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  • LL,

    Finally was able to get the pink quartz we had talked about awhile ago. How do you exactly use them to help with self-esteem issues?


  • I'm sorry sumerbutterfly I just found this. Rose quartz is to help you to love yourself and that's how it works with your self-esteem. It teaches you to forgive yourself also so that is possible. Is it just a stone or is it a pendant? The stone can be carried on you or if its a pendant you need to wear it. Rose Quartz carries the heart vibration. It assists in developing self love as well as love for others. It provides the message that there is no need for haste in any situation, bringing calmness and clarity to the emotions and restoring the mind to harmony after chaotic or crisis situations. Excellent for healing emotional wounds. Most rose quartz is found in masses and the actual quartz crystals are very rare and very powerful in their loving energy.

  • I got the stone when I got my tarot cards. It would be kind of hard to carry it with me, since I am in scrubs all day long at the hospital, so I think maybe I should get a pendant.

    Is it possible to place the stone in a pink linen bag that I got for my cards? Someone I met at the store where i got my cards mentioned this to me while I was trying to see which deck I should get.

    Thanks !! =0)


  • summerbutterfly it's ok to put it in the bag. I carry mine in a leather pouch. In my pocket. Or I have pendants. But just how big is the stone? If it's small you could put it in your bra. If they don't like you to wear jewelry on the job you could hide it that way. I know if you have to scrub for surgery or anything you shouldn't have it on you. If you can wear a pendant and the chain is long enough so people can't see it then is it close to your heart which that's where is really needs to be anyway. I would cleanse the stone first and don't let others handle it without cleansing. You can put it with other stones to cleanse it like citrine, amethyst, or tourmaline. Or you may sage it. Here is information on the different ways to cleanse stones.

  • Summer, I lost stones just putting them in my bra, so it probably safer to put them in the bag and attach the bag to your bra and you be able to carry your stone with you and as your employment allows under your scrubs.

  • Thanks for the advice !!!

    I was kind of scared of putting them in my bra, cuase I thought I might lose them, especially since I work in pediatrics and the kiddos usually want me to pick them up, hug them and play with them. I was thinking of keeping the stone that I bought with my tarot cards, and buying a pendant when I get a chance.


  • You can be as creative as you need to be summer butterfly. The size of the stone isn't what is important so if you can find a little smaller one and put in a small pouch or bag with a drawstring and pin it to your bra that's great. I didn't think they wanted you to wear jewelry on the job but a longer chain for your pendant is good too.

  • Hi,

    I stumbled upon this site by accident and find it quite interesting. My self esteem is at an all time low right now. I have been unemployed for over 5 months now, with no jobs in sight.

    Prior to getting laid off, I went to Scotland to visit my sister. I found what I believe to be a polished rose quartz heart in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps a sign? I think I will wear it and hope I can somehow pull myself up by my bootstraps.

    Any other advice would be appreciated.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your posts above all.

    I found this really interesting too Barbralee. Lovely find for you, obviously meant to be! Really sorry to hear that you've been unemployed for over 5 months. It really does get you down, I know I've been there. I'm hoping you've got some support from friends and family. All you can really do is plug away at the job centre. Keep trying. Keep your head up and remember this is a small setback in the great grand scheme of your life. It will get better, nothing lasts forever. Try and remain positive. I know, it's not that simple. Take care of yourself, you really do matter. Try to eat well and stay focused. It will make you stronger. Don't let negativity have any more hold on you. Try to see the good in every situation. Keep strong. I'm hoping that you'll get a job very soon. Fingers and toes are all crossed for you.

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