What Age are we in? And what does that mean anyway?

  • oh wow, nice a fellow taurus cancer moon, i have taurus sun sign cancer moon as well and well aquarius rising lol , so very similar in make up haha, and well that last full moon was a tense one for me , i have libra in my 8th house with saturn going retrograde in there i believe?? what am in store for haha

  • Hahaha full moons I guess for me they swing both ways. Sometimes I'm really emo and cry at the slightest little thing (either happy or sad dunno why things move me so much). Other times I'm really silly, hyperactive, annoying, and won't shut up - then pass out for hours lol! An explaination? Thanks Libra haha everything balances out one way or another LOL how charmin' and cute 😄 Thanks Gorgeoustaurus for relatin' your signs, I'm sure the Aquarius has you all roused now haha an air sign too! I'm on the Gemini cusp of Taurus so my Taurean traits are way hidden in all the wind; maybe that's why life seems like a hurricane at times in that Cancerian twist.

  • your welcome, and yeah u hit the nail on the head with my arousal..i am now intrigued to share or learn more about the age we are entereing and all this great wealth of knowledge, as for our cancer moon...it is a great gift to have , we are natural empaths and healers, the only part as they say with such great power or gifts can come great responsibiiity and well ..hence the cursed part ..some people say as our Moon sign is the hardest one to deal with 'emotionally' i find that i am extremely lucky with sun placement and other planet aspects to help balance this out..as i ve met other cancer moons signs who seem more afflicted than I ..best of luck to you and always channel your abilities for positive 🙂

  • You're so right GT about always lookin' to the positive. I embrace the negative as an opportunity to grow stronger. That's why our imagination should never be limited to how we feel at the moment. I'm an odd Taurean who prefers change and new adventure but have them balanced. Routine and runnin' on autopilot easily bores me. Do you feel this way? In learnin' about Aquarius, I love their sense of imagination and knowledge. We are for sure in the information age haha I'm always readin' online lol! However I've learned much of what we read is biased and opinion so it's an art to determine what's fact and true. We are lucky as Cancers to have the gift of feeling the world around us it adds depth to logic. Being air signs too we also have a strong sense for finding out information and relations. When I'm not intrigued by storms of logic and feeling, it's always good to come back to Earth to smell the roses; flowers and fall leaves are so beautiful to me aww the perfect balance of fall and spring - always peaceful and heavenly to come home to 😄

  • haha Yes..i do often find myself despising certain routines or looking to break away at times from the autopilot i kick into..i have a tendency to go into that mode and become complacent to a degree ..and you said it best that we prefer change and new adventures but wish to have them balanced ..is well spot on..i think that is some of our life lessons in this time..to be or realize that change is inevitable and a constant ..but to learn that we are not always in full control..so when we like or have a good feeling of this..it feels as we..the bulls caused the change in our life and we are progressing at our own level n speed..but when it comes outside our scope of control..it can be bothersome for me..until i remind myself that whatever is shaking my ground is well..supposed to happen.. in terms of wht you said about knowledge and internet sources..our greatest gift is that we will DIG AND find TRUTH...we are great at weeding out and finding things and getting to the SOURCE of it all..so its good to be open and open minded ..but also we are great at discerning and getting to the bottom of the truth or the logic (taurus side) , so like good cancer moon signs we dig and dig to find what it is thats hidden or needs to be found and we are great at using our research ability..i too am a huge internet geek or internet addict lol..so it goes..feel free to contact me or discuss things..we have a full moon today ..so beware my fellow Moon child..tonight will either be awesome or well a bit intriguing to the say the least..do stay in touch as we can bounce a lot of feelings and things we dont' have quick answers for off each other ..or see if this thing is deeper than what we perceive : ) ..great talking to you

  • The Age of Pisces, Surprised you didn"t know that gorgeous. 🙂

  • Neptunus,

    Do I know you?

  • Hipriestess

    I really like your explanation about astrological age

    only some said we are not in it yet, that it is approx. 2100 years, not 2000 years.

    it is also said that the age of pisces traits are male domination and single -deity worshipping

    the male domination, doesn't necessarily mean men domination over women, but more to the masculine side of personality. this basically means, the side of our personality about conquest.

    single deity/ person worshipping/ following : The Romans and Egyptian worshipped many deities. but as we went deeper to the age of pisces. notice christianity, hinduism and buddhism. christianity with trinity (3 in 1), hinduism (3 in 1), buddhism (gauthama).

    in terms of the age of leo, it is said that cats be it domestic or wild, gained social recognition. the sphinx then became popular following the adoption of cat figure as Bast or Bastet, which is Goddes of Fertility (among many things). Some Archeologists did not agree with the timeline, since Egyptian history is said as dated back in 3000 - 5000 BC where as age of Leo would've started 10,000 BC using your calculation of 2000 years period.

