Saturn also going retrograde?

  • Planet positions change. The houses you see in your birth chart are not the ones you should look at when considering cosmic influences.

    Get a note pad and write all twelve signs. Then start from Leo, because your sun sign is Leo.

    Number it 1. then go to Virgo number it 2. Do this to all 12 signs. This is the houses that you should be looking at. not the ones in your birth chart.

    Each house represents certain aspect of your life. I remember you said you learned about houses, so you know the meaning of each house.

  • OK I gotta go now.

    I was making a chart for darkness angel last night and didn't see your question until just now.

    you can always read up about houses and signs online

    where did you learn about these before? just go back there you will remember what you knew.

  • OK Lua

    I mentioned to hipriestess and S&S

    I can't be online all day, and they can't either LOL

    so they will probably come later tonight or when they want to I guess

  • "This Mercury retro is pissing me off..." Omg, that made me laugh sooo hard! I can relate, it's pissing me off too. My car keeps having problems. I just want to bang my head on the wall. On the plus side, I hear that banging your head on the wall burns 80 calories an hour, lol!

    The reading that you did was pretty accurate, considering. Let me add more info. I was born in San Francisco, CA, and he was born in Milwaukee, Wis. I don't know the time of his birth, and neither does he. I've asked his mom, but she had 11 kids, soo...well....sorry. 😉 When I did the chart comparison/compatibility reading, I used midnight for him. Thanks a bunch for taking the time for me. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • darkness you're welcome

    LOL at burning calories

    you've done your research 🙂

    the mother has 11 kids

    sure, gotta spare her from little details !

    can't do birth charts without birth time but glad to know it's close at least 🙂

    you take care now

    gotta pull out some things for other people

  • Dear Luazhin - Laie

    I think Leoscorpion has said it all. With no planets in the 4th house, transiting Saturn has nothing to hit. Life might be tougher at home, with more restrictions and responsibilities, but much more eventful, would have been the Autumn of 2008 when Saturn "hit" your 3rd house MARS square VENUS ....did..something hidden came to light; something end perhaps?

    Luazhina..your chart reading will be posted on the other thread in a few days.

    eace and love.

  • Autumn of 2008? lets see.. I was competing in fitness in October and I was upset because the girl with no muscle definition took first place and I decided to put on massive muscle to compete in body building instead-which I accomplished in the spring of last year when i put on 14 lbs...but nothing ended or came to light that I can think of...nothing major..there seems to be a lot more going on now.

  • Lua

    if you are now 92 lbs then you were around 78 lbs or so at that time

    for a 4'10 that was quite low, maybe not too low but not ideal

    fitness isn't all just muscles, as the word says it "fit" which is not overweight or underweight

    I'm sure there is BMI calculation too, among all kinds of things you had to go through to win

    that was clearly an end of something

    you then switched to body building and gained weight

    you are probably now on a lot more ideal BMI

    which you wouldn't have had back then, before the body building


    thanks for confirming my post and sharing your insight !

    will be throwing more fruits to our baskets once I'm done with the new ritual

  • no, I was 92 then, I am now 110!! BMI doesn't say much, according to my present BMI, I am overweight for Asian standards for my height. My doctor told me i was 12-15 pounds overweight. I need to be 95-98 for my height, but that is according to BMI on an asian frame, which i have. I don't go by BMI, I go by body fat % which is much more accurate. I was about 92- 95 lbs most of my life which is on the thin side but very healthy. Most asians I know my height weigh about 85 lbs.

    In fitness competitions in the US and most Western countries under IFBB (International Federation of Body Building,) the women that win are always muscular, and i was just upset because the judges seemed to favor the women who didn't even look like athletes.

    Anyway, that was just a minor issue going on then, I am going through so much more now-i went through a really bad health episode last october, etc.. (not Oct 2008 but oct 2009).

  • if that's the case then you are overweight now

    I thought I read 90 lbs somewhere

  • I was 90 lbs a year ago. Yeah, I'm "overweight" according to BMI but at 18% body fat I have flat abs and hardly look "overweight". that's why i don't go by BMI, I looked chubbier at 96 lbs 24% body fat.

  • I see. I saw your post on Lindleloo's thread about her Cancer ex

    you said 4'10 92 lbs and that was Dec 09 so I thought you were still around that weight now

    I am told that BMI is just one of many calculations and to each person it's different

    it's just popular for some reason, to dieticians and such

    what about your Cancer? is he keeping himself fit?

