Saturn also going retrograde?

  • Is saturn also going retrograde? So now it's Mercury until Jan 16 and mars also in retrograde until march? So what kind of influences will this have on us? My saturn is in the 7th house. Re=examining relationships? Any insights?

  • Hi Luazinha!

    Whenever planets are listed as Rx I always look up the positives aspects of that planet and the sign the planet will be in. Feeling the affects of the negative, I try & remember the positive. I am not an astrologer although I have a broad undestanding .... Saturn teaches and re-teaches until we get the lesson.

    Saturn will be in Libra this time so, yes, that does go to relationships. I would also examine what natal house Libra is in. Qualities we associate with Libra --- harmony, balance etc., but its shadow, Aries should be added like being more assertive.

    If relationships are what you are leaning towards with this aspect --- Could it be you need to find a better course in a relationship, set goals, take the lead? If looking for a relationship, have you created harmony and balance within to be a good partner and then figured out a way to actively meet someone?

    Anyway, Saturn in Libra isn't as heavy as where its been, Virgo. Hope this helps a little!

  • Libra is entirely in my 4th house in the natal chart.

    I was wondering if had anything to do with relationships because saturn in my natal chart is in the 7th house.

  • Hi Luazinha!

    I guess you could apply Saturn ( father, lesson, discipline ) to your Libran 4th house ( home, early life ) and connect the dots to your 7th house of relationships. By that I mean, what we learn we carry into the world. Also what I said before : Qualities we associate with Libra --- harmony, balance etc., but its shadow, Aries should be added like being more assertive.

    I'm out of my league when it comes to digging around the wheel. I only have a surface knowledge of all the interactions. It must affect the 7th and the house ruler but I lean towards what does it interact with elsewhere ie., aspects?? (At some point, I would love to have my natal chart progressed!) I'm responding now in the hopes of someone seeing this so I can learn also. I'll follow your thread, : )

    AngelicSensuality, HighPriestess3, Dalia(?) and a few others have a great thread going somewhere. Search for Angelic because he started it. They would probably help with your questions as they are having fun dissecting charts & meanings. Maybe one of them will see this!

  • yes Saturn retrogrades Jan 13 to May

    in general, it is time to analyze your schedules and commitments be it romance, career, family, health. Saturn is also about organization. when it retroes, you may need to analyze your priorities instead of taking too much at a time

    where your Saturn is, that's where you need to analyze the commitments and priorities

    I am not in general concern about Saturn retro but I am concern about hubby because he leads hectic life. Plus he is ruled by Saturn so for sure I'm gonna pay more attention to his schedule and health, all the important things. He already feels the effect now.

    I'm just glad Mercury retro will be over soon.

  • leoscorp, your connecting husbands Cap & Saturn. Yes Saturn rules Capricorn but not Cap only. This is taking only a piece of the puzzle and leaving everything else out. She has her natal chart so that means she has a working knowledge of astrology. : ) Plus, she asked the question, lol!

    Lua's question is where it may hit her. And That does depend on a number of factors as I was pointing out above. This take someone with knowledge of her natal chart which Is why I suggested she look for the people above.

    Luazinha ~~~ Again seek out that great thread as posted above if you haven't already. As you already have a grasp of these Rx planets, their dates and some astrology it will only enhance your understanding. And mine!

    PS. Wish I could be of more help!

  • Thanks laie4, I'll look for that thread!

  • Laie

    LOL I do astrology charts myself and I have done many for many people here

    I even did Lua's chart for her and her Cancer

    I never said she doesn't have working knowledge of astrology

    wonder why you think like that at all LOL

    Lua and I have been conversing about astrology in other threads not only here

    she has been asking all kinds of things about retro and eclipses

    I may not be expert in astrology but I certainly can read

    you don't have to tell me what she is asking

    as I said earlier we aready conversed a lot about astrology

    She did say her Saturn is in Libra

    that's why I mentioned "where your Saturn is, that's where you need to analyze the commitments and priorities"

    Saturn only rules Capricorn, it just moves around from time to time

    that's what planets do and it has different affects each time

  • ls,

    I am aware of the other conversations and their depth .... We all have more to learn. Life is great that way & so is Saturn!!

  • well of course life is about learning and move forward

    that's why we are here in the physical world

    Lua has already been on the thread where hipriestess, I and Scarsandstars are in

    the two other names are fine astrologers and wonderful people

  • Leoscorpion, since you do astrology charts, is there any way that I can ask you something privately? I am dying to know the answer to something regarding charts, but it's rather personal.

