discussing ragbag's avatar that for you it had a different connotation. My Mom use to tell a story about the ' Ragman" coming around when she was little and selling or collecting scraps of cloth. I grew up in "New England" (Eastern US ) so many of the words that you use I am familiar with.

    Allotment ? Are you referring to an area around your home?

    Yuck, I feel for u walking home in the cold covered in mud .... : )

  • I did have the warming effect of a bottle of wine which helped..LOL! never realised mud could get so many places with my clothes on lol, I live in England in a little town near London called Sutton, in Surrey. Our Allotment is about ten to fifteen minutes walk away from home, we rent it from the council and grow vegetables on it I have got a little bit of a flower and herb garden of my own there as although we have a garden at home m.i.l. tends to weed out, or kill any of my plantings she doesn't like, or if they're big, prune them with blunt lawn shears our ponds developed mysterious leaks too, fortunately the fox had eaten our goldfish some time before, or at least they had dissappeared

  • Thanks Chrissicat ! I knew somewhere I had heard allotment, but when I read your post I wasn't sure what u were talking about. Now, I got it & have seen fields divided up in an area for the surroundings homes, usually they each have their own gardening shed. ( & personality's of the sheds !, : > ) Beware m.i.l.'s with shears, yikes ! : ) Take care!

  • will do Laie love and light ūüôā

  • Stonyeye!!!!!

    New Avatar ---- Cool ! I am assuming it is of you and your old friend, sorry forgot name. I wish these pics were larger : ( Anyway, it suits you with the background lending a wide open freedom feeling!

  • Hi yall! )) We really need to stir up some positive energy,vibes,WHATEVER!

    What is going on?? Too many negs at once. I am immediately donning my positive hat!

    Chrissicat, bless your heart. I have been in your shoes & I do NOT like the fit. Sure do hope (&pray) things improve for you sooner rather than later.

    Stonyeye, the new avatar is waaay cool. Wish I were 'savvy' enough to change mine! This generic lion just aint me! lol I will have to study on that process. Anyway lovely pic!

    Laie4, best 4 last...(she erupts with laughter!)...I was looking over my first post the other day and realized it was on Christmas eve & Christmas! Even though you may have wanted to strangle me, (lmao), Thank you for being so kind and considerate. I will never forget it! Bump on,girl! BUMP ON!!

    Seeing as my x's got deleted by admin earlier, I will say HUGS 2 U ALL and POSITIVITY! :-))

  • (she erupts with laughter!)... And She did!!

    It was ??? Oh wait, thats right, I remember thinking you were a He (slap ! ) and wrote something about Santa & cooking b-fast.

    I was feeling a decrease in the negative, but maybe you are catching what has happened overall to folks as a result or fall out from the economy. ?? Anyway, U R Correct --- move forward, feel the sun even if it is raining & cloudy.

    Gotta cute joke: An old lady was standing at the rail of the cruise ship holding her hat so that it wouldn't blow away in the wind.

    A gentleman approached her and said, "Pardon me, madam. I do not intend to be forward but did you know that your dress is blowing up in this wind?"

    "Yes, I know," said the lady. "But I need my hands to hold onto my hat."

    "But madam, he said, "You must know that you're 
derriere is exposed!"

    The woman looked down, then back up at man and said, "Sir, anything you see down there is 85 years old, but I just bought this hat yesterday!"

    Keep smilin' & bumpin' !

  • love it Laie that's the sort of joke that gets me in trouble though!LOL!!!!!!

  • Gotta tell my mama (85) this! It will crack her up LOL

  • love the new avatars they changed right through the posts

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Chrissicat ~ I thought they way the avatars changed right on down the line was pretty cool too!

    As for the joke, well, to be honest, i'm a terrible joke teller in person. I can never remember them and if I do it is only up to a point in the re-telling and then I forget the punch line, LOL ! Truly sad. With family, my joke telling abilities have become a legendary joke all on their own!!!! Also, when a joke is told, everyone gathered, ( the family are wonderful jokesters!) bursts out laughing and then looks at me And Really starts to laugh because I didn't get it!!! Yup, space cadet!

  • Gotta love the irony! The two 'ring tailed tooters' have both changed their avies! LMAO

    Morning all! Have a blessed day! ūüôā

  • well at least it's not just my talent, apparently I can kill a joke stone dead when I tell it, might change my avatar if I can get a decent pic but this one is our allotment cat we called him Chancer, whose story is on another thread I think it's an animal based one but I'm not sure, it might be cat on doorstep then I might change it to the real, no-longer-in-the-fur Chrissie-cat, I think she would have liked that too

    by the way ragbag what is a ring-tailed-tooter ?, and what is LMAO short for I am still new to text speak at nearly 52 (well I will be in a week and five days)

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Heres To All Us Ring Tailed Tooters!!!

    Hope you all are prospering and in good health.

    Okay, ring tailed tooter is what my mama always referred to me as because I was always starting something! Usually mischieviouness (I know I didnt spell that right!). Anyway, always beginning something to get everyone involved in 'whatever.' You know all in fun. At 50+ I still am 'one' and hope I die one! Makes life so much more interesting! Kinda like........

    Smile; it makes people wonder what you're up to!

    I only know a couple of 'these' terms, thanks to my kids,

    LMAO is laughing my ass off & ROFLMAO is rolling on the floor laughing my a off! :-))

    Where would we be without our kids????

  • sounds like I qualify too, and yes mischieviousness is something I still get to starting as well.....water/snowball fights anyone ? poor mum was always telling me to act my age, so far I never have, I like having fun sometimes, but occasionally my dignity can be a casualty....Only I would go to a fancydress party in a basque and fishnets with a bobble for a tail.....and had to go there on the back of a Honda Silverwing bike !!, (fortunately I had on a trackie over it on the bike or I'd have frozen) I was younger and a lot slimmer then of course...I'd need whalebone now to do it LOL!! my so was shocked and hoped that there are no photos out there, so I told him about my short career as a "glamour" model, he's a photography student,and now he's really shocked and horrified at me

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