• Thank you, i hope you don't mind I continue the converstaion a lilttle further... your insight seems good... I cauesd so much of the problems in the begigin from my own negativity... he just followed suit. Am I going to cause something wrong agin? him falling... yes he has a strong ego, it's true. like a wall sometime, but I thought we could learn and grow with each other.... we are complimentarty, one is defiecint where the other is not, so what if it's a little difficult... this is life... it's worth to work with a soul, no?

    Will I cause this fall? does he even care for me like he says or is he really playing games?? He really is not bad, just confused...

    thank you again...

  • Scorpfire, I like conversations, they are inspiring for me.

    Are you going to cause something wrong again? Yes.

    It's not worth to work with a soul.

    Will you cause this fall? No.

    He does not even care for you like he says nor is he really playing games.

    You need rebellion. Rebellion is from the very essential core: it changes consciousness—it is radical; it transmutes—it is alchemical. It gives you a new being, not only a new body, not only new dresses, but a new being. A new man is born.

    Then you will find that a dark shadow of your own, which we call ego, is leaving you. You will be surprised: for the first time you don´t have any weight. It is as if that ego was a mountain on you, and suddenly everything looks bright, fragrant, rosier.

  • why the fall? why is he so wrong for me?? why did it get so screwed up???

    thank you so much I really need someone to keep talking with...

  • why the fall? too much invitation.

    why is he so wrong for you?? Because you love to surrender to the river of life and to support and to clear the situations which continously arise anew out of it.

    why did it get so screwed up??? Because he dominated you with his mind.

    People are ordinarily closed; they are not open to experience. Before they experience anything they already take prejudices about it. They don’t want to experiment, they don’t want to explore. This is sheer stupidity.

  • me too 🙂

    Wow! you've got me nailed! the wrong you mean, seeing him again? did he ever care for me like he said? so why is trying to come back then? invitation by me? what about him and this girl he is with?? Does he do it to her too??

    love your attiude on rebellion and experimenting!! I've done that all my life! And I know those break throughs where the air smells cleaner etc... cherish them...I feel that's why I never really feel like I fit in!

    why does he try to dominate that way? Was it always or Just me? is hter a change for him, sorry to continue lke a stupid girl but I did come to care for him very much.

  • what about my negativity in the begining? He only tried to dominate maybe becasue I made him feel insecure??

  • was it his intent in the beging too? the whole time? I knew he was a bit controlling but I dflected it for a long time...thinking he would come along.... see the brighter picture ya know... is he that way or did I make him, I know I don't have all power it's just that maybe my bad behavior in the begin????

  • these are our birthdays... 7/16/79, him, 11/21/74, me

    her 6/21/82

  • another mopy, stupid girl question?.... why her?

  • scorpfire,

    the wrong I mean, seeing him again? No.

    Did he ever care for you like he said? Yes.

    Why is trying to come back then? Because of his desires.

    Invitation by you? Yes, certainly.

    What about him and this girl he is with?? It is the fear of authority.

    Does he do it to her too?? Yes.

    Why does he try to dominate that way? Because he wants to fight.

    Was it always or just you? It was always, but especially you.

    Is there a change for him? Yes.

    What about your negativity in the beginning? It was the catalyst.

    He only tried to dominate maybe because you made him feel insecure?? Yes.

    Was it his intent in the beginning too? No.

    The whole time? No.

    He is certainly that way.

    Why her? Because she thinks only of service.

    You have your share of idealism. You possess a certain charm and magnetism that attracts others. You are the "mother of love" and share this love with all you come in contact with. You either get married and devote yourself to family or get involved in some professional career. You are very sweet, attractive, sociable and loving. You can be a successful artist and you have an appreciation for art and beauty. You are aware of and make use of your abundance of psychic ability. As long as your idealism is guided by truth, you can live the life of love and nurturing that is your birthright. When operating on the lower levels, you can be too self-indulgent, lazy, frivolous, and into the "good life". Beware of escapism and alcoholism. Once you set your sight, however, there is no limit to how high you can climb in your work and career.

    Watch and observe. Let the head function as reason, let the heart function as feeling, let the sex center function as sexx. Let everything function in its own way. Don’t allow mechanisms to mix into each other, otherwise you will have corrupted instincts.

  • Hello Hans-Wilfgang

    I hope you are well. You have given great advice to many;myself included, and it is appreciated. You advised me to wait and see what happens with my friend in one of the forums. Now, I wonder what is happening with him. He seems to be hiding something. Is it related to illness?

    I don't know if we will get together or how he feels about me. You help would be appreciated.

    Thank you:)

  • Hello cyw39,

    what is happening with him? He is trying to relax into an unpleasant situation.

    He seems to be hiding something. Is it related to illness? No.

    You will not get together.

    How he feels about you: the way is blocked.

    Do not anything, your presence is enough.

  • Dear Hans-wolfgang,

    Thank you for your response. It is helpful. You are wonderful to share your gift.

    Again, Thank you:)

  • Hello Hangswolf.What should i do about my husband?Im trying to stay on track with my growth and we r not on the same page and i know he loves me but im kind of tired of this circle and i am ready to live my life to the fullest.Please shine some light on my situation. THANKS!!11-8

  • Dear Wolfgang,

    Thank you so much!! I can' explain, you are very insightful... if I may continue just a little longer...

    Ok, a catalyst, but wrongfully by me?? I turned him, made him do these terrible things?? Desires? Only sex?? Especially me?? Fight? I know about fighting, why does he want to fight... seems he does not, that's why he runs-lol- I know how to fight.. Her... service? Is it better, am I wrong for this catalyst? He does not care anymore, only for desire, sex, power?? What is this noble adversary I have encoutnered and what great reason??

    My mind has finally started to clear... it was quite a head trip he put on me, not since I was very young have i had this, but I want the power of spirit to win this, how can I help it conquer???

    Thank you so much, this is invaluable for me... I don't get this way easily, I know there are treasures here, you being one them :), but sometimes I don't know when to quit either... sorry stupid girl thing again, does he really not care anymore... does he love her...? I feel I am very service oriented, but I will fight too.... I am so curious about this seemingly karmic dynamic we going on between us... I wonder everyday, should I not contact him, because I am very aware of waht goes around etc... and if it does "happen" between us I would not want her doing this,(or him) but I know she will stay and fight too... but I feel terrible for the start of things as you can see on my end and feel so much tendersness and good I did not get to share, and feel I still want too. Is this wrong, should I stop contact? What do I do with him if I do see him again?

    Your exchange has been invaluable, thank upi again and always....

    hope you are well

  • Authority??

  • change?? 🙂

  • ps- don't know if you looked up my "card".. but yes, it's queen of cups.... what is her deal if you can get more on it??

  • by her i mean "her" not the card....

  • and yes it didn't work because by the time he asked me to be with him again my head was F'ed, but he didin't do too much to turn that around .... only talk once and then he changed his mind again very quickly, and boom.. so little info, little warning.... wtf!! so to speak-haha whay so much back and forth??!! uugghhh...

    all blessings

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