Sags women and virgo man will it work

  • I love him and he loves me but will it work out for us

  • Any relationship can work provided you both want it to and are willing to work out any problems or differences.

    I usually prefer to work from specific birthdates but here is a generalisation -

    When a Sagittarius woman dates a Virgo man there are a few bumps in the road. The attraction is strong however and the bumps can certainly be navigated if both are willing to try.

    The Sagittarius woman is going to be mentally stimulated by her Virgo man but the challenge lies in the fact that they’ll disagree on just about everything. She feels he is belittling of her journey to enlightenment and he feels she’s wasting her energy on thoughts that are not important.

    Sexually, they will blend together just fine. The Sagittarius woman will appreciate her Virgo man’s refined approach to lovemaking because it helps her to focus on the moment and the Virgo man will enjoy his Sagittarius woman’s sexual openness.

    The Archer will feel annoyed by the constant criticism of the Virgo, who may find the former as having too careless behavior. To make this love match work, both the individuals need to have great tolerance levels and an understanding of their mutual differences. A Virgo is very organized, methodical and cautious, while a Sagittarian may be too impetuous, quick and irresponsible. He is an introvert, who doesn't like interacting with new people much. She is very enthusiastic towards life and wants to live every moment to its fullest. His somberness, serious nature and laid-back attitude may be too much for her to handle. Her excessive enthusiasm, wild nature and unpredictable actions may not go down well with his conservative nature. The point adding to their relationship compatibility is that both Virgo and Sagittarius come under mutable signs and don't find it too difficult to change themselves.

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