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  • wow sounds brill got to see a chevelle thoughcause I've never seen one we do have some guys here who are into American cars I can't drive just appreciate the cars

  • Omg, you have a '71 Chevelle, Chevelleman? Wow...I LOVE muscle cars, and I could talk all day about them. I was actually a kid in 1971 and so remember all those great cars back then. Of course, back then they were all "family cars", lol! My mother had a '74 Chevy Impala, my aunt drove a '73 Duster, my uncle drove a '68 Cougar, one of my best friends drove a '73 Fastback Mustang Mach 1, another friend owned a '65 'Stang...yep, we were loaded with those cars, lol! My favorites are Mustangs, Camaros, GTO's and Chevelles. Good for you for owning a "real" car, lol! I would love to own either your year Chevelle, or a 68 or 69 Camaro SS. And if I went with a truck, it would either be the '51 Ford p/u or the '55 Chevy Apache. Ask your dad about those. My ex husband also owns a 1970 !/2 Camaro RS splitbumper. I think it's ugly, but he loves it, lol. Not as pretty as the earlier Camaros.

  • chrissicat, nope i have never played warhammer40k but i have heard of it, i mostly play shooter games, i played Unreal Tournament 2004 for the PC back in the day and alot of people new my name cause i was very good and i was LEGIT, i wasnt no cheater, i hate cheating on videogames so much, hmmm i also dont believe in cheating in a Relationship either, i also played my playstation 2 and i played the game SOCOM: u.s. navy seals, but on there i used the name COM.CODY, me and my brother put ranks in front of our real names, i was the new guy on the game but i wasnt new to games, i picked it up very fast, and before i knew it i was the best player my clan had (yes, to all you NON game players a group of friends on games are called a clan sometimes lol), quite a few people i know including "my lIbra girl" play WOW( world of warcraft) myself i have never played that game but i very much would if i could. and the Chevelle wasnt introduced until 1964 through 74 i think, (after 72 they got ugly lol), well i would write more but i gotta go real quick.

  • Chevelle

    you are a gamer? no kidding. I used to play World of Warcraft LOL

    it's an MMORPG. I did it over a year but got tired of it and left

    not easy my pc is not meant for online game, it burnt out LOL

    we got a new one but still not decent enough and so I dropped it

    in that game, a clan is called Guild

    it's time consuming but fun, we raid dungeons for drops and badges

    or raid opposite factions for honor and well for killing them of course

  • I've never been really good at games myself, don't know why. Dylan plays and is very good , if we play Grand Theft Auto and I play when he leaves it on I ruin his scoresand get killed, he also is very good at Metal Gear Solid. I like muscle cars and bikes too, my favourite is the BSA M25, there I am showing my age lol!! Certainly I prefer American trucks, and Pickups too, they have so much more character than the ones we have here

  • Laie, it's February 14th, and yes it is coming far too quickly, I'll be 52, or 56 according to Dylan, who always overestimates my age, though last year Allan thought I was 59 !!! he still hasn't lived that one down as I always call him my toyboy because he's nearly three years younger than me, and will be 50 this October so in Dylan years an old f**t, but I suppose thats normal for teenagers to say

    Love and light

    Blessed Be

  • OK on too the cars lol its nice to see some ladies on here that know thier cars lol, hmm i think i should start my own thread about my familys cars , and even post up some pictures, and then talk about what size motor they have etc....., many will be lost but some of you would understand lol i will have to get some pictures ready and make a thread on here about my family cars, my 1971 chevelle, my dads 1955 Bel-air, and my brothers 1970 Camaro(with supercharger) hehehe we also have a 1969 Firebird, but we havent touched it in years and need to get running again,

    and yes i am a gamer nerd, lol in the pictures that i have posted of myself on here before im not wearing any glasses, but i wear them all the time actually, im known in my family for playing games and being really good at them lol when my family play against me you will here this alot "Fu_k-in CODY!!!" (my name) lol yea i play all types of games anything really, i have NEVER played world of warcraft, i have friends that do (libra girl including) i love the final fantasy series RPG'S for playstation, (they are like my crack, i can play 13 hours in one sitting, with bathroom breaks of course) lol

  • sounds like a good idea there is a couple of guys near me that have some great looking utes and I'd love to identify them, and as I said I've never seen a chevelle as mostly the only American cars I see are on TV, as I'm in the UK and they haven't done the run they used to with custom cars at Chelsea for a few years now

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Sorry Laie I meant to come on and wish you happy birthdayyesterday really sorry I'm later than that HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anyway

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be


  • Oh your right and I forgot it too. Sorry Happy B-day Laie.

  • Chevelleman,

    any chance of a pic of that chevelle of yours ? its a request that will be educational, I won't drool all over it honest LOL!!

  • chevelleman

    you should try world of warcraft

    lots of guys your age and lower play it

    I never tried any other games you mentioned but if you are that good

    then play world of warcraft you'll see how you fare against other gamers there

    what I like about that game is that anything can happen

    you're playing against and with real people, individual and teamwork

    lots of chances for competition and interaction of any kind

    the game itself changes now and then, to keep players interested

    I met a Sag gamer there too LOL he was always on the go

    it was fun, but the pc burnt out LOL anyway I dropped it before I got further into addiction

    you said you play 13 hrs? well that's the amount of time you will spend on this game alone

    you'll see 🙂

  • Chrissicat & LibrasLair ~

    Wow ! I didn't expect to read such nice B-day wishes! Thank you! You made this beautiful sunny day even more so! HUGS !

  • With all the 'ragbags' on the first page & at the risk of looking like the forum bumping wh (u know) ore!! I have to wish you a Happy "late" birthday! Enjoy the sunshine! :-))

  • Laie only looked back here now... did you get to the bottom of what exactly the sculpture in your avatar is?! the louvre is so big its difficult to remember where everything was so im glad I helped you remember that much at least.

    I love your story bout the faces on the flowers... i can remember thinking things like that myself. I was fascinated by nature and remember many times going to sit by myself in a field or green space and just listening for hours on end.

    I dont work in a graphic field.. but i do work as a teacher and that helps to get my creativity ( which i never thought i had btw until i started teaching!!) out, especially when i get to tell stories... maybe one day Ill find the courage and inspiration to write one!!

  • Your welcome I hope it was a great day. Laie hope it's not too cold for ya today. We just cooled back down again to lower 70's and cooler tomorrow. Keep warm.

  • leoscorpion>.you're playing against and with real people, individual and teamwork

    Sandran712>>I gave up FarmVille and Cafe World.They were too time consuming.I hate games where it relies on others to make it interact.It's a trip to the free clinic for your computer if you happen to catch a virus.

  • Sandran

    you could be right. I heard of farmville and cafe world, never played them

    but heard about world of warcraft gamers a/c being hacked

    I never did get hacked there, playing almost 2 years, but quit the end 2008

    pc burnt out LOL got a new pc but didn't feel like using it for mmorpg anymore

  • Ok, I'm really late to the party on this one but .....Happy belated birthday Laie4! Hope it was wonderful day. xo

  • Dylan is playing something to do with a farm, I wondered what that was, now I know

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