Leo and capricorn

  • "he found a job and just so happens its down the block from where I work!"

    this is good news. give it time to sort things out in his place.

    when his place is all set up nicely and cozy, I'm sure he'll invite you there

    right now he just got the job so not much of an income yet

    mostly just to pay bills and debts, right?

    "Cuz men mess w/their heads and emotions and make us get crazy and overanalyze each word! lol."

    LOL but you stayed calm and calculated. It'd drive him crazy 🙂 curious like cats

  • Well, he doesnt live alone... he lives with his parents to save money..but yeah, now he needs to catch up and start paying the bills, debt, and what not. I am not going to text/call him cuz u are right, the more im distant i stay the more hes curious what I am doing. He was expecting me to call now and continue to text him. After we hung up (around 630pm), he texted me at 1030 pm asking if I sent him an old voice mail... ( i dont even know how to do that!! lol).... I just said "no". Didnt ask why, or anything.... i guess he heard an old voice mail that I left him and just now checked it or something...but it was a way to text me too... lol...i know its going to take time. But i feel like that call messed with my emotions...cuz i havent heard from him again...i know in our society we want everything NOW NOW Lol and im trying to stay patient but our relationship was so much fun, loving, and great... i'd think he'd want to revive that again slowly... Is there anyrthing else about Leo's that can be useful?...like, do they never want to be the bad guy, so they call to "Act like they care" but really dont?....or are Leos scared to take the next step to rekindle their love, do I need to step up!?...My heart says to be patient he will come around but I keep remembering how stubborn he is and how he doesnt think things through...

    I know i know i never seem to be satisfied, at first i just wanted him to call, i got my call. Now i want him to call to meet up... lol...I miss him though, not the relationship. (you know how people ask do you miss him or do you miss being in a relationship...) Im grown and been through enough to know the difference...

    Thank you for all your input and insights...

  • Capi10

    will look into it next week.

    too busy with deadline at work this week. thanks

  • Hello LeoScorpion

    Could you please give me a reading? I realize you are busy, so I will be patient. I am a Leo woman dob 8/5/51. My boyfriend is a Taurus dob 5/15/53. We had a very rocky start to our relationship. Could you please give me some insight to where you see this going? He was involved with a Virgo woman dob 8/29/52 for 5 years. She moved a few states away 2 years ago. He broke up with her in Oct 09 for me. She wants to move back to CA and try again. I'm not sure how this is going to play out.

    Thanks so much

  • Hi Capi

    sorry for late reply. if I have the DOBs, I don't look at Sun sign in general.

    In your case, I have mentioned his Mercury in Virgo. Once he is done thinking something through, it's hard to change his mind. To you he may not think things through, but if he is sure that he has thought it through and he took steps towards it, then he will be as fixed as stone.

    Both of you seem eager to take charge in the relationship. Each of you feels that you know what is best for both of you. Try to curb this a little bit. If both of you want to be in charge, no one will win. Let him be for now. and see what happens next month. Let him take initiative this time. You don't have to step up until he makes enough initiatives that you are certain his 'break' time is over.

    He still has this longing for a partner, that's why I have no doubt he will still keep in touch with you, or anyone that he falls for. Both of you also have a south node in Cap, a cardinal sign. no wonder you are aching to step up and take action.

    As I said before, I don't know how long it will take him to sort things out, and with his stubbornness on top, I have to leave it to you to decide how long you will wait or want to wait. I did suggest that you contact him with short and simple messages, but you said he wouldn't like that. So I supposed you can only wait until he calls.

  • Ruby I will look into it next.

  • Rubyredlips

    a quick look into your DOBs

    Your Sun is in Leo. but Virgo is dominant in your chart. You have at least 4 planets sitting on Virgo. Your South node is also there. This is a lot of concentration of energy, you will need to learn to balance it. Venus in Virgo, you love to be of service to your loved ones. This is good in terms of you and him. Because his Venus in Taurus, he enjoys being spoiled and you are more than willing to provide this 'service', maybe romantic massages, have candlelit dinner with him often etc. but Saturn there may cause you to be overly concerned about things and people. You need to remind yourself all the time, that you can not control anything or anyone. You can only do your best, after all you are only human. Moon is also in Virgo, you constantly feel the need to be busy, to be involved, to be of service. Direct this energy into being of 'service' to yourself. What have you done for yourself? have you spent as much time nourishing yourself as you have done to others? Take some time off and let go of too much worries and concerns over details and things you can not control. Give this time off, to 'serve' yourself. All these worries bring you unnecessary tension and pressure which can lead to impracticality and illogical decisions. You love fairness and balance, you know you deserve love because you have given love. But he may disappoint you, for he loves freedom and can get anxious at the threat of commitment. Mercury in Aries he doesn't always think things through before making decision. Probably he has made wrong decisions before and has a wrong assumption about himself or other people. While your energy is quite focused in one sign, his is scattered in many directions. It will take him time to recognize and balance it, but he may have confused you many times due to this.

    Both of you wants to be in control of the relationship. Your sun conjunct Pluto in Leo. His Pluto also in Leo and with Chiron in Cap, he is back and forth between wanting to have control and disliking control. Both of you will have to learn to tone it down and just settle on doing the best you can. He is a passionate man, communicative and active mentally. Sometimes he is too active, he communicates his feelings without really 'feeling' it first. You may be upset because it seems his words are meaningless to you, he doesn't mean what he said.

