To Rschk- please read

  • Dear Rschk,

    No you didn't make me feel unwell... Please do not feel bad. I just wanted to help you, but was frustrated in the moment because my emotions were overwhelming me and my intuition wasn't working anymore. I also have a lot going on in my own life, so I apologize if my frustration came through in my post. I really hope you feel better...

    Remember that you are loved, whether you realize it or not. Even when others in your life may not show it the way you want to, love is all around, everywhere. Let it in! :)That way you are your own source of life and light, free and whole. I know life can be hard, confusing, but never lose faith. This life is only the beginning! You will succeed, you will have love- know it, and it will happen.

    I truly hope things look up for you soon! You have a friend in me- please keep me updated on how you're doing- my email is



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