Love #2 :)

  • So ive decided I understand what is needed to beable to to find love. Its the hope of finding something new. Ive realised in most of my relationships i doom them from the start. But also have concluded that im not yet so hopeless in finding it. I always want a direct answer and always need some kind of assurance, but I now know the time is to rely on myself. It's always frustraiting being able to help others with love but not have a mate of my own. Since it is the new year I believe a new fire is being kindled underneath my heart to burn for something new and golden inside. So with this I believe that so much is needed, but it can also be so simple as well. I try to examine the much needed advice ive been givin, but also have to give myself a chance and not just put it down so fast. If you ever find yourself lonly, hopeless, and scared. Remember that there is always another out there, it just depends if your willing to put your pieces of the puzzle together. Its the fear of lonliness that I think stops most from achieving love and companionship. But what we fear the most is the challenge of losing another piece of our heart.


  • nicely done, Serious. wish i had your optimism. my head is in chaos mode. i wish i can hit a reset button.

  • Same here but im learning to sift through the garbage andthrow away whats not needed. It definatly is a lifetime process. But hope is what I got.

  • Even though answers would be nice as well 😉

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