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  • Tana,

    I hope you see this because I can't track the original thread.

    I just received a phone call concerning the woman who was like my 2nd Mom that I contacted you for healing. She passed away this morning, just a few hours ago. I wanted you to know (as the only one I reached out to, : ) how much I appreciate whatever efforts you made.

    This happened so quickly, but knowing it was terminal I just wanted her suffering to be eased. Thank you for sending the healing ray of light and love!

  • Laie4 so sorry for your loss but there isn't anymore pain. She is still around you and you might get a visit from her. Peace and harmony

  • Thanks LibrasLair. Rough day everywhere .... just opened a bottle of red for a glass ... come on over : )

  • I'm so sorry Laie4. Take comfort as LibrasLair said that she is no longer suffering. She's probably up there having a glass of red right along with you.

    Take care. x

  • Stony - You're a doll! I was just on my way to bed and had a feeling to check here .... your absolutely right, she would! Thanks, smilin thru tears!

  • Dear Laie4

    Condolences to you and loving thoughts coming your way



  • Thank you, talisa72 for your kind words!

    I'm hoping the healer that this is for sees this. I'm not sure if her screen name was just Virgogirl or some variation in that spelling. Somewhere in my mind is Virgogrl37 , maybe ? I'm not sure ... She posted a thread offering her reiki services and thats all I really know.

    I guess I'll just move this up the list at different times of the day and hope she sees it.

    Peace & Joy, talisa

  • Laier I remember seeing her post and I can't remember her name but she may be at work and hasn't gotten in to read this. We will bump it up when we can.

  • I know I'm new here, but I am so sorry for you loss. There are a few of you that I feel like I have known for years! May God richly bless you all as you have been such a blessing to so many others.

  • Hi Laie4, There is a Virgogirl37 who posts here. She also has a small picture of herself with her avatar.

  • stonyeye --- thanks for that, i'll look into it if i'm able search by name.

  • Hi again Laie4, I'm not sure if you know this already but you could also click on your own name and see the list of threads you have started and participated. If you find the thread about Reiki that you started then you can look at the responses and find out her name that way. Hope that helps! We'll find her!

  • Stonyeye, Thanks for your efforts to assist me ! I tried that before posting this and for whatever reason couldn't locate it even though I kept reviewing. I found her its virgogirl64 Yippee! Now hope she sees this !

    I hope all is well wherever you are today and that everyone you see greets you with kindness. Look out for those signs LOL !

  • Hi again Laie4

    I have completed my reiki training so don't know if I can offer you assistance in the meantime until virgogrl64 sees your posts.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way.

    love and light

    Tatia xx

  • aww tatia, very sweet of you to offer. i posted this to thank Virgogirl64 for the reiki she did.

    Thank you anyway and may you help many!

  • No worries Laie4, i thought you were looking for some reiki - I'm sure she will appreciate you taking hte time to get in contact to thank her for her help. Kind words are always appreciated

  • Yay! Glad you found her. She will definitely appreciate the time you took to thank her.

    Now, i'll go back to watching out for those signs. I may need a hard hat. BOP! 🙂

  • a morning bump --- Virgogirl64 hellooooo !

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