Please do not judge a book by its cover or a person by their avatar

  • Oh wow such stories. Frankly I don't have too much to say. None of your names scared me or took me back. Stoney just sounded hard like you might give a hard look or some dumb thing. I was a big fan of Dark Angel and didn't like the way they just left it hanging with no kind of end. Amanda your's wasn't hard to figure out anymore that LeoScorpio. Like it would take a genius to figure some of these out. And CoffeeGem I know what you look like cause I saw your pic some place else and we have talked shortly off of tarot. I thought daisyfairy was some tiny little thing. I must admit Mysto through me but not enough to ask. I love all the animals and I never had a horse. Probably a good thing. Because I grew up in Torrance, Ca. and that was a pretty busy little area ya know back in the olden days, but we had a farmer at the end of our block. And he grew Calla Lillies, the white ones with the yellow thing that comes out of the center. You know the ones. They remind you of a funeral flower. Well I was a tom boy and some of the kids got to ride the old plow horse and he really did pull a plow. The farmer was an old perv but I didn't know it at the time. But one of the younger boys at the end of my block was going to ride Charlie. Ya not nearly as pretty as your Appy and very sway back. So I told Billie I wanted to ride Charlie too. So he said ok. But I want to drive. Can you tell I as a city kid? So I was up front and we were walking Charlie down the paved street when all of a sudden he gets this wild hair and starts into a gallup and then a little faster but not what I would call quite a run. Scared the Holy Shibeebee out of us and Billie said stop him well I couldn't find that dadgum brake and we were bare back. Billie was yelling woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and I was just yelling stopppppppppppppppppp. He finally did in the field of the elementary school that we went to and Billie said I'm going to go get help. I said your not leaving me on this horse so I got off of Charlie too and he was happy eating the grass and Billie took off. I waited and waited and waited some more and no one showed up. I gave up and finally got Charlie to follow me back the the Lilly Field and needless to say I never wanted to ride Charlie again. My name came because I wanted to make a website about 6 years ago and my daughter was going to help me do it. I paid for my domain name and it never happened. I checked again last year and my name was still available and I was trying to find someone to help me again and I didn't find anyone that I could afford. I was going to do it again and we checked last week and someone has taken it and they have had it since Aug. of last year. So now I have to come up with something else. How does Crystals Buy and More. How do you think that would look as my name on my Avatar? LOL Do we dare let our minds run with that one?

  • LIbrasLair, your story was cute. When you hear stories like these, it makes you wonder how it is that little girls can love horses as much as they do. I've been in love with horses ever since I was born, and have always wanted to have one (or more!) of my own. I'm just glad that I was able to make that dream come true for myself! Max is my dream come true!

    On the plus side about horses...I know of a couple of sayings that pertain to horses. There is a Spanish proverb that goes: "God created Man. Then He created Woman. When He had time, He created the Horse, which has the strength and courage of Man, and the beauty and grace of Woman." And an Arab one: "Heaven is the wind between a horse's ears".

    And, LibrasLair, if you need help with building a website, let me know. I can help. 🙂

  • personally... i like Stonyeye.... mine reflects that i thought on this is it is who you are as a person not by your screen name... if you feel balanced then so be it...

  • hi windjmmr ~ welcome to Coffee Chat ! Now without an avatar and by what/how you wrote i'd think male.

    D. Angel, Is that taken ? Nah, stick with what ya chose. I understand perfectly why your brother never cared for it after that. I got back on the horse eventually but not without one of those elastic straps that slips over the ear piece of the glasses and wraps around the back of your head. Kind of took the joy out of Heaven's Wind : (

    WHOA! : > ) LibrasLair ~ Wow ! I have never see you write so much. Must be the vitamins, heehee. Great story telling I could see it ! Glad you popped in. I'd like to share a story that includes you. Right after I get some things done here.

    I know I haven't said hello yet, LS. So Hi ya! Thanks for posting on the wheel -- gotta get back there!

    MystoBlue - I was immediately drawn to your avatar and I paint also, Badly. What medium?

    Chrissicat, Amantim --- I think you are the last 2 I have never chatted with here or elsewhere. So Hi !

    Okay, if I missed anyone, get in line behind LibrasLair to throw tomatoes

  • stonyeye>>A poster here suggested that I change my avatar to be more balance and positive.

