Recommended ways of cleansing an Obsidian?

  • Hi All!

    I have just received my rainbow Obsidian pendant in the mail and I am just wondering what cleansing method works best? How often and when?

    I've read of numerous different ways of doing this, I really would like to put it on, but not until it's been cleansed. We don't get much sun this time of year...but I have heard just rinsing works as well?

    Your input would be greatly appreciated!!! 😃



  • Here is several ways to cleanse stones. Some stones shouldn't be cleansed with salt water or water at all so take your pick I hope they don't take this off before you see it.

  • ok, I seen it. Thanks so much! I was just wondering which one works best for people as well, or is each individual different?

  • OK, I chose the direct moon and sunlight method, as it seems that it does not matter if it's cloudy or not. At first, I didn't think it was possible as I really didn't have anywhere to put it and I'm not sure if a window would work because none of my windows get full sun/moon, but I have a tall post in the backyard because we are in the midst of building a deck. Again, at first I was worried that it might blow away, as it is a pendant and not really large, so I just stuck a tack in the loop. Also, something is telling me that if I do lose it, then I was not meant to have it and I will have to find another stone or Jem. Thanks for the response, Libra, much appreciated! Hope you are well! 😃

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