Is he sincere or is he playin games???

  • we had a hard time making it work, so many reasons, a lot of bad timing too.... now hes dating someone else, but recently said still thinking of me, but wouldnt meet with me... I cant stand thining about that hes with her everyday, I feel if hes been with her this long theres no chance??? evrday I wakje thinkign if he has feelings, how does he spend another day??? and if he does come back do I jsut forget it all and try to start new or do we talk about old stuff>?? He avery sensitive cancer..

    Please any psychic help would be much appreciated...

  • I can do an astrological compatibility analysis if you like - just tell me your birthdates.

  • Thank You! 11/21/74... 7/16/79

    do you need times... 401am for the first and 7:45am for the second

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  • Scorpfire, this relationship is often taken up with initiating new endeavours, and in fact its metaphysical tradesmark may be birth, or breathing new life into a traditional activity. The combination generally inspires confidence. You two rarely undertake a project with too high a risk of failure; you do not hesitate to stand up to authority together, and present a solid front when arguing for your principles. At the same time, the relationship also encourages the bit of the dreamer in both of you, for you two do well with a bit of uncertainty - giving birth to new projects would be little fun if you knew of your success beforehand.

    A love affair here can be pretty explosive getting started, feelings are likely to fly at first, but are quickly brought under control. Still the relationship can bring out your friend's excessive side, making him feel he is getting in a bit over his head. You will be attracted to his intensity, but if you tire of it, you may have difficulty freeing yourself from your friend's emotional claims. On the other hand, you yourself have a tendency to fickleness, which unfortunately you may use somewhat manipulatively once you discover how vulnerable your friend is to being wounded by it.

    A marriage or long-term relationship is more likely to be carried on dependably. Your friend's insecurity and your fear often lurk behind the facade, but these seemingly negative elements usually give you two the kick you need to make your relationship successful.

    ADVICE: Try to even out your feelings. Don't be afraid of rejection. Learn to trust and to share. Spend time together away from work or family.

  • Scorpfire, I feel you will need to show him you have changed before your friend will come back. He found your emotional intensity too much for his nerves. If you can control your fire around him, it may still work.

  • PS Fire can burn, but it can also be warming. Your choice! Your Cancer wants warmth.

  • Hi captain would you please be able to do a compatibility for me and man- me(23/9/71) born 5am. him 22/11/71 born 5.30 am. think i just fall into virgo he just fall into end scorpio. my moon scorpio his moon capricorn. i would really appreciate it! going nuts here.

  • Stranger2, this highly exciting matchup has a tremendous capacity for initiating and maintaining projects. But critical tendencies are also abundant here, with each partner censuring the other for the very strengths he or she brings to the relationship. This judgement is viewed as unfair, of course, and is met with opposition. A potential unstability is mitigated by the presence in this relationship of all four elements (fire, air, water, and earth). Although activity here is often at fever pitch, the energies of this matchup are rarely wasted, and are ultimately used comstructively.

    Sensuality manifests toward food, sex and, in particular, art. A love affair or marriage is often marked by frustration, however, since neither of you can be happy with what you have and things rarely seem quite right. It is not so much finicky attitudes (although these certainly do exist) as a vague dissatisfaction, involving unfavorable comparisons to past or idealised loves, that keep you apart. Paradoxically, you readily share in your appreciation of art and the pleasures of fine dining. The relationship may eventually become a platonic one, with you two as de facto friends and companions rather than lovers or mates.

    A friendship is probably the most balanced of all possible combinations here. There are many areas here that afford mutual enjoyment and development, free of attendant emotional problems. Such a relationship can become central to the lives of both of you for years, and intense feelings of loss may be experienced on the departure or death of one partner.

    ADVICE: Examine what's holding you back. Try to abandon impossible ideals. Let go of the past - appreciate what you have in the present.

