Leo and capricorn

  • is there much of a connection because nearly every guy i have been out with was a leo although im head over heels for them their ego and how there bossy drives me mad! I love how leos take charge and are protective though! do capricorns get along well with leo men?????

  • Katiesssss, virtually any relationship can work if both partners really want to make a go of it and are prepared to work on their weaknesses and bring out their strengths.

    This is a generalisation - I usually prefer to work with exact birthdates.

    Leo men love adoration and attention from their mates and a Capricorn woman will be willing to give that, but sometimes Leo men can become too consumed with receiving all the attention and forget that they are not the only person in the relationship. The secret to dealing with a Capricorn woman is to understand that her aloofness and need to control has nothing to do with anyone else. They don't want to control, just want to be in control of what happens to them, especially where matters of the heart are concerned. They are very loyal and loving people who just need to know that their man is there for them, like they will be there for him. They love to make their man feel special.

    However, the reserved, secretive nature of Capricorn will not appreciate Leo's thirst for glory outlook nor will they take the backseat, a factor that could infuriate Leo. With two equally stubborn wills, this could easily turn into a battle for dominance. The ambitions of each are radically different and bound to clash. The Leo’s impulsiveness and self-indulgence does not mesh with the security minded outlook of Capricorn. While both may have great plans for the future and the willpower to achieve them, where they are unable to learn to give way to each other occasionally – which neither are inclined to do - this combination may prove to be short lived.

  • Katie

    I saw your old threads But I thought I would just reply to this one

    I am a Leo woman married to a Capricorn man for 9 years, no regrets whatsoever

    There are some Leo - Cap couples out there

    Celebs like David Bowie-Iman, Tarja-Marcelo (these are Finnish), Gabriel Aubry-Halle Berry, Barack Obama-Michelle, and more that I forgot now

    most of them are Leo woman - Cap man, not the other way around

    aside from Barack-Michelle, he is a Leo and Michelle is Cap

    but this doesn't mean it won't work between you and your Leo

    because all relationship needs working on to make it last anyway

    The thing with Leos is that we are generous. if we love you, we will go the extra mile for you. Sometimes we get over protective, overly concern about things you don't even care about.

    we do get bossy sometimes, but if you can show us that you can do better, we will back off. It's not easy with leo males, they can get boastful and annoyed if you show them you can do better, because it will hurt the pride of king of the jungle πŸ™‚ But if you do it gently, they will realize this little by little and back off. we are protective to our loved ones, leo males especially close to their family. Unless of course they come from broken home, it can be a different story.

    I used to have a fight with people who hurt hubby's feelings LOL he said I don't need to, because he can get back at them himself. I didn't listen. Then one day he gave me an example. So I backed off πŸ™‚ we are hot blooded, sometimes temperamental. you are coolheaded, surefooted. You can get things done your way peacefully. I have quite a few caps female friends, and this is one trait I like about your kind. Money might be a problem in your relationship. He may spend like water and you would rather save for the future. I have learnt to save money since young age, but even now I still feel like spending spree πŸ™‚ thanks to hubby I managed to curb that tendency.

    Anyway this is just general observation. a chart can give you closer look about your relationship. you just need to give your dob and his. I will try to pull out something next week maybe Friday, or if you don't want to wait, someone else who happens to see your info can do it for you.

  • that is so great to know thankyou very much πŸ™‚

    its good to know us capricorns can fall inlove with u wondereful leos

    i know it can work because every male i've wanted was a leo you people just have something there lol

    my date of birth is 30/12/1990 his 30/07/88

  • that is so great to know thankyou very much πŸ™‚

    its good to know us capricorns can fall inlove with u wondereful leos

    i know it can work because every male i've wanted was a leo you people just have something there lol

    my date of birth is 30/12/1990 his 30/07/88

  • Katie, looking at your individual matchups, this does have a chance of lasting for the long term. This combination of powerful personalities has a very theatrical quality to it - you two tend to act out your fantasies by projecting them onto each other. The relationship also has a tendency to flee from life's pressing realities, so that you may, for example, turn to drug or alcohol use. Yet the matchup is not without ambition, and in fact both of you have a great deal of drive. There is a commitment in style to whatever you do. Combined with your desire to fulfill your fantasies, this produces a sometimes excessive flamboyance. You two will probably ruffle quite a few feathers. You can be a somewhat unstable pair with a tendency towards eccentricity.

