May I have a reading, please?

  • Hi,

    Should I move on?. It probably sounds like one of those stupid internal questions, but I really need an opinion. I like him and he likes me, but he's not making a move. He's just "good talking". I'm confused, does he have feeling for me?. Please help. Thanks.DOB 3/23/60

  • If this is the Scorpio you asked about elsewhere, then this relationship works best as a friendship, not a love affair.

    It's an exclusive matchup which might keep others away. Intimacy and complex interpersonal interactions are the keynotes here. The deep bonds of feeling and sympathy may be both mutually rewarding and long lasting. Because you two share feelings and experiences so easily, family members and friends will have to be understanding about your intimacy and control any envy or resentment. Both of you generally feel favourable about this relationship, particularly if it is a long lasting friendship.

    Yet you Sweeteyes need emotional change much more than your friend does and you feel frustrated about the fixed state of the relationship and may want to roam. Your friend would be quite happy if things stayed as they were forever. However if he feels threatened by your outside interests, he may cling to the relationship more tightly, then move off again as soon as you return to him.

    Emotions are tricky here. More depressive aspects may surface, leading to worry and brooding. Part of the problem is an inability to maintain objectivity and boundaries, and a resultant merging of personalities. Should drinking or other drugs be involved, shared addictions could prove extrememly hard to conquer. Another form of addiction could be sex and/or love, in which case any separation between you two could make you Sweeteyes very anxious and fretful. If you live together, your friend may become upset with you over what he sees as financial irresponsibility. Money is an important issue for him, representing control and power, whereas you may view it much less seriously. Another area of conflict that can arise in day-to-day situations involves tempo: where you are impulsive, your friend needs to chew things over for long periods of time before acting. This may well result in friction with you always urging your slower-moving friend to hurry up and him trying to get his more nervous partner to calm down.

    You Sweeteyes have a direct way of approaching life and a need for truth, while your friend can be secretive and evasive. He has difficulty revealing his true feelings and needs to find the courage to express what he really wants. He can go to emotional extremes with periodic bouts of depression. You Sweeteyes can become frantic trying to find the perfect relationship while your friend feels free if he can travel alone through life without any responsibilities to spouse, partner or children. Yet commitment can frighten you too Sweeteyes because you're never quite sure if you've found the perfect partner. You generally give more than you take and must find a better balance in love so that you receive as much as you give. Your friend has a taste for variety and adventure and enjoys fantasising and role-playing. He must learn that true freedom has nothing to do with physical travel or escapism.

  • Thecaptain,

    Thanks so much for your accurate reading. It couldn't be better!! But let me ask you a question: do you think that he's lying to me about his feelings?. I ask you that question because I've been told so, and it's very hard for me to believe it. Thanks!!

  • No I don't think he's a liar as such, but he is a big romantic with a big ego and does everything on a grand scale, so it's hard for him to live a simple ordinary life. If he wants something, nothing will stop him getting it - however once he has gotten 'it', the challenge for him is gone. He can get swept away by the emotions of the moment. He goes from one emotional extreme to the other - from being in love one minute to being disinterested the next. He has a tendency towards narcissistic fantasies, and being in love is something he sees more from his side than yours - in other words, he likes to feel that 'in-love' feeling because it makes him feel good to be loved by someone. So if he tells you he loves you, he is really saying "I love you because you love me." He tends to be in love with being in love which can make him quite oblivious and unaware of how his partner is feeling.

  • TheCaptain,

    Thanks a lot, again! You're so right when you say he has a tendency towards narcissistic fantasies. I also have felt that he loves me because I love him, that has been my feeling for a while. But I must add something: despite all this, there will be a moment in life when he faces reality and says: Well, here I am, a successful business man, with a lot of money, but with empty hands.

    Thanks again. You're so kind (and patient),lol

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