• cyw39,

    that’s the whole message of ecology: we are together.

  • Hello hazel8

    what should you do about your husband? Be cautious and keep distance.

    some light on your situation: go where you want to, follow your energy.

    Be not too optimistic and take not a too positive view of you. Be simply realistic. Know why you are what you are -- because you are living in a wrong world, and to exist you have to be wrong.

  • Hello. Can I get a reading into my life? My b-day is 12/5/77 Will the man that I love dearly ever love me again? What is going on here? Your help is much appreciated. I don't know what to do to get our romance back on track. I feel soulmate energy with him, born 11/15/88. . Please help.

  • Thank you scorpfire

    Ok, a catalyst, but wrongfully by you?? No.

    You did not turn him, but made him do these terrible things.

    Desires? No.

    Only ****?? No.

    Especially me?? No.

    Why does he want to fight? Because he is not contented, he wants that, what others have.

    Her... service? No.

    Is it better, am I wrong for this catalyst? Yes.

    He does not care anymore, only for desire, ****, power?? Yes.

    What is this noble adversary I have encoutnered? A magician.

    and what great reason?? Being unable to activate your potential.

    How can you help it conquer??? By fighting.

    Does he really not care anymore? Yes.

    ... does he love her...? Yes.

    Should you not contact him? Yes, certainly.

    Is this wrong, should you stop contact? No.

    What do you do with him if you do see him again? You do nothing, remain the empress of the situation and relax being natural.

    Authority?? No.

    change?? No.

    what is her deal?? Either you remain sitting frustrated on your throne, trying to dominate others with your emotions, having closed your heart and thinking of love, or you stand up and go where you want to.

    Laugh, because it will bring you closer and closer to life. In great laughter the ego disappears, suddenly you are open to the whole, to the whole of existence. All doors, all windows are open.

  • SedonaSarah

    a reading into your life: celebrate more with friends.

    My b-day is 12/5/77:

    You have everything needed to be an authority in any area you choose. You have a direct line to knowledge accumulated from many past lives. Rarely do you live your life by any doctrine or philosophy other than your own. The well that feeds your mind is inexhaustible and from a high source. You live by your own truth. You can be in all types of professions, usually in positions of responsibility, always respected in whatever capacity you are engaged. You have many opportunities for marriage. Relationships and partnerships are important to you. However, you also need a certain amount of personal freedom and for you this may be more important than a marriage. You seem to do your best work with a partner, and are destined to be in partnership. You are psychic, so much so that your intuitive approach to life is second nature.

    Will the man that you love dearly ever love you again? No.

    What is going on here? He dominates you with his will power.

    What to do to get your romance back on track: Look not at all that what frustrates you, turn around and look for new and unexpected love.

    You are projecting your father on him.

    The more you think, the more you are creating waves and ripples in the mind. The real thing for the blind man to do is not to think about light but to heal his eyes, for the deaf man, not to reflect on music but to go through some alchemical processes which can make him hear.

  • Dear Hans-Wolfgang, Thank you for the follow up. I suppose you sensed I still have questions. You response put a big smile on my face. You are very kind. I did not understand the" block" but I don't feel it is something I should be concerned about, or act upon. I will continue living each moment, in the moment. If you have any other suggestions, I am willing to read and learn.

    Thank You so much:)

  • The authoruty thing... you said, with her...?? and now you say no??

    Does he really not care for me anymore???really... he loves her??? did I really push a good thing away??it's better for him with her?? I think questions are getting mixed... contact yes and no??? Please I'm confused enough... what is my best action for this situation... why her not me?? is he coming back??? what can I do??? what is his deal?? you said t her would be a change for him... what? what will it be???

  • Dear cyw39

    other suggestions: You are allowing others greed and power over yourself.

    If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.

    You have the choice.

  • scorpfire

    The authority thing... I said, with her...?? No.

    and now I say no?? Yes.

    Does he really not care for you anymore??? No.

    really... he loves her??? Yes.

    did you really push a good thing away?? No.

    it's better for him with her?? No.

    contact yes and no??? No.

    what is your best action for this situation? Follow your heart, go for your love, fall in love, rise in love.

