Hi Hans, Happy New Year

  • Hello ,

    I was hoping you may be able to tell me what you see for me in 2010, Also can you give some insight on my business, will the money come in or should i sell, please help Thanks 228

  • What I see for you in 2010: you will go for your goal, for that what you are wishing for.

    some insight on your business: You are looking across the sea, sensing unvisible problems.

    Neither will the money come in nor should you sell.

    In you there are three things, three factors. One is your body. Your body is a fact; it has a material existence. And then there is the flow of consciousness within you. That is your soul. That is also a fact. Between these two is the mind. The mind is not a fact; it is a false thing.

  • Okay, i'm a bit confused, My business won't bring in the money and I shouldn't sell, Do I need to relocate my business?

    What do you mean I am looking across the sea sensing unvisible problems?

    Please reply, Thank You Hans,


  • Do you need to relocate your business? No. Just turn around and be open for new contacts.

    What do I mean you are looking across the sea sensing unvisible problems? You are the empress of your life, if you would remain in the here and now. But you are going into the future searching like a radar for possible problems.

    Yes, that is possible—it is possible by transcending time and space. And in meditation you transcend both. In meditation you don’t know where you are, you don’t know the time, you don’t know the space. In meditation, time and space both disappear—you simply are.

  • Hans,

    I have always looked ahead , I need to learn to live in the now, so many times when things aren't right i try to escape, i try to invision the future and ignore the here and now , Never really put much thought into this until you said somthing.

    I will reopen on Mondays this coming week, now that i have found help, i can keep my shop opened.

    I am trying to add things to the shop to make it interesting and still be a Salon Spa, will this gererate new clients?


  • Susan,

    it will not generate new clients.

    You believe in matter, but you do not believe in consciousness.

  • Hans,

    Can you explain what you mean by not believe consciousness?

  • Susan,

    you believe in adding things to your shop to make it interesting. You do not believe in enriching your consciousness to make yourself more interesting. You think you should give, so that you can take.

    Believing in consciousness you would function totally differently: then sharing is your joy and you want this very world to become more beautiful. You would want to contribute to the world in some way, so when you leave the world, you leave it a little more beautiful compared to the world you had come to before.

  • Hans,



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