What Age are we in? And what does that mean anyway?

  • Are we in the Age of Aquarius? What does that mean and how long does and Age last? Just heard the Fifth Dimension song on the radio and I was just wondering

  • Dear Leonessa

    The "Great Years" are 2,000 years long in "normal" calendar years and they go backwards!

    The Ancient Egyptians 4,000-2,000 BC were in the Great Year of TAURUS (opposite sign,, SCORPIO).traits...Taurean=.farming by the River Nile, building pyramids

    . Scorpio= the Book of the Dead, mummifying for immortality.

    The Greeks and Romans of antiquity: 2,000BC - 0000AD the great Year of ARIES.

    Aries= the cult of the warrior, gladiators; war; empire-building; bloodshed.

    Libar= the cult of beauty in statues and art; beautiful cities; hedonism.

    The rise of Christianity; the Great Year of PISCES, 0000-2,000AD. ; with Virgo, the emphasis on Virgin-birth. Idealism; religious wars.

    The rise of thecyber-space technology & global village humanitarianism;

    the great Year of AQUARIUS 2,000-4,000AD. Opposite sign=Leo; the cult of "Kings" ie. xelebrities and icox (Princess Diana, Eva Peron, Jonny Depp etc.)

  • Wow, interesting stuff! I will have to google this to find out more. Thanks for posting this question Leonessa and your answer High Priestess.

  • ditto !

  • Another Wow from the crowd. Thank you, HighPriestess3, for an enlightening summary. I never really knew much about it either. So that means, when the 'hippies' were chanting about the Age of Aquarius, back in the 1960's, they were referring to the FUTURE, not the present. Hmmm.

    What I'd also like to know is who exactly thought of this theory; I mean, did the Ancient Egyptians actually KNOW they were living in the year of Taurus?

    Have a cosmic day! DonnaBahama...(-:

  • Dear All

    I can't for the life of me remember where I read it. I think it comes from Pythagoras, but there are references to the Golden, Silver,Bronze and Iron Ages in Ovid's "Metamorphosis", which is a Roman's "take", or gloss" on ancient Greek myths. The rest of it is lost in the mists of time.

    As you say the Hippies were looking forward to saying good-bye to PISCES and VIRGOS

    (corn mothers= loaves and nebulous fishes) and hello humanitarian Water-bearers ((AQUARIUS and proud Lion-Kings, LEO.

    Peace and love)

  • ah, that last part was scary speaking as an aqua/leo/leo LOL!

  • Very, very interesting! Thank you!

  • Dear Laie

    Why scary...it's Happy Great 2000 Years for you...time to party everyone!

  • LOL !!

  • I don't remember but someone copied and pasted something about the Indigo children from some site. And it said that the first Indigo's came just at the end of WWll. And I had a light bulb moment and thought that makes a lot of sense. That is my generation that were calling for peace and love. What you are all referring to as the Hippie Generation. Not all of us were Hippies. But we didn't want anymore war. And that made everything come to light as the Age of AQUARIUS. Peace and Love.

  • Just for fun and imaginative hahaha 🙂 I call 2010 the year of Libra cuz it's year 10 and October is the 10th month lol! 2009 was the year of September and Libra lasts from Sept to Oct. Also I really value my friends and those who change my life by namin' ages after them. My first one is 1992-2004, the Spicerian Age after best friends Joe Stepanski and Nick Spicer. The second age of my life is the Age of Piz after Chris Lowell and Zac Efron; they helped me get to know the real me aww thanks guys 😄 Being part Cancer I love writin' about my adventures and remember those I look up to. I made this up but thought it was too cute to create my own piece of astrology lol!

  • Dear Prizefron

    You are well on the way to becoming a legend. Keep it coming.

    Peace and love

  • aww thanks highpriestess3 this board is way fun 😄 and bein' both Libra and Taurus haha I wish ya peace and love right back atcha, thanks

  • Dear Prizefron

    Has Saturn entering Libra affected you yet?. You should be in a serious "let me learn something useful" mood by now...and you doubly Venusian too!

    Keep Rock-n- Rollin .

    Peace and love.

  • Hey Highpriestess3,

    Hahaha thanks yeah I've been way Libran lately since findin' that out in Sept. My sun is really Taurus/Gemini, but the newly discovered Libra rising is my main personality. It's awesome to finally know how I think and feel; the Taurean horoscope was so confusing to relate. Also years I couldn't explain why Libran people were so similar to me lol I'm one too 😄

    Bet your excited it's almost Aquarius time yay hope you have an awesome month and bday 🙂

    Stay cool!

  • Dear Pizefron

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for the end of he month. Whenever you feel reckless I'll do your chart....have you nothing seething or sinister lurking in a hidden house somewhere. ? Where is your Moon for example? Just kidding...Taurus + Libra = doubly charming. Lucky you!

    Peace and lovel

  • Aww thanks I have a Cancer moon so sometimes I'm emo haha; people with that have a caring heart and can understanding feelings. It's cute to feel like that and is the glue that's held me together. Peace and love to ya always 🙂

  • Cheer pizefron

    ...how des the full moon affect you. H....o w l !!!

    Peace and love!!

  • oh, hey, no offense, Ms. LibrasLair. I, myself, am 45 yo. I should have stated, "WE hippies," LOL. But like you, I wasn't that into rebelling when I was growing up. All the best,


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