Please do not judge a book by its cover or a person by their avatar

  • Ahoy me matey Blmoon! haha It's funny what image our screen names can bring up! Ar!

    I always picture CoffeeGem holding a big mug too, smiling and smelling the good smell of fresh coffee!

    I like hearing these stories of how people chose their names!

  • Coffegem, that was hilarious! I could soo hear the racetrack announcer on that one, lol!

    Okay, here is a photo of my baby, Max. Behind him is a frosted appy that I also used to own, named Charlie:

  • This post is deleted!

  • Have to say I just love this thread and the stories behind the names!! Its amazing the images and impressions names can give. Stoney eye.... i also thought of pirates first time i saw your name.... lol! Blmoon... i keep thinking of someone with huge innocent blue eyes! Darkness Angel.. glad you cleared that up... not at all scary anymore! lol Coffegem... definitely seein the huge mug of steaming hot coffee!

    As for my name its a name ive used on forums for years. Ive always had a fascination with daisies and fairies. Then when i started going out with my bf we started making up our own fairy stories... including one about the daisyfairies, guardians of the happy juice, who protected the world from the evil daffodil elves... silly i know but oh so fun! 😄

    Darkness angel Max is just gorgeous!!! Always had horses and ponies at home when i was young.... seeing max makes me miss that!!

  • Stonyeye,

    I'm with daisyfairy on loving this thread and your sign one. You start threads that everyone can relate to and they are so light & breezy. I bet your a great hostess or guest because you seem to open nice conversations.

    stonyeye - your name just puzzled me. at the beginning it brought up a sense of reserve, caution in me. until u opened up and played --- then i relaxed, lol! I liked what everyone thought about eye color ... i kept seeing dark brn. eyes, : )

    daisyfairy - such a sweet creative story!

    ragbag - name worked for me from the beginning when I "bump" you. lol ! I thought it was sweet and you've shown sweetness of personality since then. pls, don't change it.

    Darkness angel - i'm with Bl on this. I had trouble reconciling the pic with the name so I still shied away. Sorry. And Hello ! Hope u get back to ghost hunting!

    CoffeeGem - No coffee mug in hand pic did I get, Way to serene !! I thought, Oh my, a caffeinated gemini, eek.! Got 2 daughters like that and the room is full to capacity !!

    The four for (say that 10x's fast) how many children and the first initial of each. The other day i curiously played with numerology and it still returned to 4.

    Can you even see the avatar? I put it up because I liked the pic and it was fitting. It is a large,hand carved, circular stone piece that sits in the Louvre. It depicts the 12 faces of the zodiac. I took it on my honeymoon and didn't write down what it was called. Maybe because of this post, stonyeye, someone can tell me. ????

  • Thank you everyone, for your nice words about Max. I absolutely love him, and he's my best buddy. HE thinks he's a lapdog, and I'm sure if I gave him half a chance, he'd try to climb up in my lap for cuddling!

    I really didn't pay attention to the name I'd chosen for this forum until waay later, and it dawned on me that it sounded so...ominous. I wish I could change it, but I think I'm stuck. Oh, well.

  • Hi Laie4, think the sculpture could be called the 'Dendera zodiac'.... cant see the picture too clearly but that could be it... maybe if you google it you'll be able to see if it matches or not!

  • darkness angel

    never had horses in my life but I'd love to get them as pets someday

    yours look absolutely gorgeous!

    anyway you have gorgeous smile too, if that is your actual pic as avatar

  • Wow! What a beauty Max is Darkness Angel! Thank you for posting. Also, I agree with LeoScorpion that you have a beautiful smile. I'm glad you can not change your screen name because now I picture you like a kick axx Jessica Alba swooping through the city to save people! Darkness Angel is a great name!

    haha! Daisy Fairy. Funny about the pirate image! Ahoy matey to you too! I'll just pause a moment while I readjust my eye patch! Love your story about protecting the world from evil daffodil elves!

    Thank you Laie4. I just adore you from the conversations we've had on these boards. I can tell that you are funny, smart and very kind and a lot of fun to be with. I wish I could meet up with all of you for a coffee! CoffeeGem? You up for that? lol!

  • LongSilverWings! I love your name too and how sweet of your son that he bought you a car! I bet you look great swishing around the highways in your silver car!

  • Ok, I'm trying to post a head shot of Stony so you can see his eyes. Not the best pic but the only one I could find that was saved on my computer. The rest are all paper copies and no scanner available. His eyes are much more golden looking in the sunlight but you can kind of get the idea from this pic...Hope it posts!

  • Argh! Denied! Don't know how to make it small enough! Grrrr...

