Seeking Guidance.. advice , help!

  • Hi , I am new to this forum and I am hoping to gain some clarity and direction at this time. I am feeling rather overwhelmed and anxious .... though it IS deep winter here and this doesnot help as I am one who doesnot tend to winter well!~ Let s see... to start my question is in regard to career / work path. First some background information.. I live in a rurtal area ,, 45 min from a city in a Cold & Snowy climate ( US) , I have 3 children , and My husband is Self Employed...a Home Remodeling Business. 10 Yrs ago I left the Nursing Field when I had twins. At the time we had suffered the loss of Hubby s Partner recently, I had one child at home and with the multitude of demands on my Husband of running a business,, it was the obvious choice for me to stay home and maintain the "homefront". I also had begun my Spiritual Journey . learning alot about alternative medicine, Natural Healing, even did some courses in Bodywork and Healing Arts. Thus I was very disillusioned with and burned out of Health Care .As of 2 yrs ago, I had begun to consider a career in teaching and began that process by obtaining my Teaching Assistant Certification when the stock market crashed and business slowed to a near stop as a result. I took a job teaching in a Practical Nursing Program ,, this lasted for 9 mos for various reasons.. and I returned to where I had started Before the stock market crash,, so to speak,. by becoming a Substitute Teacher in the Public School System. Unfortunately I have been getting very little time in thus far,, though I have been told that should change now that we are past the Holidays. I am also considering returning to college to obtain my Teaching Certificate, which if do this Full time, should take 2 yrs to complete. In the meantime,,, we are approaching Spring & are hopeful that we will see an upswing in Business. while Hubby is very talented at what he does,, his "business skills" are not so great .. Additionaly... it IS a lot for one person to manage. While my involvement with the Business has been rather sporadic and minimal ,, I am looking at taking a far more active role at this time. For alot of reasons,, mostly personal and related to relationship issues, poor decision making on his part , this wasnot as doable in the past as it is now. Maturity helps .

    I feel as though I NEED to step in if we are going to see this Business thrive. There are all sorts of loose ends that need to be addressesd..back taxes and such , this weighs on me quite heavily and so I feel very conflicted.. going my own way career wise may serve the immediate need for $$,, but in the long run.. would we ALL be better served by me stepping into the business more fully and specifically taking on the Spread sheet / accounting , and marketing roles? Its been yrs of thing s left undone....which doesnot sit well with me. In the past I have done some leg work and even got him going in the direction needed but als the ball was dropped/ perhaps it is for me to pick up? as I stated .. I have been out of Health Care for a number of yrs and so my skills are lacking,,, and additionally I truly do not want to pursue that path ,,though I recently sent out some resumes out of need. . I believe going back to Nursing briefly only reinforced for me that I donot wish to invest any further in that Career direction. I have tentatively ( Laugh) decided to set a date,, say AUG 1.... to reevaluate my "plan" and go forth with my intent to work with the business and hope to get more hours in at the school in the meantime. Where I live plays a huge role as well,,, as stated I am 45 min from the city on a good day,, in good weather.... so taking a job in Health Care and commiting to that drive in winter is not a good option for me...

    Any insight . advice as to a Direction will be deeply appreciated! My Birthdate is 1/ 24/ 66 if that is helpful

  • Hi Mom,

    I wouls suggest you get Quickbooks and start being an accountant and book manager for your husband. I do see that for you.

    Best wishes and Love & Light.

  • Soapmaker... Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and yes I do think that is where I will begin,,,, there is a large job on the table now and I am praying that it comes through,, I am thinking that is where I will "start" by creating a spreadsheet etc .Now to get through the immediate financial crunch as right now it s really tough. In addition the last few days have brought other issues of a more personal nature so that has moved to the forefront and is also the reason I havent gotten on here to reply. Alot at once.

    Any sense that Business will in fact pick up this Spring and that we are on a good course?

    Thank You

  • I believe with all my heart that all of us suffering from the economy will pick up by spring hon. Keep the faith!

    Blessed be

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