Hanswolfgang - would you please help me with a relationship reading?

  • Hi Hans,

    I have been reading through this forum for awhile now and see you seem to give insite and help to a lot of people. So i registered and was hoping you could give me some help and insite into my relationship.

    my DOB is 13 july 1982. the other person involved DOB is 19 february 1982. We seem to have a different timeline when it comes to marraige. I would like to get engaged now and married in the next 2 years. he would like us to be more financially secure and settled before we get married. I know he loves me and wants to be with me but he can not (or will not) give me a timeline as to when he wants to get married. (he says he needs to be more financially secure but also he wants it to be a complete romantic suprise). I understand where he is coming from but at the same time, this is tearing me up inside and making me upset.

    Can you see anything in our future? Possibly when an engagement and marriage is likely to happen?

    I thank you in advance for your help i know you are a busy man!

    Thanks - phoenixaust!!

  • There is a union or partnership in work or friendship. The partnership will be one where you and the other person actually spend time doing things together, whether it be work or things such as You will be feeling the need for others in your life and as such will likely attract someone with whom you can have a pleasant friendship or working relationship. The key to success is cooperation. Close relationships always require a bit of give and take for success.

    Belief is like the horizon. Your gods are like horizons, mirages. You believe in them because you feel alone. You don´t know they are; you create them because you need them. But your need cannot be a guarantee of their truth. Your need cannot be a guarantee of their reality.

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