Saturn also going retrograde?

  • Art

    will probably do that on Wed

    after I do another person's chart

  • leoscorpion>>and I think bananas are bananas OLE !!

    lol, I agree!! I like bananas of all colors and nationalities, and hybrids too, haha. if my mom only new about my present banana, she'll probably say he's too young! I told my brother, but he never responded and I never heard from him,,

    btw, my young banana sent me a whole bunch of pics from the Great Wall

  • Hahahah Lua

    can you post them here? or at least the link

    by the way what zodic is your mom and bro

    my bro is Cancer (the one that was judgemental but changed after marriage)

    his wife is Scorp or Aries not sure her dob

    my mom is Aries

    my dad is Aries (I always enjoy the company of Aries males, but the women we will either clash or become best buddies)

  • Art 10

    finally got the chance to do your compatibility

    She is intelligent and have patience to work on her goal. Unlike you, she would rather take her time with current projects or undertakings, than charging into new things. She is realistic, she has dreams but mostly moderate and achievable, she doesn't dream big. Her realistic views may clash with your big ideas and your high hopes. But if you are willing to listen, she may actually have some points valuable for you to hear.

    She enjoys pleasures of country living and calm life, anything close to nature. This may cause friction for you enjoy change and quick to boredom. She is down to earth, pleasant to be with and you enjoy her company. She is hard worker, devoted to completing whatever she undertakes. You like charging into things, but do not have the perseverance to complete what you undertake. She will make a good partner for you, someone that will finish what you start. Try to curb your boredom and cultivate more patience so that you don't change too fast and allow her time to catch up.

    You have the capacity to manage and organize, two things she lacks of. She likes beautiful things and tend to hoard them, you can help her sort out what is useful and what is not. This includes people in her life that may become a burden or parasite. Material security is important to her, for she likes to hoard things and likes to give things to her loved ones. You tend to go where your desire takes you, even if it means leaving a good paying job. Money is only important to you as far as paying bills. If anything, you both need to find a middle ground, because money is not only good for bills or for spending spree. It is also good to have for future investment or retirement.

    She is devoted and affectionate in love. Therefore she is searching for someone whom she can build a solid and steady union with. You can be this person, if you can tone down your desire to always be on the move and your constant need for stimulation.

    Hope this helps. it's pretty general, nothing detailed. If you want details you will need birth time and location. Someone else can probably do it for you. Take care.

  • Leoscorpion,

    Thank you a lot!! I appreciate you took the time. Its pretty much how all is.

    Love and Blessings to you!!


  • take care now Art

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