New to Tarot...Please help (^_^)

  • Hello everyone!

    This looks like a very fun forum....

    I've been fascinated by the Tarot since childhood. I first picked up a Tarot deck because I loved the 'oldness' of it, but found it difficult to interpret.

    Got some very helpful books and have been enjoying Tarot very much.

    I once got a reading from a Gypsy woman in the States who told me I will marry soon, I did!.

    Okay, I tried the Daily Inspiration Spread and got the following,

    1- Temperance

    2- Queen of Cups

    3- King of Wands

    4- 2 of Wands

    5- Knight of Pentacles

    6- 3 of Swords

    7- The Hangmen

    8- The Sun

    9- The Devil

    Hear to you soon!

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