Love reading?

  • dec 12 1960 him

    april 22 1960 me

    thanks alot....

    reconnected after 30 plus years, dated in 9th grade

  • Nancyrob, this will be more like a competition than a love affair. The question of leadership will be a sore spot in this relationship, which is likely to focus on conflicts over dominance. Furthermore, the underlying process is likely to involve each of you ripping open and exposing the other's weaknesses or dark side. This of course achieves nothing, and weakens the overall fabric of the relationship. So this is unlikely to be a good matchup for marriage or business partnerships. Both of you need to be the boss, and neither will give ground easily.

    In love relationships, the problem of dominance will definitely rear its ugly head. Your friend needs to be adored, admired and praised, and you Nancyrob are not so easily impressed. Also when another person gains at what you feel is your expense, you are likely to lose interest or back off. There may be a certain sexual intensity here, but it is likely to be more of an expression of ego than love, and to be motivated more by challenge than by desire. Your friend can have difficulty satisfying your sensual side, and giving enough emotionally to you, who can often be rather demanding.

    Friendship can work better here with lively and thought-provoking philosophical discussions a feature. As companions in travel or challenging physical activities, your friend can bring out your more adventuresome side, although such a relationship may never manifest emotional closeness.

  • awesome reading Thx!!...I can already see( after just 3 months) he does not give enough emotionally! I guess I will keep it as a friendship!

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