When will my sadness go

  • all my life theres been sadness after sadness. i really feel i cant go on but my kids r still young they r suffering because of me . if wasnt here they be more happier.

  • Don't you even kid yourself for one second that your children would be happier without you, that's justification for selfish thinking. They would be completely devastated and would be affected by it their whole lives.

    Go the the doctor and get yourself checked out, make sure there is nothing physically wrong with you causing you to feel this way. Perhaps you need a stint on antidepressants. Please see a counselor, no child should be left motherless.

  • but if they have to live the way i have they b better off with an other family.

  • Acebooty,

    As long as they have you and you love them, that is what is most important. Trust me on this. I grew up with my Mum being single mother and times were hard, but the one thing that stands out for me and what I remember from my childhood (I'll be 39 this year), is how our Mum loved us and how wanted we felt and how I never felt like my Mum resented the burden of being a single parent. The feeling of being loved and wanted and cared for outweighs any of the difficult times that we may have had.

    You are their Mum, if you do something silly and/or they end up with another family it will NEVER replace YOU. They will always feel rejected and feel like it was THEIR fault and THEY did something wrong to make you go away.

    Get some support for yourself, speak to a counselor......ring Lifeline if need be, but take that first step to getting some help for yourself. Do it for your children because they need you.

  • acebooty that is very selfish of you to want to check out and leave your children wondering why you didn't want them or love them enough to be with them. Get some help and put yourself in their place and see how it would really be for them with out you. The ones who hurt the most are the ones left behind. Get the help you need and be thankful for all the love your children have and need to give to you.

  • acebooty also look at all the mother's dying from diseases who would love to live and see their children's dreams fulfilled. They would trade places to live.

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