Please do not judge a book by its cover or a person by their avatar

  • lol! It never occurred to me that my avatar "Stonyeye" could be perceived as negative. A poster here suggested that I change my avatar to be more balance and positive. I do not want anyone to feel that I am giving them a "stony eye" when posting. hahahaha. I actually never thought of that. My avatar was chosen because i once had a beautiful horse called Stony. He was a gorgeous black horse with incredible and unusual golden eyes. When I think of Stony's eyes, I feel happy and peaceful because I loved him and felt I he could see the soul's of others through his beautiful eyes. Thus, Stonyeye is a very positive name for me. I apologize if others have perceived this negatively. I will keep my avatar though because I like it and it makes me feel happy. 🙂

  • I can totally relate! Mine seems to put people off also. It is simply a variation on my initials. Never thought much about it until recently. Odd how perceptions can sometimes be so wrong huh? 🙂

  • Stonyeye,

    Never gave it a thought to be honest! Mine came from a joke between myself and a girl that used to work with me when we were being silly, she called me Wenchie and I called her S*kanky! Not that either of us were! :-))

  • Funny! I believe stoneyeye has started something good 🙂

  • I never thought of your ID that way, stonyeye

    but I suppose they have their own reasons for saying that to you

    It's possible that my ID provokes some harsh reaction too

    but then again I don't want to change it I've used it for too long now

    once they get to know me they will know i'm just a cat meow meow

  • So true, so true, leoscorp, you're just a kitty !!! =0)

    Stonyeye, for some reason I thought it meant that you had grey eyes, go figure !!!

    Ragbag, I think it sounds cute, don't listen to what anybody else has to say, You're probably just a kitten like LS,hehehehe

    'Nite all

  • Wenchie that is too funny. 😉

  • Well what about GooseMama??? LOL

    Just my warped sense of humor!

    All in need of a smile ))))

  • summer you are back !!

    the reptiles miss you LOL overflowing fruit basket now

    you remember them, don't you?

    hope all is well with you BTW

  • Too funny! Thanks you all. I can always count on people here to make me smile. Now, don't make me mad though....or I'll fix you with my STONY EYE....Rar!

    te he!

  • Lol, Stonyeye, I'm glad you started this thread! The posts have sure brought a smile to me, too! And just to jump on the bandwagon, here's the reason for mine. I usually go by Dark Angel in the forums I go to. I have used this handle for years, mostly because I was a fan of the show "Dark Angel" that Jessica Alba was in when she first started acting. It was my favorite show at the time. I loved her character, Max, who also happened to share the same name as my horse, Max! Back then, my natural hair color was very dark brunette, and so "Dark Angel" just seemed right for me.

    When I came to this forum, Dark Angel was already taken, and so I tried a few combinations, but none were available. Finally in frustration, I typed Darkness Angel, because I once had a black cat named Darkness. And, lo and behold, it was available. Since I had spent so much time trying to come up with a name, I just took it as mine, lol.

    So, no, I'm not some Satanist, or anything like that. Just a woman with a favorite show, a horse, a cat, and a little bit of frustration, lol!

  • Hey Darkness Angel! I remember that show! It was really good. I only caught the first few episodes though and then moved overseas and never saw the rest. Hmmm.... I bet they have old episodes of it up on youtube.

    Ah! The horse connection too! What breed?

    So just to clarify.... You are NOT a Satanist? lol! 😉

  • They probably do have old episodes up on youtube. At least, it wouldn't surprise me if they did. Youtube is like ebay anymore, you can find anything there! I do know that it's available in box sets.

    Max is an arabian...he's purebred. On his sire's side he's Egyptian, and on his dam's side he's Polish, but he looks 100% Egyptian. He's a beautiful copper bay color, with four black stockings and two white socks, and a thumbprint of a star. He also has a half dorsal stripe, and in the summer he lightens up to look like a copper penny. I've actually had people ask me where I found a purebred buckskin arab! I bought him when he was 11 months old, and this past August he turned 20 years old. He's my baby.

    Stony sounds like he was beautiful too...I don't think I can ever recall seeing a horse with gold colored eyes. What breed was he?

    No, sadly, I hate to disappoint anyone, but not a Satanist...or am I just doing a really poor job of hiding it??? Darn all you psychics! LOL!

  • Oh my gosh. Max sounds absolutely gorgeous! If you can post a photo, I'd LOVE to see!! Do you or did you show? Wow. Nearly 20 years together! That's so cool.

    Stony was a Morgan. He was actually a smoky black. 15'2 with the most beautiful wavy mane and tail. lol! Listen to me brag about my horse! He was a stunner though. I had never seen a horse with eyes like his before or since. Most people were a little awe struck when they saw his eyes for the first time. One or two people even admitted that they were kind of nervous around him because his eyes were so intense. I'll see if I can figure how to post a photo here in the morning. Too tired now to figure it out. My evil stony eyes must get some rest for now. 😉

    Great to find another horse person here!


  • sounds gorgeous stonyeye,I actually thought you might have had blue -grey eyes as here a horse with blue or grey eyes is wall-eyed. Isn't it funny how names also can mean other things in other countries, in the UK ragbag isn't good it means a bag of fabric bits, or a badly dressed person is that 15.2 hands ? he definitely sounds unusual too, hope you can post a photo, and Darkness angel too, I am a cat person as you can guess, but I would definitely have horses if I could as they are lovely people, and very aware of who they like, or not, when I was at school the riding school we used had a lovely bay who was docked, called johnnie and he seemed to like me, everyone else was afraid of him, to me he was a sweetie, it could have been the bribery though LOL!! I wish I had some photos of him and my other friend, Dante, but we didn't get them then

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be


  • that sounds like you are artistic mysto maybe you could paint or draw what inspired you ?

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Hello.

    I got my name from my car. Yes my car. My son bought it for me and each time I got into it to go somewhere, I would state "HIGH HO SILVER" away we go. As time went I would sense I was surrounded by "ANGEL WINGS".

    Saying HI HO SILVER ANGEL WINGS " I felt comfortable with "SILVERWINGS" Since SILVERWINGS was taken I chose LOVING SILVER WINGS.

    Sometimes the name chooses you in its own way.

    Stonyeyes, there are a lot of crystals which have the look of eyes. Is it possible yours eyes have the ability to look into the soul of a person when you look at them?

    Enjoy your name for it is you.

    Jul- lovingssilverwings.

  • I too wonder about the names sometimes--some make me laugh and yes I cringe at times then tell myself there probably is a story behind the choice and more innocent than not. I never found stonyeye as negative--I know you'll laugh because I can't see how it makes sense but I saw Pirates first time I saw it! Arrrr! Not a bad pirate but a bawdy fun loving one.

  • This post is deleted!

  • PS

    Darkness angel--glad you put your sweet smiling face along yours because I would have indeed hesitated. As a sensitive I've got this paranoid alarm guard that gets worried when I see names like that!

    CoffeeGem--I saw a smiling woman sitting at the table with a BIG mug in her hands!

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