    A love affair can be exciting but remarkably cool. A certain objectivity takes the place of deep passion and emotional exploration. The strong bursts of energy that usually emanate from your individual personalities somehow misses the mark when combined here, making the relationship almost ineffectual at times. Yet marriage can work here if you both make yourselves and each other uphold your mutual responsibilities. More often than not, you will be playful with each other, but you can both be rather lazy when it comes to cleaning up or looking after the kids.

    ADVICE: Try facing up to the truth. Escaping can be pleasant but often unproductive here. Build a firm basis for your life. Coordinate energies.

  • katiess

    had an appt on Sat and had to catch up woth work this Sun

    you've had a reading done

    if you still want me to do your chart, let me know

    I will do it around Wed OK?

  • thankyou very much for the reading i reallly appreciate it πŸ˜ƒ

  • yes please can you still give me a reading too πŸ˜ƒ i woild really appreciate it

  • a Leo woman and a Capricorn man, my dob is 08/09/57 hi sis 01/19/63

  • Hi, everyone! I am a Sagittarius woman attracted to a Leo man, with his Mars=Gemini; Venus=Libra; Moon=Scorpio, Rising Sign=Scorpio. I have Mars=Capricorn, Venus=Aquarius; Moon=Gemini; Rising Sign=Cancer. DOB 12/7/65 (me) and 8/8/62 (him).

    It has been a pretty interesting dance so far, very hot and cold and now lukewarm, at least on my part. I was head-over-heels for him a few weeks after we met five months ago, but we were both in transition so I was willing to let it slide for a little while and wait. My infatuation wore off after a while when he didn't contact me regularly and said he wasn't ready for a 'serious' relationship (which I had not actually asked for). Now, he still seems to want to pursue something, but I don't trust him emotionally as much as I did before. He talks a lot about enjoying the moment and not putting labels on our relationship (which I also did not ask for), but I have found, after some dating, that men say that as a code-word for no-strings-attached (NSA). FYI, this man and I are not intimate due to some other issues, which is a bit of a deal-breaker for me, but he acts very 'into me' regardless of the lack of consummation and has trouble keeping his hands off me after a few minutes together. Mixed signals.

    Another thing that bothers me is that many people are intimidated by him - he can look like quite the bad boy. The funny thing is that I am way more wild than he is, but people think I am so innocent (my Cancer rising?). I like getting along with a large number of people, and people do respect him after they get to know him, but he doesn't really 'blend' the way I can. πŸ™‚ There are many good things about being with him, though, such as feeling protected even in the sketchiest situations. Also he does look somewhat like a rock star, so can be forgiven some eccentricity. He is a typical Leo in that he says he enjoys having parties at his place and lots of friendships when he is stable, so that sounds delightful later on.

    Ultimately, there are many differences between me and this man, but we also share many deep values, enjoy our time together (goes fast!) and seem to make decisions well together. There is a lot going on in his life and also a lot in mine. Honestly, I've never been in a relationship that stretches me as much as this one - he is a really compelling person to me on many levels, but I certainly don't feel secure and in control of much, and I'm not used to that. There are other people that want to date me, but I can't get excited about anyone else until this relationship is resolved in some way.

    I would love your perspectives on our compatibility and what issues we might face if I commit my heart to loving him for the long term.


  • Sassy44, in general you two are capable of great achievements together. Your relationship can be a dynamic one in which you stimulate each other to lift both your performances and your consciousness to a higher level. You must be sure however not to burn holes in yourselves, or in other people, through the intensity of your connection. Exciting exploits can be this relationship's food, but the diet can be a tiring one, eventually leading to exhaustion. Drawing up guidelines, establishing structures, and agreeing on boundaries and limitations will all be wise steps to take if the relationship's healthy survival and effectiveness are to be preserved.

