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  • hello my names katie and im a capricorn, ive just met a gemini and we got along really, i enjoy his company and like how he treats me but im still thinking about this leo. When i was with this leo no one around us could get a word in between us we just had a lot to talk about. I feel relaxed and comforatble with the gemini but when im with the leo i feel butterflies and crazy happy.

  • hello what's the story there with the leo guy then? Why aren't you together at the moment? Difficult to give advice with so little info. By the sound of it though you like spending time with the Gem you aren't crazy about him. As a rule though astrologically, i think Caps are not the most compatible sign with Gemini as far as my astro knowledge goes...:) However there are other things in your birth chart to consider like rising sing and moon sign...For example i am a Gemini but my rising sign is Cap so this is probably why i get a long very well with other Caps.

  • sorry there really wasnt much there lol

    i chose the leo guy the gemini was switching so much i couldnt keep up his venus is in taurus and mine is in capricorn, we wanted the same things inlove but there was nothing there to get us there if u get me but with the leo his venus is in gemini but we connect more on other levels

    what does it mean with the risiing sign i dont understand it??

  • Here is one definition of the 'rising sign' :

    Your rising sign describes the way other people see you, and the way you express yourself physically and sexually. It's the part of you that others first see when you walk into a room, and the secret messages you send out about your sexual chemistry.

    Your rising sign is far more potent an attraction factor than your sun-sign, because it's your seductive make-up that's on show to the world. And it's there to attract potential lovers and also to ward off the ones you don't find attractive yourself! Your rising sign also reveals the way you seduce and attract men to you, and it's very likely that most of the time you don't even realise you're doing it.

    Find out your rising sign and discover what your sex appeal is really all about, who you attract, and the secrets of your sexual chemistry.

    Also, I found this with regards to Capricorn + Leo compatibility and Capricorn + Gemini compatibility. I will always say, however, that your moons play a MAJOR factor in your compatibility with another.

    Capricorn + Leo

    Earth + Fire = Lava

    You couldn’t find two more diametrically opposed characters than Capricorn and Leo. Leo is warm, zesty and bubbling over with a desire to share their experience of life with everyone. This is the absolute opposite of Capricorn’s down-to-earth approach.

    At the most fundamental level your two star signs are very different. Leo’s fire and your earthiness are not elements that blend well. Your contrasting energies can provide some interesting times, but only if you compromise and meet each other halfway.

    The Sun, which rules Leo, is bright, warm and outwardly oriented; Saturn, your ruler, has a cool, reflective and inward nature. You’re introverted and solitary and don’t mind your own company. In fact, you sometimes even prefer to work behind the scenes. Leo is an attention seeker, and wants recognition for everything. They love to hear their praises sung.

    At times, you won’t feel comfortable around this bright showiness of Leo. It’s not that they make you feel less confident of yourself; it’s that you feel they’re trying too hard to gain the approval of others. And perhaps they will outshine you?

    Also, socially, Leo is spontaneous and loves entertainment, whereas you’re more comfortable just relaxing in a laidback way. As the relationship develops, your urge for privacy and to withdraw from social life could become a stumbling block from Leo’s point of view.

    In matters of sensuality, you are in favour of habits, and sticking to them, whereas Leo is more prepared to try new things. This will require some adjusting, from both of you. The very basic differences in the way each of you expresses yourself are obvious here … at least at the start.

    There is a slim chance for this combination, but only if Leo is sensitive to your attitudes and works hard to lighten your view of life and get you to take yourself a little less seriously. But it won’t be an easy job to change you.

    Be cautious with Leos born between 23 July and 4 August. They are double Sun characters who can burn up your cool demeanour and create difficulties for you. You won’t have any common ground in the way you spend or save money either.

    You’ll probably fare best with Leos born between 5 August and 13 August, because they’re not antagonistic towards you. They are full of optimism. You’ll also like their generosity and breadth of vision.

    Leos born between 14 August and 23 August are not compatible with you. They’re highly motivated, but not amenable to your advice or your way of doing things.

    Capricorn + Gemini

    Earth + Air = Dust

    Gemini is likely to feel that you drag them down, because their energy is light, airy, and often scattered. Being grounded is not a natural state for Gemini. And of course earth and air are very different: they create dust, which can make it hard to see or find your way.

    There are good work connections with this match, but it may not offer much in the way of common interests or similar personality traits.

    You are very focused on assets and finances. The two of you will need to do a lot of talking about what you want, materially, and what you want out of a relationship—and about how those things can be tied together. These are key issues, and you’ll need to work them out at the start.

    You will be more comfortable dealing with practical things, where Gemini will be expressive, creative and communicative, but also no idiot when it comes to making money. You could learn many lessons here.

    Another aspect of your different attitudes to money and financial security comes clear in the area of spending. Gemini spends generously, but you tend to count the pennies and be far more frugal. You’ll need to make sure a fight for control over the money doesn’t develop.

    Incidentally, the sexual sector of Gemini just happens to be Capricorn, so your connection between the sheets will be good. You’ll be entertained and relaxed by Gemini’s playful sexual antics. This side of your partnership will offer you more than you initially think.

    One thing you could help Gemini with is restless thoughts. If you can get into their mind space, you may be able to help them clarify their direction. This is because your thought processes are deep, where Gemini continually skims the surface. Slow and steady Saturn could be what anchors this relationship long term.

    Geminis born between 13 May and 21 May are mentally oriented, and you will get on especially well with them if you are interested in many different subjects. Communication will be the focus for these people.

    Geminis born between 22 May and 1 June are livewires, and will require a great deal of juggling from you. Their agenda will take them all over the place, at all sorts of times, and often you won’t see the rhyme or reason in it. Adjusting your lifestyle to fit in with theirs could be a major problem.

    Geminis born between 2 June and 21 June have a special attraction to you. These people have a soothing touch that can restore your weary mind. Even though they’re highly strung, they do tend to know what to say, and when to say it, to make you feel great.

  • thankyou tmoe 🙂

    i loooked up my rising sign and its pisces and ly leos is scorpio

    my moon is on gemini and my leos aquarous

  • i was also reading which gemini and leo i would better with and its really interesting but ive alreday chose the leo 🙂

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