    ... why her not you?? Because you are guarding your so called possession being afraid of losing all.

    is he coming back??? Yes.

    what can you do??? You can be selfcontented being alone in your space.

    I said t her would be a change for him... what? He is ready for anything. He is ready for every fight.

    what will it be??? the way will be blocked.

    Be no egoist, even in your humbleness, in your humility. There you have nothing but contempt for human beings. Deep down you know they are all sinners; they are not even worthy of anger -- then you don´t value them in any way equal to yourself.

  • hi hanswolfgang , I've been meaning to ask you about my ex again. Months ago you said i cannot trust him again but i didn't ask you to elaborate on it. We were and in a away are still very close but you are right I don't think i can trust him at the moment. However I have maintained a friendship with him as i really care about him and although i had other people in my life i keep coming back to thinking about him romantically. I feel like these days he's slipping even further away from me and i feel like i should may be give it up. I can't help but wonder if it is a fight worth fighting tho... Can you please give me some insight in all this? Thank you 🙂

  • It is a fight worth.

    Think of yourself as an empress, and then act out of your natural relaxation.

    You don’t understand the complexity of the human mind, the mechanism of it. Relaxation is a state. You cannot force it. You simply drop the negativities, the hindrances, and it comes, it bubbles up by itself.

  • Thank you for your response. You are right i don't understand the complexity of the human mind in fact i think as more i grow up the less i understand it and the more confusing it gets. I know i am a bit of rigid mind and i am working on trying to slow things down but i must say i always end up winding up again. Can you recommend me something maybe to read on this? Also if you say it is fight worth fighting why do you think is that i cannot trust him? Is he in a place now when he isn't ready to commit?

  • Hello Hans-wolfgang,

    I don't understand your suggestions. I am unsure who has greed and power over me or how I am to see the truth by holding no opinion for or against. Do you feel the greed and power over me are from him or my immediate family or both. I am not deep thinking today. Please clarify.

    Thank You:)

  • redgemini

    Can I recommend you something maybe to read on this? "One Seed Can Make the Whole Earth Green" by Osho.

    Also why do I think that you cannot trust him? Because you are in a awkward situation, trying to fit in.

    Is he in a place now when he isn't ready to commit? No.

    Something has to be done.

  • Hello cyw39

    you don't understand my suggestions: You are blind and alone in a land, where nobody is.

    You are unsure who has greed and power over you: your children.

    how you are to see the truth by holding no opinion for or against: by not totally clinging to your "truth", using your energy to protect you.

    The moon is one but it can be reflected in millions of lakes. Reflections differ, but the reflected is one.

  • Thank you Hans-wolfgang for the clarification. Your abilities are amazing. My truth? ?

    I am trying to protect myself and truly live. Enjoy each moment. My reflection??

    What am I reflecting ? Where do I go from here?


  • hanswolfgang, thank you for the book recommendation i'll get it asap. Books by Osho have caught my eyes before but never got to buy one. I hope it is ok to ask few more questions.Where do i try to fit in? And what needs to be done? Thank you again.

  • Hello Hans,

    I understand a little better now. My truth, when I open my eyes and truly look, I see what was always there. I may not like what I see, but whether it is good or not so good, I need to protect my self from negative effects of the truth. I need to go to the source and be one with the source.

    I still wonder about my truth and what I am reflecting?

    Thank you for your responses 🙂

  • Thank you again for your reply... just a little confused, I'm sure it's me... he really doesn't care for me anymore... no he doesn't? he loves her more? Are you saying I am an egoist... I know I can be too serious... and humility is a goal for me as well... yes be contented in my own space... wen/if he comes what do O do with him...he will have a torch for both of us... or just her or ??? a chnce, be open, kcik him out??? did I do this? forgiveness? agin is it only for ***?? liek I said is he sincer... forgive me if I', being repetative... I just have not had something like this in ages.... so unsure, not usually that way either but learnig many lessons in humility these days....

    waht is the F'n problem here???? uugghhh..... I feel like Charlie Brown... 🙂

  • authoruty, the people around him, the parents etc...

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