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  • I am wondering if my friendship with Dave will ever become a relationship or not? I am really into him and would like something serious, but I dont know how he is thinking in regards to me...I really wish I knew. Things were kind of romantic and sexual for awhile, but we have a distance thing. Plus maybe my taking awhile to get completely out of a marriage (nothing romantic/sexual in over two years but have been living with soon to be ex more as roomates due to crappy finances and other things until recently, plus having a child together...thats a long story in itself....lives for both the soon to be ex and I is just starting to move out of limbo in many ways) might have been hindering anything real between Dave and I too? I met Dave last May and we talk all the time but i cant read the situation at all. My birthday is 5/3/70 I really appreciate any insight someone may be able to provide.

  • What is Dave's birthdate?

  • Hi Captain,

    Its 2/26/1981 but Hanswolfgang already told me it wouldnt become a relationship on another thread that I posed the question on again a day or two later. Dave talks to me for hours on IM almost every night and seems into me, but I guess he is just looking to be friends since Hans didnt see a relationship. I sure wish guys would come with a manual. 😄

    Have a good night!

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