    I can't say where the relationship is going, since he is a passionate man that needs to balance his energy. If his ex wants back, it's possible he will take her, and it's also possible he will stay with you. I hope he will really think things through this time, and not making decisions too fast. But this is where you will have to let him deal with it and let go of things beyond your control. It's hard, I know, I have been in your shoes before. But if you don't let him deal with it, you will only halt him from focusing his energy properly, and then he will make wrong decisions that he (or both of you) will regret. He left his ex for you , so he does have feelings for you. Just hold on to this fact and let him deal with his ex.

  • LeoScorpion

    What a great reading. I had to read it a few times because it was so correct. Thanks so much for your time .

    Many blessings to you and yours

  • you're welcome ruby.

  • Hi leoscorpio,

    Havent spoken with you in a long time, hope everything is going well for you though:)..I know the the topic title is leo and cap, but ive gotten rid of my lying , cheating, libra FOR GOOD..lol..and i opened my eyes to an amazing capricorn..ive worked part-time with him for almost 2 years and never wanted to cross the bridge in fear of everything being messed up..I took a chance and kissed him, he kissed back a couple of times(i know he enjoys it, and so do I:)..There's senuality with me and him and I cant put my finger on it. The lastime we talked i let him know that i didnt want this to be a sexual thing, and he let me know that he did'nt have the heart for a relationship because he puts his all into it. I took that at face value, but i still cant stop thinking of him. I have'nt called or textd, because that isn't my personality, so we will go 4 days or so, than a text or call from him..He textd a day ago and asked really dumb questions that i was confused about for hours..lol..im a sagscorpio so i always overthink everything..I wanted to know if you could give any insight from our birthdays 11/24/1981 and his 12/31/1980..He's told me he cares for me and loves me but i don't want to overthink those words..plz help.

    Thanks in advance. Shinyluv.

  • shinyluv

    yes I remember you now. life is just work to me now, almost no time for everything else.

    but I'll try to get it done on Sunday at least OK?

    "I know the the topic title is leo and cap, but ive gotten rid of my lying , cheating, libra FOR GOOD..lol..and i opened my eyes to an amazing capricorn"

    LOL good ridden btw

  • Leoscorpio,

    Please take your time hon, im in no rush:)..i understand how it is to be busy and i sorda enjoy always having my mind stimulated as well..and yes leaving the libra has been the best decision of my life!! Ive gained love in all forms:) Once again take your time, and i so appreciate it:)

  • sorry for the long wait shinyluv

    by the way 'love in all forms' == > how exciting I am happy for you


    Here is a quick look on both of your DOB

    His sun is in Cap, with Libra quite dominant in his chart. Saturn is here, conjunct Jupiter. He likes taking his time before taking action. He will wait until he gets all facts on hand before he acts. If a new option comes up, right after he makes a decision – then he will take his time again. There will be time Jupiter’s optimism just pushes him to take action, without the usual ‘considering’. So he can be either spontaneous, taking risk and playful, other times he is pretty much under Saturn’s formal, ‘planning ahead’ state of mind.

    Pluto here is a great boost in terms of fairness. He dislikes unfairness and Pluto will make sure he says or does something about it. Sun conjunct Mercury, gives him a good boost in communication and information area. He collects, analyzes, and exchanges information without much problem. Even if he is not a chatty person, discussions with him are mostly lively and informative. Mars in Aqua gives him the energy for intellectual pursuit. But in the sign of ‘breakthrough’, this energy is rather erratic. Almost every aspect of his life, career, creativity, love, work, passion – gets a bit of Mars’ kick. Not surprising if he is passionate at times and focused on career other times. His North in Leo, his purpose in this life time is to lead and to utilize creativity in achieving success.

    Venus conjunct Neptune in Sag, he tends to idealize his lover. If he criticizes you over small things, try to talk it over and don’t get upset too fast. His North in Leo, his purpose in this life time is to lead and to utilize creativity in achieving success. You also have this placement, so if you start feeling some sort of dissatisfaction on your lover or love life, think twice before acting on it. We all make mistakes.

    Your Sun is in Sag, and Sagitarius is dominant in your chart. You have quite an army of planets here. Venus conjunct Neptune, and Uranus conjunct your Sun. Independent, you tend to live and think freely. You may shock people with your actions or points of view, but you can not live under other people’s rules and thinking. Moon in Scorpio bestows a great power of intuition. But watch for the extremes : jealousy and possessiveness. You can be so secretive at times, maybe due to past hurts and betrayals. Maybe you experienced these yourself, or you saw it happened to a female figure in your family. This person may have also hurt you to the point you build barriers around you. Learn to deal with past hurts. To love completely, is to love everything that your lover is. This means, you first have to love yourself, every single bit of you, no exception.

    Mars in Virgo helps you catch tiny details other people may not realize. Don’t let Mars energy gets you bogged down to more idealization (by catching tiny mistakes your lover make), though. You enjoy being in a relationship, even if it’s casual. You enjoy having discussions, romantic or intellectual, because this is how you gain information before you make decisions. This is common for a mutable sign (Sag is one of the 3 mutable signs) especially if it is dominant. Watch for holding on to independence too much. Opinions are opinions, everyone is free to express it, even if you oppose these opinions and views. Your North in Cancer, your purpose in this life time is to be nurturing. Provide shelter from the rain, food for the hungry. But watch not to offer your time and effort to those who are not ready to accept it. You are popular, easily attracting people to you. But your heart is big, you can fall for lies and deceits. Learn from your South node in Cap, stay cautious and always have contingency plan how to exit before you fall deeper into manipulation.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi, this is my first post here, forgive me if i am not posting in the correct thread. Could you please help to give me quick look too? I would really appreciate it. Please take your time, I am not in a hurry 😃 Thanks!

    Leo male - DOB Aug 22 1983, Capricorn female - DOB Jan 08 1984

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