Aries and jealousy

  • Hey guys,

    So at the end of 2009 I thanked the stars that I came across my amazing boyfriend. We have been friends for around 3 years, but somehow the sparks flew and, well... we're the perfect match in my opinion!

    He lives fairly far away due to studying at uni. I'm not normally like this but I think I'm jealous of his female friend. He spends time with her and his male friends a lot. I'm assuming you know what i'm getting to...

    So yeah. He is a Sagitarious and I am an Aries. Now I know how the Aries can be and things... but jealousy? I want to know how to overcome it. I don't want this to destroy our relationship.

    Or should I tell him how I feel?

    And if yes, I have a fear that he won't like me or whatever.

  • Ok since I don't have your exact birthdate, I will have to generalise. Jealousy arises because of your hidden fears of rejection. It's rooted in possessiveness. You need to be number one in your BF's life.You secretly believe that even women who are clearly less intelligent and less attractive than you, are nevertheless more desirable.

    A Sagittarius man is as straight forward as they come with his complete honesty and lack of deceit. He places a high value on personal freedom and mutual trust between two people in love. However, at times he does not have enough regard for other people’s feelings. So talk to him about how you feel but don't put any demands on your BF's time. He will bolt if he feels you are in any way trying to tie him down. If you allow him to have the personal freedom you believe in for yourself, he will be happy to stay with you and only you. If in return he addresses your inner fears and jealousy, your union can truly be ideal.

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