Guys and texting

  • If a guy seems to show interest in you one minute not so much the next...U text him a greeting but he doesnt ask how you got his number he doesnt reply at all...When you ask him a question then he replys but doesnt initiate any convo...You text another time no reply..But when you see him you thinking o he must be tick but he waves to you...Do guys ignore messages cause theyre not ready for a relationship right now...And will text you when ready...If they are in a relationship would they not try to get that across when given the chance in a casual question turn it to there way of saying im taken in a polite kind of way....What does a no reply mean are ye guys just busy...I know this guy was probably studying over holidays from college cause they had an exam coming up and others in his year and course were complaining bout how it sucks studying at holidays...So if they were no doubt he was....So basically what is a no reply from a guy mean?

  • Wow Don't text him for a week and then see what happens some times guys who don't txt back are seen as rude or uninterested. The best thing to do is go about your daily business and let him txt you, at first don't txt back right away you don't want to seem over eager. Make him wait a couple hours or so LOL it will make him wonder what your up too. If he's really interested he will keep trying to get a hold of you. I've done this and it works. Perhaps he was busy and got the textes but forgot to respond.

  • Miss Libra,

    I will be very blunt with you - Men are not that complicated.

    If a man is interested in you, he will let you know - he won't go out of his way - but there wouldn't be anything denying his interest. A man will not ignore a text message because he's not ready for a relationship.

    A man will ignore a text message because he knows that the individual wants something that he currently doesn't have or doesn't want to give.

    A man who is kind has no problem informing any woman of his current relationship status. A man who hides this information - is 9/10 not a man you would want to be with.

    Sometimes a man is busy and misses a text message when it first arrives - but no man is ever so busy to miss every text message you send.

    I would recommend:

    "You Don't Have to Call" -Usher

    Apply it to your situation. It will help ^_^

    Love & Blessings


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