Past lives and loved ones gone...need guidance

  • this past year i lost a parent, now i am left with neither. can anyone help me with this? three people have all died the same way, do they have anything to tell me?

    second i heard briefly about two past lives with the man that i am currently with. is there more? and why wont he leave me alone?

  • I've lost many people - all friends, soulmate, lots of animals and it can take you to a dark place. People deal with it all differently - some strong (I'm not - I was lost without everyone). The world had changed while they were alive. What helped me is awareness of sensations around you - you may not know who (you said you lost 3 people), but they will help you, keep your mind in an "open" state. I know when we talk to them a lot (which is so easy), they want to help, but it can be a drain on their end. Frustrating for them: they see, hear, know all about us. Where they are, what they want to say, we're in the dark. That's why you (it takes a little while) - trust your instincts. Sometimes they may be wrong, but you're connecting with them. This is a way they can reach you. Words may not pass from them to you, but emotions, coincidences, unusual - keep your spirit open - toward the light - stay don't even let the dark in. And it's a chance to really unerstand what makes you unique and tick. Talents? Anything artistic or musical (if your're an artist or musician), Angels and spirits are attracted to the vibrations of musical instruments - not recordings - live: like a piano. This is so soothing to them, and you'll attract an array of kind spirits and your loved ones will watch over you so the good ones just sit and listen or inspire you to draw or paint - another ability spirits get joy from. Trust yourself, if you're looking for love, honestly give up on it. Like you'll never meet anyone again. In the most unexpected way and place you WILL meet someone very special. Good Luck to You. If you like nature, find serenity in quiet forests, places where no electronics are around. Meditating every night (I know, sounds boring) can really help clear your mind / thoughts - everything. Pick ONE word - something special to you, sit in a dimly lit room and focus just on that word. All kinds of thoughts will enter your mind, don't fight them or force them out or let them upset you or make you sad. They'll flow through you - just mentally or eventually verbally use that ONE word (you can change it later). At first think of nothing - like your mind is empty and breathe deeply. Try this every night for one week. This will be your safe place where nothing bad will hurt you - don't even think about anything else - just YOUR word. Again Good Luck. I"ve been where you are....

  • thank you i will def try tonight

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