• Do a reading for me please? :]

    My DOB is 8/13/94

    I'm wondering If i'll find love any time soon, and how to .

  • hanswolfgang

    Awakening is all in the metamorphis of learning to just be. Which I do But this dating thing has me very much being the doubting thomas about myself.. I believe it all goes back to my childhood and not having the nuturing of self confidence. But as an adult and the trials I have had I am open to all and being who I have become, a beautiful minxy woman/mother...

    but these past few dating experiences have shocked the confidence out of my being.. Or is it because my torment is still missing the realtiy of my true soulmate only to have his guideance in my sprit relm... Yes I am awakening to this fact that dating SUCKS! and now I know why i have not ventured into this over the 5 years.. maybe now that I am ready the unverse has other paths for me to follow.. It is all in the balance.. i just want to have the chest to lay my head in as I had before... and Know it is all part of the journey and it is OK>>>

  • justbreathee,

    a reading for you: perseverance brings good fortune. Deliver yourself from your attachment.

    Then the companion comes, and him you can trust.

    Your DOB is 8/13/94:

    There is protection in love, marriage and family, representing your marriage and the foundation of love upon which a family and life can be built. There is good influence, especially for a happy family and social life. You may even turn down offers of love at those times when you are feeling so fulfilled in the areas of friendship and romance. There is a strong indicator of marriage, at the most basic level, the foundation of love upon which all of your other You will find love any time soon, and how to: just sitting there with all your heart power.

    You don´t understand what is happening lately... things are happening so fast...

  • uullee

    it is because your torment is still missing, especially the reality of your true soulmate.

    Now you are really becoming an orange tree! It is going to be a reality. Be blissful! And never make any requirements for and conditions on bliss: just be blissful for no reason at all. Just as one breathes one should be blissful.

  • Hans, my older brother and very dear friend is in the hospital. I always knew he would pass around 50 and he turned 51 in Sept. He has had 3 heart attacks 2 strokes, has cyrossis of the liver, pulminary ling disease and emphasema. Now he has cancer, 2 very large lumps on his neck. The cancer is in the lymph nodes. They are doing a surgery on him tomorrow to see how bad and how far it has spread. Any other option of chemo or radiation is not good for him either because of his health. Will he pass away tomorrow during the operation?

    A very sad sister,


  • Hello Hans-wolfgang,

    Thanks for the information on "the treasure" Silence and wordlessness lead to he treasure. It seems there is more you want to tell me. I can be silent and wordless, but thinking too much. I hope to be able to be wordless even in my head. I read many of your posts to others and find that many are relevant. I am trying to change some of the family dynamics and be at peace in my aloneness. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    How are you ? 🙂

  • Hello.Exactly what fantasies?...Please help me understand.I know what the difference is.Anyway you can help im greatful.

  • hanswolfgandg, thanks for your reply i started reading the book you recommended quite enjoying it. I have a question tho how do i know the difference between what my heart and what my mind is telling me i can't tell them apart 😞

  • always and make new mistakes.. Bliss is the way one seeks the adventure of the journey.. I have always been the yang of my ying. No, not giving up just spreading new branches to reach into new leaves of the forest that hopefully will tangle and grow together. Until the storm breaks it apart, then only the roots to be woven together in the soil.

    Torment . Yes only cause I know that I should be loved other than by my children and friends but in ways that only a lover can fulfill. As always just thankful for the love that I have toiled and pruned into the tree of my life in the forest of all.

  • soapmaker

    will he pass away tomorrow during the operation? No.

    This whole life is just illusory, only worth laughing at. It is ridiculous! The real life is something totally different.

  • Hello cyw39

    It seems there is more you want to tell me: mix and mingle with others.

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated: struggle for your needs.

    How are you ? 🙂 I am too much identified with my reading.

    In lust, love is only one percent; ninety-nine percent are other things: jealousies, ego trips, possessiveness, anger, sexuality. It is more physical, more chemical; it has nothing deeper than that. It is very superficial, not even skin-deep.

  • Hello hazel8

    Exactly what fantasies?..Just following your gut feelings, taking risks and just keeping going.

    Please help me understand: this will give you the feeling of balance.

    Anyway you can help im greatful: Then you clear others supporting their rhythm without changing yourself.

    Don´t change it, don´t improve it, because you cannot improve it, and any change you bring to it will be fatal. And before you start doing a technique, be fully alert that you have understood it. If you feel confused and you don´t know really what the technique is, it is better not to do it, because each technique is to bring about a revolution in you.

  • redgemini

    how do i know the difference between what my heart and what my mind is telling me i can't tell them apart 😞 the heart is spontaneous, is in the moment and has no arguments. The mind is always argumenting, has the louder voice and is always either in the past or in the future.

    Unless calmness comes as a shadow of awareness, beware of it. It is false, it is utterly futile. The whole effort that you have put into cultivating it has been a sheer wastage. The same effort could have been put into becoming aware.

  • uullee

    do not degrade the status of womanhood.

  • I understand fully.Just work on myself and leave everyone alone.Im in the process now of just focusing on ME.You are right I did not understand the techique at first but now i DO.i HAVE ONE Question.How do I stop from going to sleep.I feel so peaceful and I fall Asleep.Also Do you think i should just take me and my kids and just pick up and go now?I know i need to leave but should I leave Now??THANK YOU>

  • Hello Hans-Wolfgang,

    So, you think I am in lust? A deep relationship with love would be better but I don't see that happening any time soon. Do you? I hope you don't think I am jealous, angry, or possessive. Yes I should mix and mingle, but usually I am alone. I will have to get out and about more. Struggle for my needs seems to be ongoing, but I keep trying.

    You said you are too much identified with your reading. I hope this does not cause you physical distress. You help many here and I hope you take care of yourself also.

    I feel you respond with care and help guide me. I still struggle for peace and understanding.

    But I feel some things are improving. I thank you for your help. 🙂

  • Love Reading Plz Sorry But I Need More Insight

  • hazel8

    How do I stop from going to sleep: Sleep more in the night (7-8 hours), than you can remain awake.

    Just pick up and go now.

    I know i need to leave but should I leave Now?? Yes.

    But there is no way to understand this through intellect, because there is no way to understand love through intellect.

  • Hello cyw39

    So, you think I am in lust? Yes.

    A deep relationship with love would be better but I don't see that happening any time soon. Do you? No.

    The more your negativity is dropped, the more you become aware of a tremendously beautiful world around you. You have been living in it and you have missed it! You see the same colours but they have a different glow, a luminosity. Green is not just green; there are a thousand and one greens and you can see the difference. Each sound has a musical note to it; even the traffic noise becomes part of a harmony.

  • sammysocutehuh91

    Love Reading Plz Sorry But I Need More Insight: Being Joyous brings Success.

    Perseverance is favorable.

    Join with your friends

    For discussion and practice.

    If you are alive you have to take risks. Life is a risk. Only death is secure, life is never secure—there is no security. The companies that are called Life Insurance should really be called Death Insurance; in life there can be no insurance. Life is alive only because there is risk, danger—that’s why there is so much thrill.

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