Also need guidance

  • Could anyone help guide me? Today we met with people who want to buy our business and they told us that they can't buy it right now and could we wait. I was expecting to hear this for some reason. Since July we have been talking to these people and makeing the nessacary changes and they even interviewed our employees. All that was left to do was sign the papers. I feel like my head is banging the walls! And the walls have bars on them!!

    But on the other hand I do know how blessed I am. Im healthy, and I dont have want for anything except my freedom to be who I want to be. Please, I pray for your guidance.

    Thank you.

  • millcab90 -- I have followed your story elsewhere on this topic. It must be very difficult for you to want out so badly, to think you have found a way out and then to have to wait it out. A family member is in a similar situation and the strain is showing mentally & physically. In this economy, every feels fear and that causes them to hang on to whatever, tightly. The truth is, when something causes such tension, doing the opposite of what logic tells us is more productive. Make any sense?

    I do understand what you are feeling .... Hans and Blmoon have given you excellant advice. Try and go back, really absorb their words --- some did get through -- warning bells were already going off in your head about these buyers and Hans addressed this. Their advice seemed to indicate it wouldn't happen right now.

    Nice to know you can keep the positive in your mind! You will pass through this time and then wonder what the fuss and stress was about. Hoping this time period in your life passes soon!

  • Laie4, Thank you for responding, I need to dry my tears and move on. And yes this to will pass. There is much work to do. And so much to learn about life. Our time will come. Bless you for touching my life today.

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