    Sandran712>>My Avatar <sandran>is a nickname given to me when I was a small child.My mom gave it to me.I do not like anyone in my everyday life ever calling me Sandran.The picture on my Avatar (Porcelain doll by Vervaco) is a cross stitch picture I made and got a second place ribbon on it.</sandran>

  • Oh Darkness Angel I just got a good chuckle from the initials for that new name for a website. And I am a sicker individual than I thought. And I don't think its the vitamins I have taken them for too many years. Well may be. Ok how is CBM Darkness Angel? LOL

  • guys are too funny. See? Never judge a name...good or funny things can come out of scary names. 😛

  • sounds like my theory that horses can have a mean sense of humour is definitely on the button, Johnny used to really kick up a fuss in his stable when anyone came near him, rolling his eyes and acting mad, he loved polomints and apples though, and carrots if we could get them, guess he had me figured as good for a treat, so was nice to me, as I got older he was the only horse I could ride as I was 10 stone 7, but he usually behaved, notice I said usually, he didn't like the jumping lessons at all so would either not jump, or go round the jumps, he chose what, and when.....

    my initials are C.V.M. and always have been, I was a McNamara before I married, and a Matusevics after, so they never changed, though sonebody said they sound similar, I don't think so

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be


  • Chrissicat- CVM is so much better than CBM !! heehee

    Stonyeye & LibrasLair,

    Just getting back here to tell a little story .... I realized the other day that you both have dispensed a judgement I wasn't fully aware I held. Like the 2 of you, I have lived all over (US & Europe) plus traveling, I've met & chatted with people from all walks of life. I also have a tendency to "adopt" people wherever I go : )

    It dawned on me that I've assumed I have nothing in common with Libras. I dated a sweet Libra guy and he seemed to have no real zest for life --- Stonyeye, you've disproved That ! And, in some cases I couldn't seem to get on the wave length of others. LL, I'm willing to bet this has to do with "your heart on a sleeve" post. Two women that are distant family members must be like this -- opening gradually; their entire beings open when they laugh!

    Okay, if looked at deeply, even the above could be seen as a judgement, lol ! The point is this is a good thread. The avatars we catch consciously/ unconsciously and then once you begin reading you become engaged with the postee and feel. No one cares what your hair looks like, LOL !! And, really, ambiguity of gender is refreshing ! ( i said something to windjmmer) The connections we've all made here I chalk up to Everyone writing from their hearts!

  • Laie4 I hate to admit that I am having a blonde moment. But I think that this is one of those times when you have to draw me a picture. I am missing what your telling me. So shoot from the hip and don't beat around that bush cause you lost me. I don't mean to be dense but even I have those moments. Try this again and I will try to get the jest of your little story. Oh and I haven't traveled much at all. Not what I would call travel. I haven't seen squat of the US and never left it. And if your thinking that is normal for Libras not to have a zest for life then you haven't met many. All you need to do is click on someones name or avatar and it will show you where they have talked. I maintain and air of dignity that is quit the opposite of who I really am. That's why most people wouldn't guess my age and I have a sailors mouth that I have to keep in check so maybe you should judge my avatar at all. I am one ornery ol' bag and I use the term loosely.

  • Hey Laie4! lol! I'm a blonde and I get what you are saying and my response is ....See we Libras are alright after all! I'm very happy we have blown your Libra preconceptions out of the water. Hmmm....maybe the libra guy you dated had some other things in his chart that made him seem a little apathetic.

    Also, isn't it great that we can get to know each other without appearances, facial expressions, accents to get in the way? And on that note.....Thank God nobody here can see my hair tonight! I look like Bobo the clown due to all the horrible rain we've been having up here in Nor Cal. I do have pictures in my mind of what everyone here looks like though. Probably way off base with that too but you're right. The beauty of this is we are forming friendships with people based on what we have to say and what's in our hearts....not whether or not one of the posters looks like they should really be wearing a hat! 🙂

  • Well my picture is in the original thread for the past lives. And stonyeye your in Calif. too. Well I am not going back cause I can't afford to live there anymore. Even in San Diego anymore. And too crowded for my taste. I only miss the weather. There are several of you there tho. Darkness Angel, hisbablov and turtledust.

