Trouble with My Scorpio Man

  • I'm a Cancer dob 7/3/67 and my Scorpio man dob 11/13/63. We're both born in Los Angeles,Ca. We had a disaggreement last month and he walked out and we haven't talked since the breakup. I'm wondering how i should make contact with him? I still love him but he's being stubborn and i'm also a little stubborn. Help!!!!!!!

  • what did you break up about, if you don't mind my asking!? I'm a scorpio male hoping to help shed some light on this if i can.

  • My brother is a scorpio and he is not one to forgive, unless he is drunk! I think you should write him a letter, hand written, maybe he'll respond to that. Phone calls he can ignore and emails he can delete. Maybe if you show him some effort it will help :)... As mention before, my brother is a scorpio and they are hard headed. When we get into fights and it was both are wrong we kind of ignore it, pretend it didn't happen and happily continue. Not sure what happen in your situation, but if you want to talk to him you're going to have to look for him. hope this shead some light... good luck!

  • Cancer female here with some Scorpio Drama experience (I'm working toward the gold medal in the Male Scorpio Olympics of Emotional Torture & Manipulation --lol-- just kidding)

    Why did you two fight & breakup? It may make all the difference.

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  • OMG--- I just sooooooo cracked up!!! You are HYSTERICAL! I love it!

    spill it --lmao!--

  • We had broke up because his ex-girlfriend went on my Facebook page and copied some of my tagged photos and posted them on myspace talking crazy about me to me. So, i tried to e-mail her through myspace because i wanted to straightened this drama out immediately,but she'd blocked me and that pissed me off and i return the photos with a few choice words of my own. She still liked him and wanted him back but he didn't want her back so she took her frustrations out on me. He thought that i should have let it go but i didn't let it go because she'd been coming at me kind of crazy for the past 6 months and i've ignored her but that was disrespectful and i was having it! He decided that he wanted to break up and me and her continue this fight. He did finally tell her that he was in love with me but it was after sge'd done this already so it was kind of too late. I'd been warning him over several months that she has beeb coming at me and to take care of the situation but he didn't do it right away. I've only tried to communicate with him twice because i was very hurt. Help!!!! Don't know what else to do.

  • Oh, just so you'll all know, there was no lying or cheating going on by me. I've always been very open & honest with him. I was the one that told him and showed him what she did. Iwas angry at the time but i didn't blame him at all for what happened. I still don't.

  • Some of the traits of a scorpio make it difficult to really read them in regards to how they may respond or how you are able to win them over again.Seeing as though a third party was involved it's much more complicated.

    When the scorpian stings,it stings bad,and likewise if it's on the other end of being hurt,but us,we retreat so quickly into our shells and really,dont come out until we feel someone is genuine.

    Another part of scorpio's negative nature is that they can be rather mysterious and secretive,so maybe there is more to the story he isn't telling you.I get the feeling that he will be the one who comes to you rather than the other way around.

    I really feel that,if you have tried to communicate with him,or tried to see whats going on,and that has failed,really maybe he is the one who needs to realise that he needs to make the move.Let him come around,and if he doesnt,well...maybe that speaks for itself?

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  • Thank you both sp very much. I've written him a letter and mailed it and i did exactly as you both said. I didn't make it mushy nor did i accuse him of anything. There has been more detail that's come to light about his previous relationship with the other woman, she wanted him back but he didn't want her back and she did know that he was with me. She sent me an e-mail apologizing and i accepted it and left it at that. Again, thanks.

  • Awwww I'm glad you sent the letter.

    As for the fight-- I would think if it were my ex Scorp he would have been turned off as well.

    He saw something about you that he may not have liked. IMHO I think it raised his eyebrows because what you did to her--- shows that you are capable to do the same thing to him (aka trash/argue with him on the internet).

    He probably never thought that of you, but now the thought is there-- and whats worse you put it there-- it's fact-- it's real. Not saying you were not right to be angry, but he probably figured it was such an 8th grade thing to do on her part, why should you or he even bother reacting to it and give in to her obviously pathetic antics.

    Sorry if I was harsh, just my HO is all.

    You need to open that line up. I hope your letter works.

    Keep us posted

    Good luck 🙂

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  • Thanks Moonbeauty. Yes, that is what he thought but what he's failing to realize is that when i responded to her, i responded in a private e-mail,. I'm not into arguing or trashing anyone on the internet. I like to talk face to face. He knows that i would never do that to him. We've had disagreements before and i've never done that to him or anyone. I'm a very private person and i like to settle my disputes in that same manner, which is why i was very angry that she came at me like that. Thanks for the advice and i'll be sure to keep you posted.

  • good luck pinky.


  • @ moonbeauty. Well, there's an update to this drama,lol! There's a radio station that he and i both listen to on sundays and the Dj has recently started posting the music line up on the site. Well today i went to look and see what she'd posted and on 12/27/09, she'd posted her music line up for the day, which was the day i had to work so i couldn't listen, he requested a sonf=g that he'd dedicated to me professing his love for me prior to us getting together. I was stunned when i seen it. Okay, so what the hell is that all about? lol! Help me out here moonbeauty.

  • Ok moonbeauty, you were right! the letter worked. Although he tried to clean it up instead of admitting that he didn't have all of the facts. He did tell me that she'd contacted him around the time she and i got into but that she didn't tell him about the fight but he 'd told her that he was in love with me. So, we're gonna take it slow and work this thing out but i'm not letting him off of the hook, he's gonna take responsibility for not listening to me in the first place. Thanks for everything everyone on the message board. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

  • Hello Everyone, well my Scorpio man apologized to me and we're now back together and things couldn't be better. happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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