  • Hi, Luazinha -

    I was directed to this thread by Leoscorpion, our supreme mistress of The T

  • Wow, what the f***???!! Thanks for that , Mercury LOL

    Anyway, our Lioness of The Temple of Doom asked me to stop by and try to answer your Saturn query'

    I see that herself and Highpriestess have already pretty much answered it so I will just add a few details.

    It is true that Saturn transit will primarily affect the natal house it's currently traveling through, in your case the fourth. However, when a planet retrogrades, its backwards phase WILL influence the affairs of the house it natally resides in, which is the seventh house of partnerships for you.

    Fourth house is traditionally assigned to endings, home and mother. Some modern astrologers claim that fourth should really be assigned to the more "passive" parent, while tenth house (traditionally representing the father) will thus become the house that rules the "dominant" parent.

    This does not mean the dominant spouse, but the parent that you feel has had/ still has an overwhelming influence on you as a person.

    Depending on which parent is the passive one in your life (gentler, less prominent presence), you will then be able to tell if your father or mother will be the one undergoing some sort of Saturnian process. Everything Highpriestess already pointed out applies. Usually Saturnian transits are far from pleasant and easy, but they always teach us important and - in the long run -beneficial lessons. So either your Mom or Dad will go through some sort of difficulty/delay/obstacle (could be health or other-wise related) and, at the same time, this will teach YOU an important lesson about yourself ( perhaps about your roots,, mortality, importance of having a home & "nesting" or a lesson about parenting - even if you're not a parent in a biological sense).

    Another possibility is that your home will be a little less pleasant to spend your time at for the moment - there may be added responsibilities at home, some sort of disruption or even re-construction...or maybe you'll just find it a bit depressing to be at home).

    Secondary focus should be on the seventh house - during the next 4 & 1/2 months close partnerships of a professional or intimate nature will experience some sort of review where you'll revise their functionality and subject them to close scrutiny in terms of what role they play in your life and whether they will need to undergo some changes (best implemented once Saturn turns direct).

    Hope that helped.

    Now I'm off to the other thread, Leoscorpion, to chase your tail again LOL 🙂

  • Dear Leoscorpion,

    I noticed you have help many people with reading their birth chart, and I wonder if you could help me to in this. I do not know anything about planets and their affects on us at all. I am getting very interesting lately to know about all this. I notice Horoscope vaguely matches and I believe is something more I should know about me. Any information you would give me would be great.

    My birthday is March 29, 1972 and the time is approximate 8 am

    I greatly appreciate your time and help,


  • art I will try my best

    I need birth location too

    a birth chart is just explaining your general personality and probably destiny

    "probably' because only the universe knows our destiny

    I'm going away for medical apptment in the weekend so I will do yours next week

  • S&S

    you and hipriestess are so wise and reliable friends

    why the heavens I never met anyone like you before?

    but I suppose there is reason for everything

    after all back then I wouldn't be thinking of building our own temple

    so yeah I wasn't much fun then!

  • Dear Leoscorpion

    The same sentiments are echoed by myself. Your selfless energy in helping and healing others is awesome. and S &S and yoursef are legends in your own lifetime. Good luck at the doctors.

    Love and hugs xxoxox

  • leoscorpio-well a year ago when I got together with my cancer guy I weighed 90 lbs, then I got back to the gym and gained 16 pounds (of muscle), then I started leaning out for competition and got down to 100 lbs, and after the competition in nov, it was the holidays, I went off my diet and gained 10 more (not muscle, but it got me back up to a body fat closer to normal) So my weight has fluctuated from 90 to 110 lbs the last year. I know it sounds weird but for fitness athletes/body builders this is normal. I said 92 because that's the weight i was at for about 25 years.


    thanks, your explanation was the most helpful, the other ones just confused me either more because they seemed contradictory-i couldn't tell if I should be looking at my 4th house or "lesseer" parent was my father, but he passed away 5 years ago. Also, my mother lives in another country and I have not spoken to her for 3 years-she cut me out of her life soon after my father passed away. I don't know what "home" really means to me since I live alone and I have no family ties any more..My "home" is just a physical space where i sleep, etc I also don't have a job where i work with people so I have no clue how this will affect me. nieghbors being noisy is the only thing I could think of... Thanks again, I will keep what you said in mind.

  • Lua

    I have only done your compatibility chart with your cancer guy

    not your birth chart

    so my post is a general post, for Leos

    if you want to go down to individual birth chart

    go with either hipriestess or S&S post

    I am asking about your Cancer LOL is he keeping fit

    I know you are keeping fit based on your post about fitness and body building

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