    A love affair can provide enjoyment, especially sexually, but usually only for the duration of a brief fling. If you two are serious about each other, you must be willing to invest time in patiently getting to know each other. Should you marry, your calmness under fire, Sassy44, will generally ground your partner's more excitable temperament, while he may at times bring a touch of humour to overserious you. You two tend to work hard and play hard. A mere friendship can lack the intensity of a love relationship.

    ADVICE: Seek moderation and calm. Lower your stress levels. Direct your energies intelligently. Get to know each other at a deep level.

  • BlossomToo, I love your photo. πŸ™‚

    In general, this matchup is often oriented toward human interactions, whether in school, religious or social organisations or more informally within a group of friends. Both of you have a character trait of periodically feeling misunderstood, even abnormal. Together however you can make your way in the world without feeling strange about yourselves. Thus the focus of your relationship is often social development, as you learn more about people, institutions, and how they work. This should be an easy relationship for the most part. Difficulties can arise however when each of your fiery natures begins to flare.

    As a romance, this relationship can be spontaneous, impulsive, passionate, and highly sexual. Emotional maturity is usually absent, however, and the landscape may be dotted with outbursts of feeling, both positive and negative. Your friend is definitely the long-suffering of the two. If you BlossomToo feel rejected or frustrated, you are liable to take your leave, and with little warning.

    A marriage or friendship can certainly be intense at times but are for the most part easygoing and pleasurable. That there is usually a great deal of understanding between you doesn't always mean there is total sympathy. You both are quite independent. A lot of the time you spend together may include the presence of other people, and since in a social setting you two together tend to be treated as if you were a single person, these situations will bring you closer. Sarcastic verbal jabs are signs of affection here.

    ADVICE: Show emotional intelligence. Develop patience and self-control. Give others more of a chance. Let go of the past. Don't hold grudges.

    BlossomToo, your aloof and rather defensive nature might interfere with your need to connect and share ideas with others, despite your considerable charm and magnetism. You can fly off on a moment's notice or be so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you neglect those around you. Even as you mature, you will always be somewhat mercurial and will find that loved ones as well as business associates and clients, will need more of your time than you are prepared to give. You can be so defensive about your own uniqueness and talents that you flit from one thing or person to another in an effort to avoid disappointment or rejection. A poor attitude can undermine your best efforts, and the resulting lack of appreciation can in turn fuel your tendencies toward more aggressive evasion of the issues. Your unique style of communication will be both your greatest strength and biggest weakness until you simply slow down, think things through, and control your more ardent and emotional sides. Don't push ahead or try to rise to the top at any cost. Though you may prefer just a few deep, intimate relationships, you seem destined to be surrounded by a variety of more superficial ones. Thinking that the grass is always greener somewhere else, you may be hard-pressed to stick with one person. Commitment is not your forte - however a stable family life is often the best form of grounding for you.

    Your friend's natural sense of devotion and single-mindedness will serve him well in his search for higher truths. He must take care however not to be sidetracked by the demands of others or by his tendency to be too self-absorbed or so devoted to a particular set of ideals that it becomes almost impossible for him to change his mind. A willingness to grow and continue to refresh his views and opinions through being open to innovation and enlightenment is key here. Knowledge is ultimately a flexible concept and he must stay abreast of the world and its developments. He can invoke his tremendous determination to attain mastery in a subject. He has a tendency to become restless and bored which might hinder his relationships. All he usually requires is one faithful friend, lover, co-worker, or fellow student with whom he can share his joys and sorrows. His preoccupation with his work or craft can prove problematic in a love affair or marriage. As long as his autocratic tendencies don't get out of hand, however, he should be able to develop a stable domestic situation - however his mate and children will have to be very patient and understanding with him. A lasting relationship can be highly beneficial and stabilising for him.

  • Thank you so much! I really appreciate the perspective.

  • katiess

    thanks for your patience

    He knows and appreciates your capacity of devotion, reliability and intelligence. You enjoy the pleasure of his company, the warmth and strength of his character. You both are optimistic and confident, willing to do what it takes to achieve your goal.

