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  • I have just wondered if any one else is going through a lot of ascension symtoms related to the great energy and planetary shifts related to our ascension process? I know I am a starseed with a mission, so I am curious as to how many others are also aware of the changes. I'd love to have a conversation and to share my knowledge on all the topics.

    Love, Light and Joy to all!

  • Do you read Karen Bishop's Energy Alerts - she is really on top of what is going on regarding Ascension. I have been experiencing many changes and weird effects. Today at the eclipse I am feeling really odd and off-balance.

  • Violetangel,

    I would love to hear any thoughts on this that you have as I haven't a clue as to what you are referring. I get the Ascension part as it relates to religion as on a whole this is something I've studied in depth since childhood. (theology & science are my loves! ) I don't know what starseed means At All, lol ! I saw you somewhere & that term had me cocking my head.

    Captain, I think on a thread with Hans you mentioned Ascension there. Again, it piqued my interest. Yesterday & Today have had me sort of shaky --- this has to do with the eclipse? I've been thinking that I am unwell or something even without cold symptoms, temp. etc. Sidebar: Any change for you financially? Hope so.

    Until either of you return I will Goggle info & book. This is seeming like more than coincidence.

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  • I also had been feeling really moody the last two days I did not know that there was an eclips. I sometimes feel energies around me and for the last couple of days I have felt drained. I am going to try and get on the wegsight that you have mentioned and maybe I will understand a little more.

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  • Thank you for sharing that website!! This adds more clarity for me. The past few days have been rough...very high highs and very low lows for me. Roller coaster ride of emotions and thoughts. I follow the moon cycles and the power that lies within them, but was limited in awareness that the emerging earth angels website shares.

    Thank you again!

    Much peace, love and balance for us all



  • I feel weird today too and paranoid, I just prayed and meditated. What does it mean?

  • Hi All !

    Captain -- Thanks for taking the time to reply. You have touched a cord with many it seems. I didn't get to the search last night but I will look into it later today. If I don't understand something, I'll re-post in the hopes that you can clarify. Peace & Joy!

  • Hi to All !, I also have been following I get news letters and of course I am very interested in all her writings. I am sure any one who is feeling like something is different about their feelings and awareness around them or like me I have found that lately I really need solitude. That is strange for me as I never liked the idea of being alone and now i meditate and like doing things that require solitude , like painting , poetry , reading. I just want to learn and I must say this forum has so many intelligent people here it is such a pleasure to be a part of it I feel fortunate to have found all of you .............. Thanks & blessings.............. Leonida

  • 2009 was a year of big internal changes for me - the vibes were unusual and a bit hard to handle but the Universe granted me the time and space to be able to deal with them. And also I had Karen Bishop's kind and invaluable guidance to get me through. From now on, it should be smooth sailing for all those who have chosen to move on up...

  • There is a new report on the emergingearthangels website where Karen talks about the changes we have all been going thorough - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - and also she gives an uplifting viewpoint of the Haiti disaster.

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! I'm not going insane! : ) This week has been awful and it started last Sunday ( the 10th ) for me. The lack of sleep alone has been miserable. Friday was the first night I slept --- passed out is more like it.

    I went to a bookstore tonight but couldn't find anything on this subject. I came home located this post and Just got to the web site. I will continue to see what feels right there. Something I am having trouble with Big Time is focus lately .... : (

    This is " out there" but I don't have anyone to ask. I went to the movie after the bookstore and while sitting there enjoying the show "heard", I Am a Warrior. It was said to me emphatically. Is anything like this in Karen's writings or does anyone have an interpretation of this ?? Okay, just re-read that, maybe I am losing it : )

    The Captain, I had a big smile on my face last night playing with Kryptonite! Thanks for the party!

  • It sounds like your Higher Self (your God side) was sending you a message. Is there some area of your life where you need to be more warrior-like or stand up for yourself?

  • Captain --- Don't think so. I rarely have audio and thats why it puzzled me. (The last time was a commanding man's voice a split second before someone hit me head on at high rate of speed.) Anyway, something made me think of a book when I started reading emerging angels. Its probably not all that important.

    A thought occurred while reading and I wondered about Karen's lists. Many of the things there just seem to be something that comes as we get older -- ie., deaths of those around us, bloating forgetfullnes etc. Not trying to offend anyones beliefs---You haven't come across as a person who' d feeI defensive by me stating that. : ) Its my nature -- well, you did my numbers, lol ! --- I have to fully understand. The most significant thing that leapt out at me was what I've been calling "the fog".

    I haven't had a quiet moment to absorb it yet .... What I'm hoping to find is solutions or questions that led me to solutions.

  • Yes those symptoms do come with age sometimes but at the moment they are all coming at once, no matter what your age, which is why it can hit us so hard - like out of nowehere.

  • Hmm. This is very interesting, now you all have me hooked, I'll have to go and check things out. I've been in a fog lately too, ESPECIALLY today. Today I just felt really bad but I have been SOOO disorganized lately. Not a very good start for 2010, especially for a person who normally has a lot of energy. 😞

  • Hi ! (to Anyone still thinking about this and reading)

    What comes to mind first in reading about this is that it is a broad-stroke of other ideas that have been floating around. (I've been searching for as long as I can remember.) The larger concepts can be found in prophecy, spirituality, religion and even in the evolutionary history of earth's inhabitants ie., theories of size/weight & extinction. I joked elsewhere about the collective consciousness, but it seems, finally, the wake-up call is getting through -- movement towards the Piscean (Pisces,sp? ) Age.

    Maybe these writings have been personalized so others like myself can see we're in it together?? In 2000, I landed in a "space" that I was meant to find after a long struggle. Now there is a sense of great urgency for me. I'm unhappy about this being a solitary year. Even so, I know it is something that must be travelled through. She explains see-saw action and in my own vibratory patterns this has been accurate. Another transition is coming … I'm fighting it and feeling caged.

    My life has been spent in service to others as I chose with birth. This has been my path with all its negatives and positives and now I'm lost & wondering what next. I found this in a Q&A : "This is why we are being encouraged to let go of compassion and move into love, not to save others, not to hold up another, to dis-continue healing services, and so forth. We are moving out of these old states of being and service and into states where we are connecting only to source and our souls or true and authentic selves." Okay .... right now I would like to offer assistance say to hospice or something but am short on patience & couldn't/ wouldn't subject anyone to Lil Ms Crankypants! Serving others feels like My need, currently anyway. : ( For that reason alone, its wrong for me.

    Gotta post, my dog needs to go out. still digesting material here

  • Shameless bump on my way to bed. Haven't finished reading Karens' site ....

  • You bump on the way to bed? Shameless! 🙂

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