  • darkness angel,

    I don't give out my email info online. nothing personal I just had quite a few bad experiences.

    are you asking about creating charts or the reading itself?

  • if you want, darkness angel

    maybe change your avatar to something more common, like zodiacs

    this way you can ask anything personal without anyone sees your actual face

    just a thought πŸ™‚

  • I understand. It's about the the alignments in the charts themselves. In a compatibility reading, the two charts had something like four or five of the same planets in the same exact houses in each chart. I'll have to dig it up and let you know. I'd love to say more, but it is rather private. Just wondering how common it is for that to happen? And no, not the same birthdays, but birthdays nine months apart.

  • if you give me dobs I can pull out something

    see if I come up with the same positions

  • Mine: 08/23/60 born at 6:05 a.m. His: 05/29/61 not sure of time.

    Thanks a bunch, I appreciate this! πŸ™‚

  • Darkness angel

    I see what you mean now. A birth chart requires DOB, birth time and birth location.

    an in depth compatibility chart is a comparison between two birth charts.

    if you don't know his birth time and location, his birth chart can be close but not accurate

    and so the compatibility will not be accurate either

    Da ng pc shuts down when I was typing so I had to re type 😞 but anyway

    I come up with general compatibility chart, nothing in depth though :

    Sun - Mercury

    Positive aspect: Good understanding between the two persons and intellectual interests in common, the same type of curiosity.

    Mercury - Uranus

    Positive aspect: No clouds in this couple's life. They have a good intellectual understanding, take pleasure in being together, in discussing and exchanging ideas.

    Mercury - Venus

    Positive aspect: A relationship which will be agreeable, they will like to speak to each other, have a good intellectual understanding, their tastes will be very similar, they will like to share their feelings with each other.

    Jupiter - Neptune

    Negative aspect: Unlucky union.

    Sun - Pluto

    Negative aspect: A great physical attraction will unite the couple, but these relationships are not healthy. Pluto tries to change the Sun, which is not at all appreciated, and this leads to sometimes violent conflict.

    Venus - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: This union will be completely successful. A couple that is happy to be alive, and to live together, with a pleasant family and home, total confidence in each other (and with reason), intellectual understanding, similar tastes.

    Mars - Mars

    Positive aspect: A life together in which each will desire the other and satisfy each other's sexual needs. As neither is frustrated, the couple will develop in a pleasant atmosphere. They will do great things together.

    Venus - Uranus

    Positive aspect: Union or love will be very strong, not at all intellectual, but sensual and full of romanticism and originality.

    Jupiter - Uranus

    Positive aspect: This union can be favorable, if the two mutually respect each other. They both like their independence, their freedom of thought and action.

    More positive than negative aspects. this relationship has a strong foundation. You two have what it takes to make it last. The union is not without problems, but if you are willing to work it out, differences can be smoothed out without much difficulty.

    Financially this can be a good union : You like challenges but lack of assertiveness and boldness, the two traits he has in abundant. You both are intelligent, but he also possess verbal cleverness that helps him gaining success and friends in life.

    He is unstable and likes change. You always feel the need to control your thoughts and gestures. You love family life and contact with people, but you also need security. This is why you can not allow yourself to be spontaneous in love and relationships. Don't let your need for security, makes you try to change him, this will cause conflict. He is easy going and easily bored, but he does appreciate old values and therefore he can be faithful, provided the union doesn’t restrict him too much.

    It is hard to resist this man. He easily charms others and often finds a way to get what he wants be it romance or success. You on the other hand, due to fear of being misled, tend to take one step forward and two steps back. Try to tone down your cautiousness. Take one step forward and analyze then take another step forward, instead of two steps back.

    Hope this helps a bit. I need to do a pc check and scan. this Mercury retro starts pissing me off

    any question just shoot, I will see what I can do tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • Ok, now I am confused. On my natal chart, I have saturn in the 7th house in Capricorn, not Libra. I brought up Libra because Saturn right now is in Libra or the retrograde occurs with saturn in Libra. I have no planets in Libra but Libra is in my 4th house.

