• i'm sorry forgive me... it was late last night... her a change, no.... I was wonderign what the change was that you spoke of. for him... why is he fighting, what is he fighitng? who does he wan to fight with? both of us now? what kind of fight is this??? who does he want, what does he want??

    yes i need to relax liek crazy... could Iever trust agin... the way blocked like crazy... worth the fight??

    can blocks be unblcoked?? WHY THE FIGHTING??? so frustrated Wolfgang... don't understand why I'm fighting so hard... uugghhh... thank you so much, can't say enough.... what tod do, what todo .... just seems so blocked, especially now... how do I gain respect back, self and from him??

    am i being just hopeless... uuu....

    thank you , thank you ,blesings


  • oh, pss- my possesion... ? and should I let the guard down??

  • Yes I understand totally.I think so highly of things that i should not.I try to be realistic but its so hard because I see so much good or their potential to be good. WHY IS THAT? I am being led to LIGHT! WHat am I to do with this gift!

  • cyw39

    your truth? ? Your great hope, which will help you to pool your energies.

    Your reflection?? In a positive way it will create the feeling of a unified and universal thinking.

    What are you reflecting ? Your being stuck and how to become lively again, how it would be, if you would live spontaneously.

    Where do you go from here? Just following your gut feelings, trusting yourself without worrying about a goal.

    A great rejoicing happens, because with the ego disappearing there is no worry left, with the ego disappearing there is no anguish left, with the ego disappearing there is no possibility of death any more. This is awakening. It is the understanding that all is good, that all is beautiful -- and it is beautiful as it is. Everything is in tremendous harmony, in accord.

  • redgemini,

    it is ok.

    Where do you try to fit in? Into that struggle between your mind and your heart, which is hurting your heart.

    And what needs to be done? Stop immediately to listen to your mind. It leads you in a wrong direction.

    Be rebellious.

  • Hellocyw39

    You still wonder about your truth and what you are reflecting? The gift of existence and how to receive it.

    You are a child -- and you are simply protecting. You know that if you go sincerely into it, you will be childish -- that´s what the fear is. You have not grown up in that way. So you have never really been a child. You have never allowed yourself that freedom.

  • scorpfire

    he really doesn't care for you anymore... no he doesn't? No.

    he loves her more? Yes.

    Am I saying you are an egoist? Yes.

    wen/if he comes what do O do with him: Being blind you will still be separate.

    he will have a torch for both of us... or just her or ??? Just her.

    a chnce, be open, kcik him out??? No.

    did I do this? Yes.

    forgiveness? No.

    agin is it only for ***?? No.

    what is the F'n problem here???? You were hurt once, now you are mistrustful.

    Sometimes a man who thinks he is doing good, and it may appear to others also that he is doing good, will do immense harm -- of course unintentionally.

  • scorpfire

    why is he fighting, what is he fighitng? Because he is identified with his career, he fights all who do not comply to his will.

    who does he wan to fight with? With clarity.

    both of us now? No.

    what kind of fight is this??? Blitzkrieg.

    who does he want, what does he want?? outsider, struggle.

    worth the fight?? No.

    can blocks be unblcoked?? Yes.

    You don't understand why you're fighting so hard: because you do not know where to go.

    what to do: go for your hope, for your goal, pool your energy for that.

    how do you gain respect back, self and from him?? By creating the feeling of a unified and universal thinking in a positive way.

    oh, pss- my possesion... ? No.

    and should you let the guard down?? Yes.

    Now things have gone beyond control.

  • hazel8

    WHY IS THAT? Because you are identified with your contemplation.

    WHat are you to do with this gift: It hurts your heart. Stop it. You are too much in the mind.

    Be absolutely satisfied, but not with pure obedience.

  • You are misunderstanding me. My ego was high at one point of my life.But know Im very thankful that I am understand more important thinks.When you are completely lose in life thats a scary feeling thats all.What I am saying is some people never even begin to see a glimpse of light and peace and I am very much so greatful and want to know how to help other people.

  • Your mind should becoming silent. Your mind should becoming empty. Drown more deeply. Your mind has to becoming empty. Your mind should have to become completely empty...

  • Dear Hans-wolfgang,

    Thank you for sharing your time and talent. You are a great help. I am understanding more. I am not sure I will be totally spontaneous, but each moment is a precious gift. I have hope. I don't want to be childish, but I did not know I had a fear of it. I suppose I see so many people not being responsible for themselves and there lives. However, I do enjoy childish moments, fun, laughter, play. There is always beauty and wonder.

    I do appreciate your time. There are many others who seem to have far more pressing concerns than mine. You are remarkable.

    Continual Blessings

  • Thank you for your insight. You are greatly appreciated.Im trying to empty my mind and find time for silence.Im 28yrs old and trying to learn what real peace and happiness is.I will keep trying.

  • my cancer wife has left me......is it for good brice 2/28/78 lisa 7/15/81 there is so much love that it hurts to hold on,should i just let go

  • brice 2/18/78

  • So I decided to go for the risk and it turned out to be a mistake that was created. Although i did not feel that I learned from this. Just bewildered. And beggining to think it is me who is the cause of men not wanting to be with me. although all my guy friends say I am hot... go figure i just figure since i have been fortunate to have the kiss that i wanted with all my life and he passed on but left me with 2 beautiful sons.. that this is my destiny although I do just want a person who wants to be my bestfriend and lover.. ha ha i am dreaming again it can only happen not twice, but at least i had it once all my girlfrinds say that they never have had it so just be happy with the love that i hadf lost,, but not really.

  • Thank you cyw39,

    the treasure is not hidden in big words, the treasure is hidden in you. And it is to be discovered, not through big words, it is to be discovered through wordlessness, it is to be discovered through silence.

  • hazel8,

    you should go and live out the fantasies you have been having. It is good to go and be finished with those things you feel incomplete, and you will find that there is a vast difference between reality and fantasy.

  • briceb,

    you should just let go.

    Lisa will go through some sort of death and rebirth, or at the least, some important and powerful changes. Another facet of Lisa is her desire for work. She is preparing to launch a new job or occupation.

    Respect life, and life will respect you. Love life, and love will shower blessings on you.

  • uullee,

    be conscious, take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders. To be responsible is the beginning of awakening.

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