  • thanks for that. food for thought.. unfortunately there is too much physical attraction and sexual chemistry for me to be just platonic friends.. yes it is true we are both extremely sensual. and we do get along very well as friends too..i can get pretty jealous myself and know that i couldnt go from being lovers to just friends, knowing he was with other women.and i dont think i could handle knowing that he was more in love with somebody else and wanted to spend more time and plan a future with them.

  • Rquesting compatibility analysis from the Captain,

    My DOB 10/13/53 and his 1/5/54.

    Thx for any insight.

  • Bluemarlin, this relationship may perhaps mislead its partners a bit in giving them the feeling of having a lot more freedom than they really do or should. Both of you may be guilty of excessive pride, and thus be at times a trifle arrogant. Keeping an eye on reality and refusing to get carried away by self-importance are therefore crucial for both of you. Both of you can be strong, self-confident and ambitious individuals, and when you pair up, the relationship that results may synergistically intensify these tendencies and blow your egos all out of proportion. Particularly important for the two of you then will be an awareness of other people's feelings, and an understanding of the boundaries and limitations that you should not overstep. On the other side of the coin, you will be strongly united by common bonds.

    In a love affair, friendship or marriage, neither of you is always able to tolerate the other partner's need to go off alone for a while. Neither is overly hungry for attention, but there is a limit to the degree to which you both can take the relationship for granted - a time will come when you will have to give it some serious input. Both of you must make the effort to break your busy schedules and make time for shared vacations, hobbies, and entertainment. Showing care through a thoughtful gift, flowers, or a candlelit dinner will do wonders to put new life into the relationship. Give your partner the proper time and effort and you will be well rewarded. Put your ambitions on a tight rein and keep the channels of communication open.

  • Hi Captain, I was wondering if you can do a compatability chart for me. My bd is 12/04/59 his is 05/22/58. I m wondering were we are going with our relationship, get many different answers.

    Thank Baby76

  • Baby76, the focus of your relationship usually lies far from the world of ambition and success - you two unusual types, perhaps criticized and rejected a great deal over the course of your lives, choose to take a less-travelled road togetehr. Although both of you may be considered extroverts by the world's standards, in this relationship the focus is more inward, imaginative and spiritual. Money and power are not what your relationship is about.

    A love affair between two such often outrageous types is surprisingly muted. Personal and affectionate, the relationship shows a fascination for the bizarre or out-of-the-ordinary in love and romance, but keeps it quiet. Few could guess what goes on behind the closed doors of your rendezvous. Usually sexual attitudes here rule out nothing and you two are normally open to experimentation. Marriage or a permanent living situation may be built around the spiritual, religious or artistic beliefs of one or both of you. Important social outlets generally emerge from such connections, providing relief from an often hectic personal and domestic life. Communal living may even be tried, usually with good but not necessarily lasting results.

    You two attack your common leisure-style interests and activities with as much relish as you do your work or love affair. You two appreciate your relationship because of mutual enthusiasm for your more unusual qualities. However if either of you gets bored or tries to keep your partner on too tight a leash, the relationship will fail. So develop your social side and don't become too withdrawn from other people. Make sure there are plenty of activities and interests in your lives to keep you both interested. Too much duty or responsiblity will be the death of your matchup.

  • hi captain can you do a compatibility reading for me as well,

    1 march 77 , 17 : 57 and him 6 jan 82, 18: 26.

  • Hi all,

    It is nice to see you are offering relationship advice...which I am in need of a lot....

    My DOB- 23/09/1990

    His DOB- 11/09/1988

    Kindly give some light on this relationship.....


  • Drgagannagi, I have already done your compatibility in a previous thread of yours. It hasn't chnaged.

  • Curious1990, I have already done your compatibility in a previous thread of yours. It hasn't changed.

  • Captain

    Thank you for your reading. My bf does keep talking about marriage but has many obstacles in his way of making that happen. I believe he keeps those obstacles rhere on purpose! I really don't feel or see a marriage in our future, just a little feeling I have had for awhile.

    Thankyou again.


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