Visitation of deceased loved ones in dreams and contacting them.

  • ? My question is do our deceased love ones contact us in dreams or is it a figment of imagination? When I was six, I dreamt of my grandfather after he passed and he was dressed as I remember him and he told me he loved me and that he had to go and walked through the door that led to the basement in his house full of bright light. I sometimes dream of my grandmom when I am going through a tough time bc we were really close. Speaking of my grandmom, is there anyone that can tell me if she is at peace or if she could go to my mom in her dreams bc she is guilt stricken and heartbroken after all these years. I miss my grandmom too, and i just want to know myself as well that she is at peace and ok. I think about her alot when I look at my son bc I know she would have adored him. Her dob was 2/11/1923. Sometimes when I need her , her favorite song at church plays. On her bday, I got my hair cut and the hairdresser suggested out of the blue for me to donate it to locks of love for cancer. My grandmom died of cancer, and was so upset when she lost her hair from chemo. Other odd events happen over the years and I want to know if it is her, or If I am just a wishful nut. Do the deceased contact us here? Thanks

  • dreams are very personal, and i definitely think gramps was sending you a message

  • I started a thread about that same thing under the blog backtalk forum. Title is: dream about my friend the night he died. A ton of people responded with similar stories to what you described. I believe that yes they do contact us through dreams after my own experience and reading those of others.

  • Hi again. Here's the link to the thread about your exact question. I hope you'll find comfort in the many experiences that others shared. I certainly did. Hopefully people will post more about this topic for you here. Take care. x

  • Yes is the answer you are visited by loved ones who have past. And you will know it's a visitation because it doesn't fade from your memory like dreams do. They are vivid and I did talk to my grandmother when she came to me. You can find my story about that in the thread about Has anyone seen Ghosts. I think that is it or something like that. And they can hear you so talk to them when ever you feel like it. You may not get the answer you expect or want but talk away. And of course they are great over there. They aren't dealing with what we do anymore in the linear.

  • Open your self to receiving. Feel what you feel--know it is real. Validation is not part of this gift. It is real--Spirit says TRUST. Perhaps you are expecting more work--something not so easy? IT IS THIS SIMPLE! Anytime it even enters your mind--it is in itself announcing a presence saying hello--remember me? Remember this--remember that. Just believe it and enjoy. Like hot muffins on a cold morning. Eat and enjoy!

  • Thank you everyone for answering! I am definitely going to look over the links that were posted.I am going to bed though now bc I have a feeling my son will not sleep well tonight. He is starting to get sick. I havent had a chance to get on till tonight since I posted this topic. Thanks again:)

  • ckdgh703 -- If it helps, I also started a similar thread. It's called, Cany anyone speak to those whome have passed? It got on pretty far, so I'm sure you may find something in there to relate to, as I know they certainly helped me plenty. 🙂 Good luck.

  • Ckdgh703 Yes absolutely they do, for me it seems like my deceased loved ones come through in times of desperation usually they don't say anything just appear to me in dreams and once my great grandmother came to me during the early evening when I was alone although I felt her loving presence and smelled her favorite flower I also felt and saw the noticable dip in the bed that happened beside me while I was crying. I didn't see her spirit with my eyes. A friend confirmed my grandmothers presence the next day by flat out saying I had a visitor the night before and decribed my grandmother to a T. Even though she had never seen a picture of her ever. I've seen spirits, heard them and had experiences all my life but when it comes to loved ones they are more subtle with there approaches and I am never frightened only uplifted by there love and grace. As for ghosts they usually want attention or my help. Things have calmed down for me except in my last apartment I just moved out of I was alone one night laying in my bed reading and could of sworn some one was laying beside me softly breathing in my ear I shrugged it off and kept reading my book. I have seen orbs in that place as well many times but always felt safe and protected there.

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