    He seeks to hold the control in the relationship. He believes he knows what is best for both of you. You may feel this as threat to your independence, for his control may limit you to certain point. You need to sit down and talk about it. Do not give in to his control and do not try to be the dominant yourself. Both actions will not bring you any good. Use logical explanation when dealing with his will to dominate, he relates well to you intellectually, so this is the area where you can reach mutual understanding and see eye to eye.

    Passion and emotional understanding are important in this relationship. He is passionate and playful, in and outside the bedroom. Be willing to play along and take initiative now and then, you won’t regret it. Plus it would help keep the passion alive, hence the relationship. Emotionally he can be intimidating and demanding. He has perseverance but lack patience. He tends to jump into things fast, and you tend to approach things slowly. In his impatience, he might burst out with temper. React quickly and calmly, when this happens. Do not wait for days because like everything else, he would want explanation right away. Use logic, not emotions. A cool head approach is the key. You can not reach him with another burst of emotions, it will only provoke him more.

    He is a fixed sign, he likes to own things. When he loves you, he will take you under his protection and do what is necessary to provide for you. A slight hint of jealousy can provoke him for he considers you his possession and can wound his pride for he relates everything to pride: be it love, his achievement, your achievement (since you are his partner), even your behaviour in the crowd . Have a good talk about your relationship and what you both expect from each other. Try to find a middle ground, where everybody is equal and not under anybody’s control. He has a generous heart, he will give anything to a devoted and reliable partner.

    Hope this helps.

  • wow fantastic reading leoscorpian this has been really helpful for me :), you are right about the jealous part he does get pretty jealous and he is protective. You are also right about speaking to him calm without provoking him and with the whole dominance thing yeah we do kind of fight over it but i will take your advice Thank you very much!

  • yeah that's the thing with Leos LOL

    in my 20s I was very much like he is now: temper, pride, possessive

    just remember : cool headed approach and watch out for his jealous streak

    one more thing:

    if you have an opinion, voice it, if you have a concern or need help, say it.

    he won't accept whining or complaining because to him only the weak complains/whines

    they are very visual and physical people so pay attention to your hygiene and physique

    many of us are not good with budgets πŸ™‚ but this is where you are a big help for him

    if he sees that your tips and advices work, he will no doubt let you control finance or come to you for advices

    You take care now Katiesss

    you have some passionate kitty there waiting for you πŸ™‚

  • that is soo true about the whining my best friend is a leo girl she tells me katie toughen up lol

    but with this amazing leo he prefers me with me looking all natural when i get dressed up and get more attention of other males he gets angry

    i have to say when u leos are angry its pretty scary haha but i feeel very protected by them

    and yes us capricorns are very good with our spending we are very cautious with most things, i do believe there is such a strong attraction between caps and leos πŸ™‚ i mean ur happily married with urs and most of my partners have been leos

  • Yes Katie

    I am happily married with a Cap. yes there is strong attraction between Leo and Caps

    Compatibility wise, Capricorn is Leo's 6th and Leo is Capricorn's 8th

    this means you are always willing to do your Leo a favor. because he is your 8th. means you are physically/ sexually attracted to him.

    but as I mentioned in your chart, always find middle ground with him. not be a slave and not be controlling. Cool headed approach will work. He might resist your help, he feels he knows better. But if you do know how to help, do so, but do it gently as to not provoke his pride. In time he will see that working together is better than taking care of everything in his own hands.

    I understand he wants you to dress natural because if you get other men's attention he'll be jealous. yeah you don't want a jealous Leo. Hubby knows that, very well too LOL

    Take care now and don't worry about your Scorp friend. You can try tell him your concern, if he said he isn't interested with her, don't talk about it again. He doesn't like being nagged. If you are still unsure, spend more time with him and stay close to him. Don't be afraid telling your friend off if you feel like it. He will feel even more admiration this way, plus you get to make your friend back off.

  • yeah im taking the cool headed approuch and its works it can be hard at times because we are both have such strong personalitys with a lot of pride but we still make eachother happy. Yeah he does get jealous haha alot

    thankyou so much leoscorpio u take care too πŸ™‚

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