    So, my question is, how will saturn retrograde affect me? Things related to my 7th house (long term relationships, etc) or my 4th house (father issues, family etc)

  • Lua ,

    Here is your confusion, I thnk --- The planet Saturn is currently traveling retro in Libra. When I brrought this to your attention this is a piece of what I wrote :

    "Saturn will be in Libra this time so, yes, that does go to relationships. I would also examine what natal house Libra is in. Qualities we associate with Libra --- harmony, balance etc., but its shadow, Aries should be added like being more assertive ". ((((Here I was attempting to help you to understand that nothing can be taken as a piece --- all works as a whole. )))))

    "If relationships are what you are leaning towards with this aspect --- Could it be you need to find a better course in a relationship, set goals, take the lead? If looking for a relationship, have you created harmony and balance within to be a good partner and then figured out a way to actively meet someone?" ((( Here I was trying to take the whole above and help you to apply it. At that time didn't know as much about your 7th. ))))

    I thnk this may be a case of too much info and with Me only having a broad knowledge. Leoscop too: she/he tries to help others, commendable, but Leoscorpian can't answer your question and hasn't -- Real discussion/ interpretation about planetary aspects involve a lot of knowledge --- Computers only generate so much; you yourself could have found what was offered, u have most of what you are seeking with effort. : ) lol ... can u see i'm about empower each other, lol!

    LOL! I had hoped someone could chime in here for you So ... I dug around and we aren't going to talk much about what I said earlier about your 4th house (family) having LIbra there K, ? So lets remove that for now. We also aren't really going to discuss oppositions or anything else.

    Saturn rules Capricorn ( Separately, Read up on Sat & Cap, K ?) but is Exalted in Libra (read that too so you can understand home qualities in your 4th) Both of these signs try to maintain, all those polite societal things like proper behavior, manners ... So what are the 7th house rulers in your chart? You already have 1/2 your answer (relationships) and your other 1/2 comes from Capricorn. Because of Libras Exalted positon ( In The Sky > Not ur chart right now, k? )you will definitely see your 7th house feel a Squeeze (almost an emphasis on) a tightening, of those Capricornian qualities of proper behavior in relationships. ( 7th ) This may be somehwat an austere, cold, upright behavior (already empasised in ur natal) and it'll show more ... say standoffish.

    Just a small amount of looking into this will give you what your are seeking. Wouldn't it be nice to build upon what you already know? (This is what I had hoped to do thru your questions. LOL! ) When you read up on any of these retros they give you A. ) characteristics of the planets, B) characteristics of the sign and then they apply those broad characteristics to a particular Sun Sign. These are broad aspects so a lot of people can understand, right ? Lua, you have your chart so you can understand even more and thta is cool!

    By reading up, even just a little bit, you could then use it every time in real application to yourself, not just a Sun Sign kind of way. I get the feeling you are going to be good at this. : ) I really dislike spoon feeding people answers, ya know? Long term= it doesn't help you or me ..... Okay, I'll 'fess up, part of it is I Don't Type!!! LOL

    Seriously, dig deeper, separate whatever it is you want an answer for into its part, examine each part, and then connect all the parts to the whole. (This isn't a bad life choice either!) Then, Is that "whole" applicable to you, to ur chart? How?

    Enjoy the journey learning more about yourself, Lua. No one has chimed in here as I hoped from my earlier posts. It is amazing how much u can learn just reading on this forum -- Again there are people here with excellant grasp of varying aspects of astrology. I make no bones about my limited knowledge ( On Anything, : ) ) Take it as your jumping off point, I glossed over details earlier and here --- take from this post to start your understanding. Truth is, after you look into this & read a little more -- maybe you'll have what you need. For now.

    Gotta run, just tuyping this took forever --- kids are overnite here --- Pancake time!

  • Lua

    I'm not sure what your birth chart looks like, but a birth chart is just that, a chart drawn the day you were born. It should show you these :

    Planet in Zodiac

    Planet in House

    House in Zodiac

    The relationship

    When a planet retroes. You first have to see what aspect this planet rules. Lets say Saturn retroes. Saturn rules dedication, hard work, commitments, organization, improvement (don't remember them all). when it retroes, these areas are affected. commitments need to be reconsidered, improvement and re-organization/ restructurization is needed.

    Saturn is retro in Libra. Among many things, Libra is a sign of relationship. So this is where reconsidering commitments and reorganization is needed. If you are a Leo, Libra is your 3rd house. 3rd house is about mental activity, schooling, learning from interaction or formal education. This is where you need improvement, means you will learn more, expand mental ability etc.

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