    But here is the interesting part of it. The oldest spiritual ceremony ever known is dated back 10,000 yrs ago, which is roughly 8,000 BC. Of course then it could've started way back, only there is no archaelogical findings that support it yet. So it's pretty much hear-say. in the age of pisces, due to the rising of single-deity worshipping religions, animism is dampened and the followers converted or be executed. But now, as you can feel it, the spiritual theme has returned. Some said, it is due to the age of aquarius. Some said, it is actually consistent with the Bible, the phrase where Jesus mentioned about the water bearer. Therefore, it is consistent with the Revelation, the end. If I can find the source I will give you the link.

    Those who claimed that the age of aquarius isn't here yet, have pretty solid basis, which is the 2100 years period calculation. But they also said, that the influence of the coming age can be felt 125 years prior to the age itself. Which means, we are literally, feeling and seeing the effect of the age of aquarius. The first computer, if I remember correctly was invented in the 1980s. Look at how fast technology and science grow and expand. Internet, Clones, artificial intelligence, nano technology, missions to planets, UFO visits first recorded in the 1940s but then again some said they came a lot earlier than that, to the ancient Egyptians for example.

  • HI[riestess

    here is the base of calculation, said to be made by Hipparcus

    it is said he was the first astronomer, but some claimed an Atlantean was the first

    anyway, here it is :

    the positions of the equinoxes move westward along the ecliptic compared to the fixed stars on the celestial sphere. It takes 25,800 - 25,920 years for the equinoxes to complete full circle that consists of 12 astrological ages. Hence, one astrological age is about 2,150 - 2,160 years long. This is the length of time taken by the vernal equinox to move through one of the twelve zodiac constellations. Since a full circle is 360 degrees, each zodiac constellation has a fixed length of 30 degrees. This is the length of time taken by the vernal equinox to move through one of the twelve zodiac constellations. Since a full circle is 360 degrees, each zodiac constellation has a fixed length of 30 degrees. This move may not correspond to actual constellations lengths which are variable.

    Funny thing is, the age of Aquarius means our thinking and behavior will be influenced by aquarius, yet complimented by Leo, its opposite sign. Can you see it ? the ancients and forgotten, have returned. the old and the new, the spiritual and the mind. My body will not live to see the coming of the new age, but I am happy enough to feel the influence in my life time.

    OK going to sleep now. Work again, tomorrow.

  • I am so amazed! This is a great thread (awesome information about the ages, priestess) I really need to understand my chart, it just seems so mathematical to me and I stopped paying attention to math when they added letters to it (hahaha) so I don't mess with it, but I've always been interested in figuring out all this, "venus rising in scorpio etc etc...

    Is there a easy to understand book or website I can learn little by little about birth charts? I know I can get one off here for free but it looks extra complicated 😞

    Thanks friends!!!!!!!


    Amor y Luz

  • Thank you everyone for this thread. When I have time, I will read through it to learn. Highprincess, I think you wrote something about where to read about this. I think I might see if I can find any literature about this that I can buy. I by the way like the energy in this thread. Wisdom and peace is what I feel from all of you.

  • i agree with the comment above..everyone in here and the knowledge being shared is amazingly strong and pivotal..i am a rising sign aquarius and like a lot of people in here and other posts thru out tarot.com ..i sense that a lot of us are all feeling a rise in our 'gifts' feeling burdened a bit more by our weakness' but can feel .almost like a snake that we are all shedding skins, evolving and moving forward..and well like the 'true self ' or my higher self being an aquarius ..i can feel that this age is coming and that well with my youth i will be a huge factor in this movement or start up..i feel as if i ve come across many souls who brought me a bunch of knowlege(jars of water) in the past 3 years and that i too will pass or bring this water to those children and youth coming forward..more imporantly my soul is yearning and searching for the meaning of why my natal chart is so complex..why is it that i have 6 outer planets all retrograde and 9 total celestial bodies retrograde..only explaination to date..my soul has a lot of unfinished business.and well with that being said i feel as if its my work here to shed and bring water (truth) ( knowlege, experience) to all those that wish to receive my light .and more importanlty shine their Light back on me..blessings to all here in this topic and may this next age be the progress outlined by our souls work in past lives : )

  • When the moon is in the 7th House and Jupiter aligns with Mars

    Then peace will rule the planet and love will steer the stars!

    This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius...

    Harmony and understanding -

    Sympathy and trust abounding-

    No more falsehoods or derisions

    Golden living dreams of visions

    Mystic crystal revelation

    and the Mind's true liberation


    For you Young Ones. Check out the Fifth Dimension on You Tube - Age of Aquarius. One of my favorite songs!

    Let the Sunshine Everybody!!!!!

  • the first time I heard that song was when I watched 40 yo virgin

    it was really funny, I heard it's a remake but it's funny

    that was when I looked up the age of aqua online and got all the info I wrote

    only I didn't bookmark anything 😞

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