  • stonyeye -- what an awesome thread! I never thought your name was negative. What I got from your name was Wise One Who Could Look Into Souls. 🙂 I used to have horses too. I loved them so much, but I was a stupid teenager that didn't want to take care of them. My Dad had to sell them back after I got my driver's license. Go figure. Anyway, I got her for Christmas and her name was One Bold Princess (Princess for short) and she was pregnant. Then she gave birth in April, and I named her Most Precious Lady (Precious for short). Princess was a dark bay with a perfect little star on her forehead and Precious was chestnut with white long stockings. We had a buckskin (Shoshoni, Shoni for short) and a Palamino (Fred, can't get any shorter than that) years before.

    Darkness Angel your Max is gorgeous! Loving him! 🙂 Like the reason behind your name too. Pretty cool.

    I have been using the same name for most things "internet" since I started getting online in 1998! My name is Amanda and my son's name is Timmy. So, I combined them together to make Amantim. I never felt like a complete person until he came into my life. So, how perfect than to combine our names? 🙂

  • Laie, thank you for the nice welcome! It's nice to meet you, too! 🙂

    Leoscorpion, thank you for the nice compliment....blushes...and yes, that is my real photo as my avvie. 🙂

    Stonyeye, I think that's the reason I liked the show "Dark Angel" so much...because Max/Jessica Alba just rocked the house! 🙂

    Amantim, thank you, too, for the nice compliment to Max! He's adorable, and such a sweetie. He's such a great buddy. Nice to meet another horse person on here! Maybe we should start a thread and see how many people have/had horses! I like the way that you came up with your name too...very creative, and from the heart! 🙂

  • Darkness_Angel -- good idea...getting on that! 🙂

  • loved Dark Angel myself but like Star Trek I am the only one in our house that does, but then only I could have had a crush on Mr Spock LOL, my name is in honour of my cat, Chrissie, I also use the name as mine, which is why I am Chrissi, not chrissy, or chrissie, instead of Christine and its wierd as a lot of my spam-mail is aimed at men, you know the sort of thing, so it must sound masculine

  • So funny that this was pointed out. I used to go by "Grinch" because it was a nickname my friends used to call me. I am the absolute opposite of a grinch but online it gave off a negative first impression. Lol! Your post made me chuckle because I can so relate!

  • SagLissa -- Hi ! Yeah, Grinch doesn't work ... Your smiling face works like Darkness Angels'.

    Darkness -- What a gorgeous baby! Your so lucky to be an adult and still have them in your life! A friend had an appy, 14.2, when we were around 11. Ya know the age that girls fall in love with horses. We'd take him to this open field and pretend we were in the circus. Trying to do tricks -- handstands and stuff --- on him. He really didn't have the personality for it, lol -- Poor thing!

    He had his revenge. I use to wear glasses and had broken them. My parents took an old pair of my Dads "Drew Carey" ones complete with a taped nose bridge and gave them to me. I was very nearsighted and couldn't function without glasses. One day I was alone riding him on a trail when he spooked. He took off, hung a fast right to avoid something, headed for a pine tree, hooked left to avoid tree and got back on the trail running like the wind! I had side swiped the pine and lost half the glasses when the taped nose loosened. Barely righting myself, I hung on to the rein with one hand and the half glasses with the other as he ran. I thought he was heading home about a 1/4 mile away until he hung a right and went into the woods. Trying to pull myself upright, I dropped the glasses, then the reins and grabbed the saddle horn. As suddenly as he started the mad dash he stopped. I tried to pull upright, but the saddle was slightly sideways by now, so I sort of twisted and slid to the ground. I remember shaking so badly, but I don't remember how I got him home being blind! I never took him out alone again, lol !

  • daisyfairy --- Thank you for looking it to my avatar. I searched the site briefly that you mentioned ( Denderah ) and it didn't look like the correct one. A positive that came out of that site was that I remember it was in an Egyptian stone / marble area of the Louvre. I am going to search later today and see if I can find it. So, thanks for the lead!

    Your daisy fairy story reminded me of how important it is to keep a child's imagination. As a little kid I thought the black spots on purple & yellow violets ( not violets? ) were their faces and I'd talk to them, lol!

    Do you work in some graphic field? To view the world differently is the core of creativity.

  • Laie, omg, your horse story was soo funny. I remember a similar incident happening to my brother when we were kids. We went to go visit my aunt who had horses. She also had this all black pony named Rocket. My brother, who is not an experienced rider, was on Rocket one day and Rocket bolted on him. I was on a palomino horse named Candy, and went racing after my brother to try to help him. I was behind him, and I saw my brother pulling for all he was worth on the reins, and then the reins slipped over Rocket's head to the left side of his neck. I was so scared for my brother! Then to make matters worse, the cinch loosened up, and the saddle started tipping sideways to the left! I thought my brother would fall off and get trampled for sure! But then Rocket came to the end of the pasture and wasn't tall enough to jump the fence, so he stopped. By the time I reached my brother, he was dismounting. He refused to get back up on Rocket, and walked back to the house. I led Rocket back by the reins. I think that was the last time my brother ever got on a horse, poor guy, lol.

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