  • so's mine and a very unflattering one too though I say so myself, and hubby and Dylan is posted I think on the indigo thread, hubby is Libra, so they're not all bad though a past boyfriend was too, he just came over all confused as to what he wanted from life, and the women in his, so it was short but sweet, now he lives in Canada somewhere according to his brother. I definitely would love to move out of Sutton if we could afford it, we're so close to the other houses that at the front here I look out over the road at another row of houses, and at the back more houses, their back gardens and a printworks yard I sometimes feel very hemmed in, yet the only time I had a view was when I lived in flats on the third floor up, and could see for milesat the front and the railway line at the back, which my son would've loved as he's a train enthusiast but hubby is the only one with a regular paycheck and we all have bills to pay ,Dylan's at College, so we have to be grateful we live with ma-in-law, even with the disadvantages

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • ill jump on the bandwagon here lol my name is from my car, a 1971 chevelle, that my dad bought me when i was 13 and we bought it for $750 bucks!!! hows that for a steal! and the best part is that im only the second owner of it, and it has only 34,000 Original miles on it, and has been in my state of AZ since it was made, so it is in very nice condition with pretty much no rust which is rare!. we actually drove it in the back yard when we got it, but im 22 now almost 10 years later and it not running anymore, cause im putting a 500 horse power motor in it and it now has BIG tires on the rear of it( its my picture on here), its a car that i can never sell cause it will be a momento of my dad if he were to pass away, hes a 57 year old diabetic, quadruple bypass, and a pace maker, but he still moves around very well and doesnt even look 57 years old. and NO my name is not from the BAND chevelle!!!! people always say that! lol and yes i have used this name EVERYWHERE, and cause im a gamer nerd, everyone online now fears chevelleman71 now hehehe

    this a fun topic, i enjoyed reading about everyones names

  • Chevelleman'71

    so do you play warhammer 40k ? and when you say big is that wide or so that the car goes wedge shape, must admit I have never seen a chevelle yet in the uk, but apparently my birth year 1958, is a good year for a chevy is the chevelle related ? I used to hang out witha guy who has an old Austin princess hearse and was restoring it I think it was haunted, 'cos if he hit me , and he did, a lot after he moved into my flat, it wouldn't work, or he'd hurt himself while working on it. I've still got a walking stick I found in it, it has a new head with a bird of prey carved on it, but other than that , all I did with it was fill the spiral twist in the stem with a copper wire, and dangle stuff off it including what I think is a wolf's tail, which I popped a few crystals into when the stitches went, I keep it by the side of my bed

    Your Dad might still be here at 90 you know, my dad remarried at 71, after mum died, and is still going, hopefully to another fifty year wedding anniversary, or a good long time anyway so you never know

    Love and Light

    Blessed be

  • LL ~ Ya know sometimes when you meet someone you either connect or your don't? That is the bottom line. I thought well, for whatever reason I haven't connected with Libras. Not only do we speak from our hearts here -- No one interrupts you when your posting, lol ! If anyone is naturally reserved, they' re able to have a voice. I would never have guessed you have a potty mouth .... thats too funny!

    Stonyeye ~ Yup, you did get it. It seemed odd, as I'm an air sign ( airhead, lol ) and I would have thought that this would enhance connections. Your right --- all the rest comes into play -- this was just a broad generalization which is kind of what happens when we judge people based on superficial things. Now, go buy a hat and keep your stony eye on the look out for a great adventure, lol ! BTW, did u ever find a religion class or something spiritual in ur area?

  • Chevelleman71 -- The only guy who had a car when I was growing up had a chevelle. It was bronze/ gold with a black racing stripe on the hood & trunk. We'd take that car and fly ! Literally, lotta air ! Now I look back and ... What were we thinking, lol ! I've seen your posts and I really admire that you spend time thinking about things & life in general. Stay strong!

  • Laie I'm aquarius which one are you ?

  • Hey Chrissicat --- Its coming to quickly -- EEK !! January 21st & U ?

  • Chrississcat the most popular Chevy's here are really 55,56 and 57. Back in the late 70's we had a 77' ss with a Hemi in it that rattled the windows of our neighbors on each side of us. And I had to let it idol to the store cause when I shifted it threw me back in the set and I couldn't reach the pettles. Don't laugh my husband wouldn't fix it so I could drive it cause I wanted to drive it just once on the drag strip. He ran it once there and red lighted. I know he was afraid I would beat him in time. So he said oh not you would get a ticket. Right mr. macho. Knew I had a fast foot off the clutch.LOL

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